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Wigan dad who’s been shielding for nearly a year wins £30,000

This is amazing news!

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People's Postcode Lottery

A shielding dad from Wigan who won £30k on the Postcode Lottery says it’s the first time he’s felt excited since last March. 

Andrew Calderbank, 50, landed a cash win on the People’s Postcode Lottery on Monday, February 15th, winning £30,000.

Andrew, who has muscular dystrophy and diabetes says the win has lifted his spirits, adding: “I’ve been shielding so it’s been tough, really tough. Luckily, I can work from home but it’s a lot of staring at four walls which isn’t very good. The highlight of my day is the postman coming.

“You feel down when you’re shielding but this has really lifted me. I feel excited and I’ve not felt excited since before March last year.

“I got my vaccine two weeks ago which was like a late Christmas present, and getting this now is like another!”

People’s Postcode Lottery

Andrew, who works as a safety advisor for Heinz, found out the news on a video call joined by his wife.

Andrew said: “Fantastic, that’s brilliant! You never think you’ll win that amount of money – other people usually win that, not us!”

Speaking on what they plan to do with the money, Andrew and his wife Jennifer said they would love to go on a romantic trip to Australia where they got married. 

They also added they will be treating their son, who they have been missing since Andrew is unable to see people while shielding.

Andrew said: “We got married in Australia 27 years ago so we’d like to go back when we’re able to. After this last year and all the shielding, it would be great to get some sun and a bit of happiness back in our lives.

“We’ll treat our son, Brett, as well. He’s 24 and we’ve really been missing him. Hopefully at some point we can get together with our friends and have a big party and just enjoy it really.”

People’s Postcode Lottery

Jennifer, who works at a Sainsbury’s distribution centre, added: “We’re just shell shocked. I think we might have to have a glass of champagne later to celebrate!”

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Jeff Brazier said: “I’m delighted for Andrew – it was such a pleasure to give him and Jennifer some good news. Hopefully, it’s not too long until he can see his family and friends again and jet off on that trip to Australia.

“I’m sure our other lucky winner in Orrell will be just as pleased as he is – congratulations!”

Every day throughout February, one postcode is announced as the £30,000 prize winner, with each player winning £30k for each ticket they hold. 

The People’s Postcode Lottery costs £10 a month to play with 32% of the ticket sales going to charity. 

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Ian Brown fans ‘gutted’ after singer plays sold-out gig with no band and ‘butchers own tunes’

’50 quid to see Ian brown off his head doing karaoke like he’s in Neptune’s bar’

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@I_R_Mole & @jasonmansell73 / Twitter

Ian Brown fans have been taking to social media to express their disappointment after the Stone Roses singer performed a sold-out gig without a band. 

Brown kick-started his first UK tour in a decade at the Leeds O2 Academy last night, with him due to perform at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse this Friday (September 30th).

Despite the anticipation surrounding the tour, however, fans were left disappointed by Brown’s performance last night thanks to the absence of the rest of the band, with one concert-goer describing it as Brown ‘[doing] karaoke and butchering his own tunes.’

Alongside of a video showing Brown singing alone on an empty stage, fan Steven Latham wrote: “Gutted to see @ianbrown turn up to his £40 a ticket, sold out gig at Leeds tonight WITH NO BAND.

“I’m a life long fan but it was bad. #ianbrown does karaoke and butchers his own tunes. Most were too p****d to care but I had to get out after this one.”

After his video went viral, Steven followed up his tweet by writing: “Feel a bit bad about this now, I was just so disappointed.

“We all know Ian can’t sing but there’s always a band to bring it together. Some onstage chemistry, the drummer’s energy, the guitarist’s musicianship. I think if there’s no band you should tell people up front.”

Other fans were quick to express their anger over the gig too, with another concert-goer writing: “50 quid to see Ian brown off his head doing karaoke like he’s in Neptune’s bar.”

Another commented: “Wow, that’s horrific. A massive Roses fan but think he needs to retire gracefully now like.”

However, some fans were quick to defend the singer’s performance, with one person writing: “Top night in Leeds thanks to Ian Brown. Ignore the twitter w*****s, I was there and I saw a sold out show full of people on their feet enjoying every minute.”

A second commented: “Thank you Ian Brown for the best concert ever at Leeds 02 Academy. You were incredible.”

Ian Brown’s headline tour continues tonight in Glasgow, with following shows scheduled for Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and London.


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Furious man confronts fly-tippers dumping huge 7ft fridge in Salford

The fly-tippers were forced to carry the fridge back

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@dhtreesurgery / TikTok

A furious homeowner has shared the moment he caught two fly-tippers dumping a huge 7ft fridge next to his house in Salford.

David Holmes, forty-seven, came across two men attempting to leave an old fridge on his property near Edward Avenue over the weekend. 

He filmed the altercation and shared the video onto TikTok, where it has since had over 1.4 million views.

In the explosive clip, David could be heard asking the men: “Why have you put that there next to my f*****g house?”

The fly-tippers, who reportedly run a local takeaway in the area, were evidently not expecting to be caught out and, in a second video, could be seen carrying the fridge back while quietly apologising. 

David told the Manchester Evening News that he had initially called Salford Council to report the fly-tippers after catching them in the act from his house but, being unsatisfied with their response, ‘lost control’ and went out to confront them himself.

He explained: “We have had problems with fly-tippers on this location but we go out there and pick it up. But obviously when it’s a seven foot fridge you can’t pick that up and put it in a bin.

Read More: Fly tippers dump entire takeaway kitchen onto local farmers land

“I called the council and they said they were going to come and remove it but I said ‘no, they need charging and fining’.

“When I first seen it I felt rage because last night I saw them taking that fridge out the shop. Why would you dump something like that next to our house, they’re supposed to be my neighbour, they can’t go around dumping stuff.”

@dhtreesurgery / TikTok

David said the council needs to do more to combat fly-tippers, adding: “I wanted them to come down to take some names and ID’s. Charging and fining is the only way this will stop.”

Councillor Barbara Bentham, lead member for environment and community safety, Salford City Council, said: “Salford City Council received a call from a resident about an encounter with fly-tippers.

“Enforcement officers visited the site. At this stage no offence has been committed but this case is not closed and officers are investigating further with the information provided.If residents do spot fly-tipping we would advise them not to confront offenders.

“Instead, they should record details such as personal descriptions along with the registration number and make and model of any vehicles used. Residents should stay safe while they are doing this and pass all the information they have gathered to the council.”

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GMP seize purple Lamborghini for driving ‘antisocially’ around Salford Quays

Oh dear…

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In certain parts of Greater Manchester nuisance drivers are a real issue for residents.

One such area is Salford Quays, with people driving around late at night and keeping people up at ungodly hours.

This was the case earlier this week, when a purple Lamborghini was spotted by police causing a racket in the area.


According to GMP Salford, the brightly coloured sports car was seen ‘driving antisocially around Salford Quays, causing danger to others and making a racket during the night’.

As a result the Lamborghini Huracan was seized by officers.

GMP Salford wrote on their socials: “#WhileWeWereAway #GMPTransportUnit spotted this purple Lamborghini driving antisocially around Salford Quays, causing a danger to other road users and pedestrians, and making a racket during the night for residents.

“The Huracan was seized under s.59 Police Reform Act #NotSoSuperCar”.

Oh dear…

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