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Bolton men jailed after trying to claim £4m scratch card bought with someone else’s money

The men celebrated their ‘win’ with champagne and cocktails before being caught out by police

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Mark Goodram & Jon Watson / Facebook

Two men from Bolton have been jailed after they attempted to cash out on a £4 million winning scratch card bought using someone else’s money.

This week, Mark Goodram, thirty-eight, and Jon Watson, thirty-four, admitted to using stolen debit card details to purchase the winning scratch card from a Waitrose store in the Clapham area of London.

Bolton Crown Court heard how the pair, who were both on licence at the time following prison sentences, had travelled down to the capital on April 22nd 2019, where they intended to go begging as ‘there was more money to be made’ there than there was in their home town.

There, they purchased the winning scratch card and immediately contacted the operator of the National Lottery, Camelot, to claim the winnings.

Mark Goodram / Facebook

However, Goodram almost instantly gave himself away by letting slip to the phone operator that he didn’t have a bank account for the winnings to be transferred into. Suspicions were raised and, the very next day, Camelot investigator Stephen Long rang Goodram back to enquire about the card used to make the purchase.

Goodram told Long that the bank card belong to his ‘friend’ who ‘owed him money’, but could not provide details on the cardholder’s full name or address, fuelling suspicions even further.

While the investigation was getting underway, however, both men sold the story of their win to The Sun, where they claimed they had spent the last four days celebrating with champagne and cocktail-fuelled parties. 

They even hired celebrity lawyer Henry Hendron to try and get Camelot to release the £4m, which was held pending while the investigation got underway. 

Jon Watson / Facebook

Their efforts were all in vain, however; Camelot’s investigation was eventually passed to the police who found that the scratch card had been bought fraudulently, using card details belonging to a man named Joshua Addiman.

It was also found that the men had spent £71.78 on the card in Waitrose as well as £90.56 in a Clapham Londis, all of which was reimbursed back to Addiman, Bolton Crown Court heard.

Yesterday, both men were jailed for eighteen months after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud. Goodram was then given an extra month for breaching his bail, taking his total sentence to nineteen months.

Prosecution barrister Denise Fitzpatrick described the case as ‘very unusual’ and said: “There was little prospect of success but that is due to the rigorous checks of Camelot rather than anything done by the defendants.”

Rept0n1x / Wikimedia Commons

Defence barrister Robin Kitching said that Goodram has a ‘long-standing addiction to drugs and alcohol’ and that he is ‘essentially homeless’, while Watson’s lawyer Nick Ross said the money was only ever ‘fantasy money’. 

He told the court: “When that figure popped up they were in total disbelief.”

Ross added that since the incident and due to the media coverage, Watson has become the subject of ridicule, adding that Watson has ‘had enough of crime’ and describing the incident as a ‘turning point’.

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Manchester ruled out of hosting Eurovision 2023

BREAKING: The decision now lays between two northern cities

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@mrwilliamo / Unsplash

Manchester has been ruled out of hosting the Eurovision song contest for 2023 as the shortlist for cities is cut from seven to two.

The BBC has announced today that Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield have been axed from the shortlist of wannabe hosts for the competition.

This leaves Liverpool and Glasgow as the last standing contenders.

The BBC said the two remaining cities, which both have riverside arena venues, had ‘the strongest overall offer’.

A final decision will be made ‘within weeks’, the broadcaster added.

If Liverpool is selected as the host, the competition would be staged at the 11,000-capacity dockside M&S Bank Arena, which is next to a conference centre and near the city centre’s hotels and rail links.

In Glasgow, alternatively, the 14,300-capacity OVO Hydro venue would play home to Eurovision.

Liverpool and Glasgow will be scored on a set of criteria, the BBC said, including:

  • “Having a suitable venue and sufficient space to deliver the requirements of the Song Contest.
  • “The commitment that can be made by a city or region to hosting the event, including the financial contribution.
  • “The strength of the cultural offer which includes off screen local and regional activity as well as showcasing Ukrainian culture and music.
  • “And alignment with the BBC’s strategic priorities as a public service broadcaster, such as providing value to all audiences and supporting the creative economy in the UK.”

It was announced last month that the UK would host the annual song contest for the first time in twenty-four years after organisers decided it could not go ahead in Ukraine – who won this year’s competition – due to the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The UK came in second place thanks to Sam Ryder’s smash-hit ‘Spaceman’, prompting the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to open talks with the BBC.

A statement from BBC director general Tim Davie read: “It is a matter of great regret that our colleagues and friends in Ukraine are not able to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

“Being asked to host the largest and most complex music competition in the world is a great privilege. The BBC is committed to making the event a true reflection of Ukrainian culture alongside showcasing the diversity of British music and creativity.”

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Kwasi Kwarteng reportedly said ‘who cares if Sterling crashes?’ after Brexit

This comes as Labour overtakes the Conservatives in a new opinion poll for the first time in 20 years

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Policy Exchange / Wikimedia Commons

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng said ‘who cares if Sterling crashes?’ in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, a new report is claiming today.

The then-Tory backbencher, who publicly backed the Leave campaign, was heard making the comment outside of private members club Groucho Club in Soho, London, the Evening Standard claims. 

In her Londoner’s Diary column for the Evening Standard, journalist Joy Lo Dico said she found Kwarteng with ‘his white shirt hanging out of his trousers’ and talking ‘feverishly’ into his phone after the Brexit result in 2016.

Dico says she then overheard the Brexiteer saying: “Who cares if Sterling crashes? It will come back up again.”

This revelation comes as Labour overtakes the Conservatives in the latest YouGov poll as the pound hits an all-time low.

With the fallout of the tax-slashing budget still unfolding, Labour has opened up a seventeen-point lead over the Tories – the party’s biggest poll lead in over twenty years. 

According to YouGov, Conservative support has dropped by four points to 28% in the wake of the budget, while Labour’s has surged by five points to 45%.

The Lib Dems remain unchanged on 8%.

Sir Keir Starmer is set to deliver his keynote speech at Labour’s conference in Liverpool today, with him expected to promise to get the UK ‘out of this endless cycle of crisis’.

Starmer is expected to say: “What we’ve seen from the government in the past few days has no precedent. They’ve lost control of the British economy – and for what? For tax cuts for the richest one per cent in our society.”

The party has also pledged to bring the nation’s railways back into state ownership if it wins the next general election, as well as hire ‘thousands’ of NHS doctors and nurses. 

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Tragedy as 6-year-old boy killed in front of mum on her birthday

The youngster was killed after being hit by a van in 2014

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Family handout

A mum has spoken of her heartache after her son was killed in front of her on her birthday.

Bobby Colleran was just six-years-old when he died after being hit by a van in West Derby, Liverpool, in October 2014. His mum, Joanne, witnessed the full tragedy.

And just last week ahead of the eight-year anniversary of Bobby’s death, Joanne watched as a teenage boy was knocked off his electric bike by a car in a chillingly similar incident.

According to the Liverpool Echo, last week’s incident in West Derby left the teenager with a serious head injury.

Family handout

For Joanne, witnessing the incident brought the heartache of losing Bobby back, with her telling the paper: “It’s bizarre because we were just there as it had happened, but your whole inside turns over.

“You think whoever it is, their parents, their family, I hope they’re ok. You kind of go through all of your emotions again and then it just puts stuff in your mind.

“I used to love September and October, the run up to autumn, it was one of my favourite times of year – and now the minute the chill comes in the air it’s horrible. I just relive everything, everyday – what we were doing when he was here.”

Speaking on the upcoming anniversary of Bobby’s death, Joanne added: “It is a difficult day. What makes it harder is it’s my birthday on the day he died.

Family handout

“People say grief gets easier and it doesn’t. It’s like every milestone, everything that happens you’re like where is he? He was the middle one of the kids.”

In the wake of Bobby’s death, Joanne established the Bobby Colleran Trust which campaigns for better road safety on roads across the city.

And back in March 2021, the charity announced the launch of its ‘Take Care for Bobby’ campaign to support the mental health of children and young people in the Liverpool City Region.

The trust is set to open its very own centre next to Blackmoor Park Infant School in the coming months, where it will run counselling sessions for children and young people.

You can read more about the new centre and donate here.

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