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You can now get a proper donner kebab machine for your house

Just what we’ve always wanted..



Alex Kehr / Flickr

If you’re missing out on your usual Friday night kebab, fear no more, there’s now a kebab-machine designed for home use. 

Who doesn’t love a messy kebab, especially after a big night sat on the curb crying about your ex? Actually, it’s even better when you wake up and realised you left yourself some on the floor of your bedroom just waiting like a beacon of light that will make your day a hell of a lot better.

If your kitchen is full of appliances you don’t use every day, I’ve got the perfect thing to add to the pile. Meet the DOFU Donner Kebab Machine, the wonderful addition to your household!


It’ll set you back a hefty £217 but it’s probably worth it for the ‘high-quality stainless steel’ and ‘adjustable grill for easy control of the grilling distance’.

It comes with a double infrared burner, which will provide a beautiful uniform heating of the kebab meat.

To ensure for equal and even cooking, the pole ‘rotates smoothly and powerfully without noise’.  It’s just what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?

If the price tag knocked you for six, don’t worry I’ve managed to find two other alternatives that won’t put such a dent in your wallet.

The first is 100 quid cheaper coming in at £115. This one is ‘fast and efficient’ and comes with a tempered glass front for stability and safety. Probably handy if you’ve got a few pesky paws or little hands wandering around the kitchen.


The third is just £79 and doesn’t look quite as impressive, but it’ll get the job done, and you really can’t argue with the price.

This one is described as the “original Shov product” and you should “stay away from copies” so you know you’re in good hands! Reviews include ‘simply amazing product’, ‘amazing buy’ and my personal favourite, ‘ok’.

And just like that, I put an end to you misery of missing kebabs. I’ll accept payment in kebab form.

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Food & Drink

You can get 50% OFF McDonald’s this week

Sign me up!




McDonald’s are offering 50% off their menu if you order via the app.

All you have to do is download the McDonald’s app and if you sign up for the first time by November 1st you can get half-price McDonald’s.

What’s more, the discount will be valid for 36 days!! 

There’s no minimum spend so you can get burgers for as little as 45p, or go all out and get everything for half the price!


All you have to do is head to the ‘deals’ section on the app once you’ve downloaded it and select the 50% off offer.

It’s not available at every branch but you can find out if your local is taking part here and read all the terms and conditions.

Don’t worry if you’ve already got the app, you can get £5 off any orders over £15 until November 1st.

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Everyone is fuming at Gordon Ramsey’s £18 take away fish and chips

He’s done it again…



Fox Broadcasting Company & GordonRamsey/Twitter

Gordon Ramsey has been tweeted a lot through the lockdown but not everyone has been impressed with his pretty expensive grub.

We already know about his £19 Full English (where you only get ONE sausage) and a £56 Sunday Roast (I hope it’s got gold on it) but now we’re talking about his fish and chips.

The classic Friday night dinner staple comes in at a whopping £18.50 and you’ll get a grand total of seven chips.

Ramsey posted the video on his Twitter with the caption: “You can’t beat a London House classic…. and this one’s to go!!”

He attached a video which sees him battering a fillet of fish before whacking it in the fryer along with some chips.

It’s all seasoned with salt and put in a takeaway carton. You also get mushy peas, tartare sauce and a muslin cloth wrapped half lemon to squeeze on the top tucked in the side of the box.

Sounds okay so far, right?

Well, not everyone is impressed by the fancy take away fish and chips where you only get even chips.

A follower wrote: “£18.50?? I mean if it came with 8 or 9 chips I’d think about [it] but 7 is taking the p***.”

Another added: “Need a few more chips in there. How much you charging for that? That would get sent straight back.”

A third said: “Fish batter doesn’t even look good, stingy af with the chips and mushy peas and all – bet it costs 10x that of the local chippy and isn’t even half as nice.”

A fourth followed added: “Where’s the rest of the chips? I’ve seen more chips in a seagull’s mouth!!!”

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Food & Drink

Seven Brothers make beer inspired by Andy Burnham called ‘The King of the North’

Burnham Beer!



sevenbr7hers/Instagram & BBCPolitics/Twitter

Seven Brothers Brewery have created a new beer inspired by Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham.

Andy Burnham has been nicknamed the ‘King of the North’ across social media for his efforts towards government support for a tier 3 lockdown in Greater Manchester.

But one Manchester-based company has gone a step further, dedicating a new batch of beer to him.

‘King of the North’ is a North England IPA that has been created by Seven Brothers.

The beer is a collaboration with Tip-Jar and their ‘hospitality mates’ across the city of Manchester to help raise funds for individuals who are most vulnerable at the minute. 

They shared the news on social media writing: “Tiers are flooding, the tips have dried up… enter KING OF THE NORTH!”

“Inspired by the Mayor of Greater Manchester and his fight for funding across the North, we’ve teamed up with Tip-Jar and our hospitality mates from across the City of Manchester to raise funds for hospitality workers in need during this difficult time.”

“There are two ways you can help. You can visit the link in our bio and leave a tip at the Tip-Jar link for a struggling hospitality worker. At this not-for-profit venture, all your kind tips are supporting carefully selected individuals.”

“You can also grab a can of our KING OF THE NORTH beer, a portion of all profits will also benefit this venture. This New England IPA is getting a North England twist and it really packs a punch.”

You can pre-order the beer now and they will be dispatched from November 18th. 

Seven Brothers are also creating free packed lunches with their sister company Four Sisters as part of the End Child Poverty campaign.

Order here

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