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The best Manchester spots serving up vegan food for Veganuary

Something to make Veganuary that little bit easier…



@purezza & @donersummer / Instagram

It’s officially 2022 and, while the weather may be cold and dreary, many of us are kick starting the New Year the right way by embarking upon Veganuary.

The month-long challenge, which has been around for a couple of years now, sees people attempt to eat only vegan food for the thirty-one days throughout January.

Yep, not a single bit of meat or dairy for a whole month.

But if you’re dreading your own Veganuary, fear not! Because there are a ton of restaurants here in Manchester offering delicious plant-based options certain to make your month a whole lot easier.

Here’s what’s on offer…

Manchester’s Finest Group

Black Leaf

Nestled beneath the Northern Quarter’s Alvarium, Black Leaf boasts a fully vegan menu good enough to convert even the most loyal of meat eaters.

The tapas menu, curated specially by Alvarium head chef Grace Stubbs, includes a number of tasty delights such as crispy King Oyster Mushroom ‘calamari’, chickpea ‘meatballs’ and Hassleback potatoes topped with tofu feta.

Black Leaf, Alvarium, 8 Dorsey St,  Manchester M4 1LU
07947 556275

@bundobust / Instagram


We just couldn’t leave out Bundobust from a list about fantastic meat-free food; while the popular Indian street food restaurant, which recently opened it’s own brewery down Oxford Road, has a strictly vegetarian menu, it offers some great dairy free alternatives, too.

Vegan highlights include the Bhel Puri, a Mumbai street snack of broken samosa pastry, puffed rice, peas, onion, pomegranate seeds and tomato. There is also the Bhaji Butty, Bundobust’s flavoursome take on a plant-based burger and the Chole Saag, a spicy curry of stewed chickpeas and spinach.

Bundobust, 61 Piccadilly, M1 2AG & Bundobust Brewery, St. James’s Bldg, 61-69 Oxford St, M1 6EQ

@donersummer / Instagram

Doner Summer

Found in the music venue-food hall hybrid YES, the ‘vegan junk food’ king Doner Summer is truly changing the meat-free burger game; I mean, just look at those burgers!

Available both to dine in and to order for a takeaway, Doner Summer offers a selection of meat and dairy-free kebabs and burgers, including the Bad Girl Kebab consisting of ‘döner’, garlic chilli chick’n, pickled pink cabbage, salad and a whole load of tasty and garlicky sauces.

There’s also a choice of fried ‘chick’n’ burgers that are good enough to hoodwink even the most seasoned of KFC customers.

Doner Summer, YES, 38 Charles St, Manchester M1 7DB
 0161 273 2725

@purezza / Instagram


The Northern Quarter’s Purezza is the place to go if you’re looking for exclusively vegan (and absolutely sensational) pizza; their menu boasts a long list of plant-based toppings including vegan sausage, BBQ pulled ‘porketta’, and black truffle.

They’re also offering 50% off all food throughout January to celebrate Veganuary, so make sure to get yourself down in the next couple of weeks.

Purezza, 75-77 High Street, Manchester M4 1FS
0161 521 5516

@reservewines / Instagram

Reserve Wines

Okay, this isn’t exactly a dining spot, but it is perfect for those taking Veganuary to the next level by including their drinks in the challenge.

Found in West Disbury, this independent bottle shops stocks some of the world’s finest wines and spirits, including a number of vegan wines (because, sorry to break it to you, but wine isn’t actually vegan).

Reserve Wines, 176 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1LH
0161 706 0565

@delhihousecafe / Instagram

Delhi House Cafe

While not strictly a vegan restaurant, Delhi House Cafe, found inside the Corn Exchange, boasts a number of impressive vegan dishes perfect for Veganuary and beyond.

Plant-based highlights include the Avocado Aloo Chatt, made up of fried avocado and fried potato in a mint & tamarind Chutney. There is also the Tawa Dal Tadka, fragrant cumin tempered split pigeon lentils served with a tandoori roti.

Delhi House Cafe, Unit 10, The Corn Exchange, Manchester M4 3TR
0161 834 3333

@whatthepitta / Instagram

What the Pitta

Yep, there’s more vegan döner kebabs knocking about; What the Pitta serves a handsome list of döner doused wraps and fries perfect for all vegan junk food enthusiasts.

Their signature vegan döner ‘meat’ contains GMO free spiced soya pieces and comes tightly wrapped in fresh bread with lashings of salad and sauces for you to choose from. They also have a chicken version, as well as falafel and are offering 50% off for two days only this month, the 10th and 17th.

What the Pitta, 42 Back Turner Street, Manchester M4 1FR
0161 835 2934

Food & Drink

You can now buy Angel Delight ice cream and it’s the ultimate nostalgia dessert

Our childhood dreams have come true!



Money Saver By Dansway / Facebook

Out of all the nostalgic childhood sweets in the world, Angel Delight undisputedly reigns supreme. 

While no one is certain as to what Angel Delight actually is – it isn’t mousse and it certainly isn’t custard – the smooth and sweet dessert has proven to be a massive hit over the years, whether it’s devoured as a treat after tea or just as an afternoon snack straight from the pan.

But now, fans of the iconic dessert will be delighted (no pun intended) to hear that Angel Delight has been reimagined as a soft serve ice cream.

Money saving Facebook page Money Saver By Dansway was one of the first places to alert people of the revolutionary new ice creams, writing on its page that they ‘look and taste amazing’.

Money Saver By Dansway / Facebook

You’ll be able to find the ice creams at frozen foods retailer Iceland, who is selling 800ml soft serve versions of the popular strawberry and butterscotch flavours, both of are priced at just £3.

And better yet, the supermarket is currently flogging the ice cream tubs under its exclusive ‘two for £5’ offer, so you can stock pile the desserts to last you all the way through until summer.

Daniel Jalapour, Desserts Brand Director at Premier Foods, said: “The response we saw from shoppers when the Mr. Kipling and Ambrosia ice creams were announced was phenomenal.

“Iceland saw a 785% increase in shoppers searching for the products on their website before they were even in stores so we know fans will be delighted they can get their hands on the tubs all year round alongside our new Angel Delight Soft Serve Ice Cream tubs.

Money Saver By Dansway / Facebook

“Angel Delight has long been considered a classic nostalgic dessert and we wanted to give fans a modern and cool twist on the iconic taste.”

Andrew Staniland, Trading Director at Iceland, added: “Following the outstanding success of the Ambrosia and Mr. Kipling flavours reimagined into ice creams, we wanted to deliver yet another iconic brand into the mix, Angel Delight.

“We’re confident customers will be heading straight to Iceland’s ice cream freezers as soon as they launch next week to try out those old-time favourite flavours once again.”

You can order the ice creams on the Iceland website, or alternative find your closest store.

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Food & Drink

COMING SOON: Traditional Chinese hot pot restaurant to open in the Corn Exchange

Hot pot is one of the most popular meals in China



@uk_haidilao / Instagram

Manchester’s Corn Exchange is set to get an exciting new addition in the form of HaiDiLao, a restaurant dedicated to the humble Chinese hot pot.

While the warming, potato-heavy Lancashire answer of a hot pot may immediately spring to mind, over in China they do things a little differently; a Chinese hot pot (火锅 huǒguō) consists of a simmering pot of soup and a selection of raw ingredients – usually meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu, and starches.

Diners then sit around the soup and add whatever ingredient they like to be quickly cooked within the boiling liquid. They then retrieve the cooked food items from the pot with wire ladles or chopsticks, and flavour them with individual dipping sauces. 

@uk_haidilao / Instagram

@uk_haidilao / Instagram

The Chinese hot pot is believed to be over 1,000 years old and remains today as one of the most popular meals in China, as well as a fantastic means of getting the family together to share and enjoy some delicious food.

Well, Mancunians will soon be able to enjoy the novelty of a Chinese hot pot dinner thanks to the arrival of HaiDiLao, one of China’s most popular hot pot restaurant chains. 

The restaurant was founded in Jianyang, Sichuan Province in 1994, by Zhang Yong, who started out working in a factory to make ends meet.

His restaurant came to life in a malatang booth with only four tables and an investment of 10,000 RMB, but was quick to grow in popularity.

@uk_haidilao / Instagram


Fast forwarding over two decades, and HaiDiLao boasts over 450 branches in countries including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, as well as Canada, Australia, and America. 

Not much is currently known about Manchester’s debut HaiDiLao apart from the fact it will be taking over a spot in the Corn Exchange very soon. The London venue also operates as a delivery and takeout service, so we can expect similar things for its Manchester venture.

An opening date is also yet to be announced.

To stay posted with news and updates, however, head over to the official HaiDiLao Instagram page.

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Cadbury unveils Orange Twirl Easter egg made entirely from orange chocolate

Yes, we’re writing about Easter eggs in January…



Lee McCoy / Flickr

While most of us continue to recover from the vast amount of chocolate consumed over Christmas, Cadbury is wasting no time in preparing us for the next big chocolatey event…


Because believe it or not, Easter is creeping up on the horizon, so you’ll soon start to notice the supermarket shelves filling up with those delicious chocolate eggs. 

And, not ones to waste any time, Cadbury is well ahead of the game with the unveiling of its Orange Twirl Easter egg.


The Easter egg is made up of a deliciously zesty milk chocolate and wrapped up in a gold and orange foil for optimum freshness.

And, better yet, the egg comes accompanied with two Orange Twirl chasers. Now that’s what Easter is all about.

The Cadbury Orange Twirl Easter egg is available to buy in Tesco and Iceland stores now.

Cadbury has a whole range of other Easter eggs on offer this year, including Creme Egg, Cadbury Fingers and the iconic Easter favourite, Mini Eggs.

@_well_this_is_new_ / Instagram

And if Easter eggs aren’t really your thing, fear not! Because Cadbury has just launched its very own éclairs, complete with Dairy Milk chocolate and fresh cream. 

The tasty treats, which are already been spotted in supermarkets by a number of excited Instagrammers, are described as being, ‘Choux pastry eclairs filled with cream and topped with Dairy Milk chocolate topping decorated with a Cadbury’s Flake.’

Yep, they even come with a Flake. 

You can now buy a two-pack of Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs for just £2 in all Asda stores now.

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