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Fans in shock as Rylan’s mum accidentally reveals his real name on Gogglebox

It’s….. Rylan’s real name



Channel 4

Starring on Celebrity Gogglebox, Rylan and his mum settled in for an evening of TV watching, but fans were shocked straight away!  

Rylan appeared on the Channel 4 show with his mum Linda to react to the best TV shows and films from this week. 

But the duo immediately stunned fans at the start of the show as Rylan spoke to his mum about a snack he was making. 

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When you’re on @loveofhuns you know hun.

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“I bet you’ll have one,” Rylan cheekily remarked.

“No I won’t,” she replied. “Ross will you stop it, I don’t want one.”

He responded with “Mum, they are nice though,”

“You eat it then, I’ll take a couple home with me,” she quipped.

And viewers have been gassed ever since after the reveal of his real name! 

One user wrote: “#CelebrityGogglebox Just spent 5 minutes wondering Rylan’s mum called him Ross than I realised I have the Internet and found out his first name is Ross thank goodness for the world wide web.”

Wait until people find out Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are all show names too. 

Celebrity Gogglebox returns next Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

TV & Film

Good Morning Britain remembers the 100,000 lives lost to Covid-19 in moving tribute

The tribute has been described as ‘powerful’



Good Morning Britain / ITV

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have been praised online for their moving tribute to those who have lost their lives to coronavirus. 

This morning’s Good Morning Britain saw hosts Piers and Susanna read out the names of some of those who have lost their lives to the virus, providing details into their lives. 

It comes after the UK’s death toll surpassed 100,000 earlier this week. 

Stood in front of a video montage of photos of those lost to Covid-19, Susanna and Piers read out a few names, explaining that for every name they read there were at least 4,000 more people. 

Viewers have reacted to the tribute on Twitter writing: “This is very moving, thank you @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 #GMB.”

A second added: “My beautiful 95 year old Nana died 3 weeks ago. She had ‘recovered’ from Covid but it had ripped through her body, accelerated her dementia and a week later, she left us. Thank you for such a moving tribute to these lives lost”.

Another said: “Thank you for the tribute to the people who have lost their lives and their families. I lost my Dad in May and feel like they are the forgotten ones in this pandemic. It all feels surreal as we couldn’t be with him when he needed us most almost.”

“Thank you so much for sharing this heartbreaking tribute this morning to all the people who have died, including my beloved Nan Helen. Thank you,” another comment read.

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Minister walks out on Piers Morgan interview about UK death toll

This was awkward…



GMB / Twitter

Thérèse Coffey terminated a Zoom interview with GMB leaving Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid shocked.

The work and pensions secretary walked out of the television interview on Monday branding it ‘insulting’.

It came after the minister was in a back and forth with presenter Piers Morgan over the UK’s high coronavirus death toll.

Coffey told the presenter that the UK’s awful Covid-19 death rate was due to the country’s obesity problem and ageing population. Firstly Piers thanked the MP for finally pointing out some reasons why. 

He said: “None of your colleagues last week could give us any! You’ve given us two now – ageing population and obesity.

“So are you saying that the reason for us having the worst death rate in the world is because of the public? We’re too old and we’re too fat?”

When Piers suggested this, the minister replied: “I think that’s a very insulting thing that you’ve just said.”

“I’m conscious that there are a variety of factors that would have sadly led to being ill during this time, sadly that translating into deaths.

“I’m very conscious that this is a very serious impact that our prime minister was in hospital, in intensive care himself last April. I am conscious that we want to have a wrap-around response from people”

When Piers interjected with: “What did you find insulting, out of interest? What did you find insulting?”

She replied: “I also have to point out that you started this interview late. Unfortunately, I have to go to other broadcasters as well, and I wish we had more time.”

But Piers was quick to point out the government have had plenty of time while they were boycotting the programme.

The presenter responded: “I haven’t interviewed you since May, so you can come back any time.

“It was you that boycotted the programme. Please don’t play the ‘we haven’t given you enough time’ card, because we gave you eight months and you didn’t turn up.”

But Coffey had had enough of the interview, reaching to turn her camera off, her last words to Piers and Susanna were: “I’m sorry Piers, I’m going to have to go to another broadcasters. Piers, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to go. You’ve already had 20 minutes of my time, I appreciate your time as well.” 

As the screen switched off Piers fumed: She throws out two reasons why we have the worst death toll in the world, apparently – we have an ageing population – so we’re too old, and we have an obesity problem – we’re too fat.

“When I said, ‘So it’s the public’s fault, is it? We’re too fat and it’s nothing to do with the government.’ I was the one insulting?!”

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Sheridan Smith to star in ITV’s ‘gripping’ new Manchester-made drama

“Can’t wait to start filming on this thrilling, complex story”




A brand new ITV drama from the team behind The Stranger is set to start filming this year, with BAFTA award-winning actress Sheridan Smith starring in it.

No Return is going to be produced by Manchester-based executive producers Nicola Shindler and Richard Fee (The Stranger, Safe), while Hannah Quinn (The Stranger, Safe) will direct the series.

It follows the huge success of Manchester-born writer Danny Brocklehurst’s previous projects – such as Shameless, The Stranger and Safe.

The new four-part series is set to be absolutely ‘gripping’ as it follows the tale of a family holiday to Turkey which soon turns into a nightmare.  

sheridansmithster / Instagram

The synopsis reads: “Looking forward to an all-inclusive luxury break to enjoy the sun and sea with the family, Kathy and Martin, their son Noah and younger daughter Jess are blissfully unaware of the horrific ordeal about to unfold.

“The holiday is a chance to unwind and for Kathy and Martin to spend some much-needed family time. Until unsuspecting Noah accepts a seemingly innocent invitation to a beach party from a fellow holidaymaker, Rosie, who is staying at the same hotel, and Kathy and Martin’s world spectacularly falls apart.

“An arrest, an expensive and alien legal system, looming media coverage and resistance from fellow holidaymakers to come to their aid leaves the distraught parents fighting for Noah’s freedom when ironically he should be at school sitting his latest exams.”

Speaking of the upcoming project, lead actress Sheridan Smith said: “I’m such a big fan of Danny Brocklehurst and Red Production, they make incredible dramas.

“I was thrilled to be asked to play Kathy in this exciting production and to be at ITV again. Can’t wait to start filming on this thrilling, complex story about family finding their way through a terrifying situation.”

Manchester writer Danny Brocklehurst commented: “No Return is truly a passion project for me. It’s the story of a family caught in a modern nightmare but it allows us to explore themes of parenthood, justice, addiction and consent.

“I am delighted to be working with the amazing Sheridan Smith and once again partnering with ITV, and the brilliant Nicola Shindler and Hannah Quinn.”

The series is set to begin filming this summer.

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