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Deliveroo advert banned for being ‘misleading’ after 300 complaints

The advert managed to annoy a lot of people.

Jamie Roberts




If you’ve watched TV in the last couple of months there’s a very high chance you will have seen that Deliveroo advert where a woman struts through a house delivering a wide range of takeaways to people.

You know the one, she grabs the food from the driver before shouting: “Deliveroo – Chinese, KFC, Wagamama, Greek salad – no carbs before Marbs eh Karen?”

And it didn’t stop there, as she then pulled out a Pizza Express, Burger King, and Five Guys, as well as a korma for the typically unadventurous Deano – get a real curry Deano ffs.

If you found it as annoying as I did then there’s some good news, as it’s now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for being misleading, the BBC reports.

Some people complained – 300 of them to be precise – because they say the ad falsely claimed you could get an order from multiple places in one go, which we all know you can’t – you’d have to pay multiple delivery fees with the food arriving separately.

The ASA upheld the complaints and found Deliveroo to be in breach of their rules for misleading advertising, even though the on-screen text stated: “Geographical restrictions apply. Separate orders must be made for each restaurant.”


Deliveroo’s parent company, Roofoods, responded by saying the advert was of a ‘ whimsical and fantastical nature’ and was not set in an ordinary household, depicting an ordinary Deliveroo order – for example the ‘magic bag’ produced many more meals than an ordinary bag could ever possibly contain.

They say it was designed to promote the wide variety of meal types and restaurants you can order from via their app.

The 300 complaints make it the third most complained about ad of 2019 so far, after a Go Compare advert where the opera singer was involved in a car accident (336 complaints), and a poster advertising Cheltenham Fireworks featuring a dog wearing ear defenders (317).

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TV & Film

Everywhere White Lines was filmed in Greater Manchester and Spain

Here’s where it was all filmed…

Alex Watson



With much anticipation, White Lines came to Netflix a few weeks ago featuring a big dose of sun, sea and Mancunian charm.

If you’ve watched it, chances are it’s got you dreaming about stepping off the plane in Ibiza. Not that we all need much more convincing to be day dreaming about a holiday right now.

The 10-part thriller was shot in both Greater Manchester and Spain, and features the iconic red brick houses and warehouse-chic city crossed with golden sands and glorious blue seas of Spain.

Many of the Manchester scenes, you might be surprised to find out, were actually filmed in Bolton, while a lot of the Ibiza scenes were shot in Mallorca.  

Credit: Netflix

Mayfield Depot, Manchester

Like Manchester, one of the biggest parts of White Lines is music. There’s a whole host of top tracks throughout, including those by Primal Scream, Sub Sub and the Happy Mondays.

There’s a whole scene shot in Mayfield Depot for an illegal party. It’s now a massive gig space for the city. 

Credit: Netflix

Eustace Street, Bolton

This is the Manchester street where the young boys are chatting before their court appearance in episode two. But it’s actually a street in Bolton. 

Credit: Netflix

Woodgate Street, Bolton

This street depicts the exterior to Clint’s house throughout the whole series, again this is located in Bolton just around the corner from the street above.

Credit: Google Maps

Catalan Square, Manchester

While Zoe is in Ibiza, she often FaceTimes her daughter, Jenny, who is located in Catalan Square, next to the Bridgewater Canal. 

Credit: Airbnb

Axel’s Birthday Party 

The flashback scenes to Axel’s birthday party the night before he went missing are set in a villa in Mallorca called Villa Son Oliver. You can actually stay the night here for just £529 per night! 

Credit: Netflix

The Tabernas Desert, Almeria, Southern Spain

Despite being set in Ibiza, episode one involves finding Axel’s body. This is found in the desert after a freak rain storm shifts the sand and exposes his hand. 

Credit: Netflix

Cala D’or, Mallorca

One of the shows most stunning properties is actually in Cala D’or a small town on the east coast of Mallorca. The location is used throughout the series but is mostly seen in episode one.

Camp de Mar, Mallorca

There’s a couple of scenes that were actually filmed in Mallorca, including the one where Marcus is seen driving to the beach and walking over a bridge to a bar. The bar is a real place in Camp de Mar.

In another scene, while searching for Axel’s killer, Zoe stays with Boxer in the club where he lives. The front of the club is in Mallorca while the interior was filmed in an undisclosed club in Madrid. 

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TV & Film

Netflix announces The Sinner series three release date

It looks creepy…

Alex Watson



Fans of the mystery-thriller The Sinner have waited almost a year since the last series, but Netflix has finally confirmed the date of the latest offering. 

The third installment of the hit show will be coming to screens from June 19th in the UK, a lot sooner than fans had first thought. 

The show is executive produced by Jessica Biel and follows the story of Detective Harry Ambrose played by Bill Pullman. 

Ambrose investigates a routine traffic incident in New York but quickly realises nothing is as it seems, and there is something much more serious and sinister about the case. 

The new series features Matt Bomer who fans might recognise from American Horror Story, playing Jamie Burns, an unsuspecting resident of Dorchester whose dark past comes to life in the investigation.

The new series promises to be the most shocking yet. The trailers have been released showing Jamie Burns in the aftermath of the crash, tormented by his past life. 

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TV & Film

Old clip of June and Leon Bernicoff discussing the afterlife leaves Gogglebox fans in tears

“I’d join you, you see. Always, June”.

Alex Watson



Last week, it was announced that June Bernicoff had sadly passed away, just three years after her husband Leon. 

An emotional clip of the Gogglebox stars discussing meeting in the afterlife has now resurfaced.

June passed away at the age of 82 last week, at home with her family by her side, after suffering a short illness.   

June and Leon were part of the original Gogglebox cast and definitely a favourite across the country, with many people loving watching their relationship.

In the unearthed clip, the couple discussed meeting in the afterlife while watching the end of the film Gladiator.

A teary-eye Leon said: ‘There they are. His son and wife. I reckon he’s died and he’s joining them. I like to think that’s true, you know.”

June replied: “Yeah, well you do don’t you. Especially when you get to our age,” wiping tears from her eyes.

“I think so, I believe it. I’d join you, you see. Always, June”, Leon replied, before adding, “Sad isn’t it”. 

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