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Northern baker’s impassioned rant goes viral after his ‘illegal sprinkles’ are banned by council

‘British sprinkles just aren’t the same, they’re totally sh*t and I hate them’



Get Baked / Facebook

A Northern baker has captured the hearts of the nation with his epic rants after his American-made sprinkles were reported to Trading Standards.

Rich Myer, who owns and runs Get Baked in Headingley, Leeds, took to Facebook to share that an anonymous customer had reported his business to Trading Standards regarding his use of ‘illegal sprinkles’.

The incriminating sprinkles, which are made in the US but bought in the UK, are used on the best-selling Raspberry Glazed Cookies and the ‘Birthday Bruces’ – special sprinkle-adorned slices of the bakery’s iconic Bruce chocolate cake, named aptly after the mammoth cake eaten by Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda.

While these baked goods are beloved by most customers, one person (or killjoy, to some) decided to do their research into where the ingredients are sourced and, when seeing that the sprinkles are technically illegal in the UK, decided to report the bakery to the local authorities.

@getbakeduk / Instagram

Rich took to the Get Baked Facebook page to inform his customers of the news at the start of the month, writing that despite having an ‘utterly sensational’ weekend and selling ‘f**k tonnes of Bruce in various forms’, he had indeed had a ‘lovely visit from Trading Standards after someone reported us for using what are apparently illegal sprinkles’.

For those of you who aren’t sprinkle experts; what makes the sprinkles Rich had been using ‘illegal’ is the additive E127 which is allowed in the USA but only in certain products such as cocktail cherries and candied cherries here in the UK.

Trading Standards tested the sprinkles Get Baked had been using and confirmed they contained the incriminating E127.

A week later on October 11th, Rich provided his followers with an update on what he was now calling ‘Sprinklegate’, saying it wasn’t good news. 

@getbakeduk / Instagram

He wrote: “We have heard back from Trading Standards, and have been told that we must cease use of our sprinkles with immediate effect. Obviously, we will be following the rules, and removing them as of now.

“Whilst this might seem like it’s not a big deal, it’s actually very f***ing annoying, as A LOT of people ask for Birthday Bruce’s and Raspberry Glazed Donut Cookies are not only our best selling cookie, but they’re utterly sensational.”

Noting how he is ‘extremely passionate about sprinkles’, Rich went on to explain that he and the Get Baked team will need to make some adjustments to the menu ‘in order to compensate for this truly horrendous ordeal’, pointing out that British sprinkles ‘just aren’t the same’ before adding: “they’re totally sh*t and I hate them.”

He also said that his daughter won’t be able to go to Disneyland now that her dad can’t sell any ‘f***ing cookies’. 

West Yorkshire Trading Standards confirmed in a statement that it had visited Get Baked, saying: “West Yorkshire Trading Standards can confirm that we have advised the business concerned the use of E127 which is not permitted in this type of confectionery item.

“We stand by this advice and would urge all food business operators, when seeking to use imported foods containing additives, to check that they are permitted for use in the UK.”

But it isn’t all bad news for the team over at Get Baked; since the #SprinkleGate scandal went viral, the bakery has been ‘bombarded’ by the press, something that Rich has described as ‘f***ing amazing and sensational coverage for us.’

The bakery is also running a Bruce competition, where Rich will hand-deliver a Bruce in a Tux (a Bruce chocolate cake covered in white icing) to one lucky winner anywhere in the UK. To enter the competition – or to simply enjoy some quality baking-themed content – follow the Get Baked Facebook page.



The RSPCA is looking for people to cuddle rabbits and cats here in Manchester

The dream job!



RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch / Facebook

The RSPCA is on the lookout for kindhearted Mancunians to help with the care of their cats and rabbits across Greater Manchester.

If you dream of cuddling and caring for vulnerable animals while they wait for their forever homes, this could be the opportunity for you as several volunteer roles have become available at the Manchester and Salford branches of the RSPCA.

In 2021, the teams had a total of 624 animals admitted into their care, and saw 503 of these animals rehomed – 259 cats, 117 rabbits, and 127 ‘smalls’.

However, the Eccles Road-based RSPCA centre is required to raise all of its own funds to operate, so relies heavily on the help of volunteers in order to keep things running smoothly.

RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch / Facebook

Volunteers are responsible for jobs such as cleaning the enclosures and spending quality time with the rescued animals in order to socialise them ahead of their adoptions.

And now, the branch has posted an advertisement for these positions, which reads: “Join our wonderful team of volunteers at our small animal centre in Salford.

“We are looking for folks who can commit to a weekly slot (a couple of roles are available fortnightly) for at least the next three months, and this is because a lot of time is taken training volunteers and so temporary placements are not manageable for us.”

For insurance reasons, RSPCA Manchester & Salford says it is looking for volunteers who are over eighteen years of age, and said that any applicant who has cats, dogs, rabbits or ferrets in their home must be up to date with their vaccinations.

RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch / Facebook

The roles on offer are as follows:

  • Cattery Cleaning: 8:30am/9am start on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, either weekly or fortnightly.
  • Small Animal Room Cleaning: Start between 8:30am – 10am on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Cat Socialising: Anytime from 1pm until 4pm on Mondays – Fridays.
  • Rabbit Socialising: Anytime from 12:30pm until 4pm, seven days a week.

If you think you’re up to joining the volunteer team at RSPCA Manchester & Salford and have plenty of cuddles to give, then you can email for more information.

Visit the RSPCA website for more information.

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Morrisons becomes first supermarket to cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff who have to isolate

Morrisons has become the latest retailer to announce the controversial policy



Jim Barton / Geograph & @morrisons / Instagram

Morrisons has confirmed it has cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff members who have to self-isolate after being exposed to Covid.

Following Ikea’s decision to lower the sick pay rate for unvaccinated staff members last week, the supermarket chain has made a similar announcement as their staff absences continue to rise.

Much like those employed by the Swedish furniture retailer, unjabbed Morrisons workers – who usually get paid at least £10 an hour – will now get statutory sick pay of £96.35 a week if they are told to isolate but test negative.

@morrisons / Instagram

Covid-positive staff will get full sick pay regardless of vaccination status, however.

According to The Guardian, Morrisons executive Dave Potts first mentioned the policy in a conference call with investors in September 2021 as part of a plan to tackle the ‘biblical costs’ of dealing with the Covid pandemic.

Potts said Morrison’s had been on the ‘front foot’ in helping workers stay safe during the pandemic, saying: “We are normalising some of those policies.”

The newspaper reported that this move was the supermarket’s way of encouraging their staff to take the vaccine.


The requirement for fully-vaccinated people to isolate when exposed to Covid was dropped in England in August, meaning unvaccinated workers were more likely to take time off than their vaccinated colleagues as a Covid contact.

And just one week ago, the health secretary announced that the Covid isolation period had been reduced from seven days to five.

Sajid Javid revealed the move in a Commons statement to MPs last week, citing data from the UK Health Security Agency and saying: “Two-thirds of positive cases are no longer infectious by the end of day five.”

This means people will be able to leave isolation if they test negative on days five and six regardless of vaccination status.

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Aldi shoppers claim new 69p tea is ‘better than sleeping pills’ as well as helping with anxiety

The tea has been praised by a number of sleep-deprived Aldi customers



Debbie Blayney / Facebook

Insomniacs, rejoice; Aldi customers have been hailing one of the supermarket’s teas as ‘better than sleeping pills’.

And, better yet, a box of the tea itself costs just 69p for twenty teabags.

Aldi’s Diplomat Night Time tea was brought to the attention of fans of the budget supermarket in the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group courtesy of a shopper called Debbie.

Debbie Blayney / Facebook

Debbie shared a photo of the tea, which is passionfruit flower, camomile and apple flavoured, and revealed that she was trying it for the first time ‘to see if it works’. 

Debbie’s post was inundated with comments from other satisfied customers, with one writing: “I tried for the first time last night and slept so well!!

“It could of [sic] been the 16,000 steps I did as well and my lavender pillow mist spray or just being knackered. It tasted lovely and would highly recommend it.”

Another even said the tea helped with their anxiety, writing: “I’ve been taking the sleep one since 2 days ago and honestly it works better than sleeping pills and also works on my anxiety levels so I drink a cup here and then during the day…. And the taste is lovely too!!”

Debbie Blayney / Facebook

Sadly, Debbie didn’t quite get the experience she was hoping for with the tea, saying in a follow up post that while it made her feel more relaxed, it made her ‘want to wee twice’. 

Another person agreed that while the tea tastes lovely, it didn’t have the desired knock-out effect they’d hoped for, writing: “Soooo tired this morning. But I will give it the benefit of doubt and stick with it!

“I will either be a walking zombie by next weekend or I will be full of beans! Time will tell! On a plus note, it tastes lovely!”

Visit the Aldi website for more information on the tea.

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