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Cadbury has confirmed its chocolate should be kept in the cupboard not the fridge

This is just WRONG!



Cadbury has finally settled the debate of whether its chocolate should be kept in the fridge or the cupboard, and its bad news for people who keep it in the fridge…

Like many things (ketchup), I firmly believe that chocolate should be kept in the fridge, but many people believe it should be in the cupboard. 

Well, finally Cadbury has settled the debate – I still believe it’s wrong, though. 

Taking to Twitter, Cadbury Australia was asked the question directly and they responded with a perfectly reasonable excuse for keeping it in the cupboard.

According to the tweet: “Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21°C to ensure the quality isn’t compromised.”

The company responded to a Twitter user, Bruno, who created a definitive list of what belongs in the fridge or cupboard.

According to Bruno, chocolate along with soy sauce, eggs, avocado, tomatoes and Champagne (completely disagree with this one) should be kept in the cupboard. He also put oil in the fridge which I just can’t wrap my head around. 

Bruno does, however, think Ketchup should be in the fridge, so at least we can agree on that. 

How do you like your chocolate, ice-cold or a bit melted from the cupboard? Let us know in the Facebook comments.


Influencer says she travelled to Dubai to ‘motivate people at home’

The influencer has sparked outrage online.



This Morning & shapeupwithsher / Instagram

Sheridan Mordew is currently in Dubai appearing on This Morning to explain that her trip is ‘essential travel’.

Chatting to Phil and Holly this morning on the ITV show, fitness influencer Sheridan Morderexplained that she has been struggling with her mental health and decided to escape the UK just before the lockdown came into place.

Ever since arriving in Dubai, she has been sharing her trip online with her followers to ‘motivate’ them.

She told Phil: “The reason I came to Dubai was purely for business.” to which he replied:  “A lot of the fitness stuff, this could be in your garage in Bolton, you don’t have to be in Dubai to do that.”

“I think what you’ve got to understand is it’s my job, my job is to motivate people, if I was going to be lazy if I was going to sit back, if I couldn’t be bothered to provide a service.” She replied

Adding: “I’m providing free workouts on Instagram, I could just sit back and think I’ll wait until the gyms open… My job is to help people get fit and be motivational whether it’s in the house or it’s in Dubai.

“… With my own struggles, I thought the only way I’m going to get out of this is if I get on the plane for essential travel and go to Dubai.”

“I just think that in a world where you can be anything be kind, and a lot of people forget about that.”

shapeupwithsher / Instagram

But Holly was quick to point out that perhaps it would ‘be kind’ to stay at home, saying: “When you say ‘be kind’… When we see how stretched the NHS is and the nurses working really, really hard and all they are saying is: ‘Please stay home, do the right thing and stay home’.

“You’re saying ‘be kind’, are you being kind to them by encouraging others to travel by what you deem essential work?”

Sheridan responded: “I’m not influencing people to come out, I’m getting people motivated in the house. The purpose of what I’m doing is to motivate people.”

But Twitter users were having none of it. 

One wrote: “Please, hear me loud when I say seeing some ‘influencer‘ on a sun bed in Dubai is not making me feel motivated or better, infact it makes me feel so much worse #thismorning.”

While another said: “The “influencer” trying to justify her trip to Dubai to do workouts for work that she could of clearly done in her home in the UK! Totally laughable that they claim to be essential workers.”

A third wrote: “This girl on #ThisMorning trying to explain why she’s in Dubai for ‘essential work’… wouldn’t we all want a holiday for our mental health?”

Another added: “This influencer trying to justify going to Dubai to film workout videos in her flat and posing in a bikini by the pool on #ThisMorning is a joke. Pulling the mental health card as if none of the rest of the UK isn’t also struggling. The level of self absorbed arrogance is beyond”

Even Les Dennis had something to say on the matter: “I am screaming at the telly watching this influencer trying to justify her trip to Dubai as essential travel. Please don’t be influenced by here. Phil and Holly doing a great job holding back their outrage.”

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Three-bed house with previous owner’s body buried in the garden goes on the market for £125k

“Please be aware this property is being sold by family members as part of a relative’s estate”



Zoopla / Manning Station

A three-bedroom house is on the market for £125,000, but it comes with the previous owner’s body in the garden.

There are a few things you look out for when buying a house that might be considered red flags, like damp or an outdoor toilet. One thing that might not be on your list though, is an actual grave round the back. 

The previous occupant of this terrace house in Leeds, Michael Jackson (not that one), was born and died at the property and was granted his final wish of being buried in the garden.

The house comes with a warning on Zoopla that states: “Please be aware this property is being sold by family members as part of a relative’s estate. 

Zoopla / Manning Station

“It was the deceased’s wishes to be buried in the garden as he was born and died in the house. This wish has been carried out and the property will be sold as is.”

The property comes with ‘eco-friendly heating’, including a gas boiler, solar panels and double glazing. You can also power the heating from the wood burning stove in the living room. 

There is an entrance hall, sliding doors to the conservatory, ‘pine’ fitted dining kitchen, three ‘good size’ bedrooms and a white suite bathroom.

Outside there is a shared drive and parking at the front plus a garden at the back with storage, wood sheds, and of course the previous occupant somewhere too. 

Zoopla / Manning Station

The house, located roughly four miles from Leeds City Centre in Middleton, is on the market for £125,000 with no onward chain. 

Speaking to The Sun, his mum 84-year-old Joan said: “Michael loved that house and always said he wanted to be buried there. The whole family knew that was what he wanted.”


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Dog owners spend £300 on vet bills to find out their pet’s ‘limp’ was just him copying his owner

This is adorable




An adorable dog has been named a ‘con artist’ after he convinced his owner something was wrong with his leg.

A dog owner was stunned when he took his limping lurcher to the vet to find out nothing was wrong. 

It turns out, Russel Jones’ perfect pooch was just copying his owner who was on crutches after breaking his ankle. 

After spending a hefty £300 on vet bills, the couple were shocked when the experts revealed there was nothing wrong with him.

Appearing on This Morning, Russell and his partner Michelle explained to Holly and Phil that after visiting the vets, their dog Billy walked in without a limp and the ‘injury’ returned when he walked home next to Russell on crutches. 

Their suspicions were confirmed when Russell went away and the dog started running around the garden without a limp.

It turns out the dog was simply copying Russell out of empathy.

Phil called Billy the ‘biggest con artist we’ve spoken to in some time’ during the chat on This Morning, while Holly said she thought it was quite sweet.  

Michelle added that Billy was a ‘very caring’ dog and we definitely agree! 

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