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Poundland is selling a snoring swatter to stop your partner from keeping you up

For when your other half is keeping you awake…



If you live with a snorer then you have my utmost sympathy – there’s nothing worse than having your night ruined by a foghorn sleeping beside you.

Besides the annoyance of missing out on sleep, there’s also the risk you may end up murdering the bellowing walrus lying beside you, in a fit of frustrated anger.

If this is you, then we’ve got some fantastic news for you, as Poundland has released the perfect product.

B&M Bargains And More / Facebook

The ‘Snoring Swatter’ is an extendable arm with a little blue fist on the end that you can use to ‘gently’ swat your snoring partner – it looks to be made of a fairly soft material so it won’t leave any lasting marks, unless you absolutely wallop them.

The handy device promises to ‘give that snore what for’, and was posted in the Facebook group B&M Bargains & More by a happy shopper.

A photo of the arm was shared with the caption: “Found this in Poundland, I think every woman needs one of these.”

Who’s heading straight to Poundland to grab one of these, then?

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You can get baubles of your favourite tea and condiments for your Christmas tree

You’ll either love them or you’ll hate them…




If you’re resenting the idea of digging out your mums’ handed down baubles for another year, the unlikely hero Marmite may just be able to put your woes to bed.

The distinctively flavoured spread – which has been dividing opinions across the nation since the dawn of time – has unveiled its Christmas range which includes a number of admittedly bizarre condiment-themed baubles. 

There are four different baubles to choose from – a personal favourite of mine is the PG Tips bauble, which resembles a very small and very cute box of PG Tips teabags.



Other designs include a miniature Marmite bauble, which you’re guaranteed to either love or hate (sorry) and a Colman’s Mustard bauble, for all those who love the yellow stuff. 

Or, if you’re more of a mayo kind of person, you can purchase a bauble replica of a jar of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. Picture that up on the tree. 

And if you still need a bit of convincing, 100% of the net proceeds made from the unique baubles will be donated to the Trussell Trust – a UK charity working to stop UK hunger and poverty.



So not only will your new baubles give you something to talk about with the cousins you only see once a year, but you can feast upon your turkey content with the knowledge that your money is helping others.

Now that’s the festive spirit. 

The baubles are limited edition and will be available to buy in a set of four for £25 on the Marmite website from December 1st.

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Co-op launches ‘gravy flavoured Wotsits’ in time for the festive season

Because is there anything else quite as sensational as crisps and gravy?



Co Op

The crisp-gravy hybrid we never knew we needed has arrived in the form of ‘gravy flavoured Wotsits’ just in time for Christmas.

Now, there’s no denying that the wonderfully cheesy maize crisps are already in a superior league of their own (sorry, Quavers), but Co-op’s new take on the snack could be a very strong contender.

New to the supermarket just in time for Christmas, the revolutionary ‘Gravy Puffs’ have been described as ‘light maize crisps that will really satisfy those who love gravy on their Christmas dinner.’

Co Op

Crisp and gravy fanatics can pick up a sharing bag in Co-op for just £1 and, better yet, they’re vegan! So everyone can get in on the action, regardless of their dietary requirements.

The supermarket has also launched its’ Irresistible Hog Roast Crisps,’ which encapsulate ‘the smells and tastes of the Christmas markets’ thanks to the meaty pork, sage and apple stuffing flavour.

An utterly legendary move from Co-op, if you ask me.

But this crisp selection isn’t the only festive treat our supermarkets are bringing to us to this year; earlier this month, Heinz unveiled its somewhat controversial Christmas Dinner Big Soup, which was quickly branded as a ‘Christmas Dinner in a tin’ by unimpressed critics.

Co Op

In something that surprisingly isn’t a publicity stunt, the Big Soup Christmas Dinner consists of all the things you love to see on your plate on the big day – pigs in blankets, ‘big chunks’ of turkey, Brussel sprouts, sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, red cabbage, gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Only this time, they’re all crammed into an aluminium tin and will be ready to eat after just a couple of minutes in the microwave. Think of the washing up you’d save!

Heinz also announced that it was bringing back its wide range of festive gifts including ketchup crackers, baked beans baubles, a festive jumper and personalised bottles of tomato sauce. Yep, Christmas 2021 is going to be a big one.

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Cadbury’s Mini Eggs have been given a festive makeover just in time for Christmas

A taste of Easter at Christmas…



Snack News & Reviews / Facebook &

The festive season is well and truly upon us which means one thing and one thing only: an abundance of Christmassy chocolate.

Yep, there’s something about this time of year that makes the sweet treat taste just that little bit better so, of course, chocolate manufacturers have been coming out in full force to make Christmas that extra bit more chocolatey. 

Just last month, Lindt made its ‘luxuriously thick’ hot chocolate available in the UK for the first time ahead of the festive season, while Cadbury brought back it’s overwhelmingly popular Neapolitan hot chocolate, which makes for the perfect winter warmer with cream and marshmallows.

@starchocobar / Instagram

And now, Cadbury has gone that one step further by giving an iconic Easter treat a very Christmassy makeover – introducing, the brand new Christmas Mini Eggs.

Much like the original Cadbury Mini Eggs – which are usually only available during Easter – these chocolate eggs are made up of a hard candy shell but, instead of the middle just consisting of hardened Cadbury milk chocolate, the new festive version has bits of broken up candy canes incorporated, too.

It sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Well, I’m afraid I have a little bit of bad news; the festive Mini Eggs are sadly only available to purchase online, so you won’t be finding them knocking about in your local news agents any time soon.

GB Gifts is currently flogging 190g bags of Cadbury Candy Cane Mini Eggs for £9.99 – a small price to pay for a massive bag of Christmassy and chocolatey goodness, if you ask me. 

Head over to the GB Gifts website to get stocked up.

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