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Lidl is selling a cleaning robot so you’ll never have to argue about housework again

I need one of these…

Jamie Roberts




If you’ve ever found yourself falling out with your other half over who’s going to do the housework, then this cleaning robot is for you.

Lidl is launching the robo-vacuum this week, and it’s a bit of a bargain compared to other retailers.

The supermarket will be selling them for just £79.99 when they arrive in stores on Thursday, January 30th.

As the high-tech Vileda VR One Cleaning Robot usually comes in at around £119.99, you’ll be saving a third if you grab it from Lidl.

Jivee Blau / Wikimedia

Robot vacuum cleaners use in-built cameras to map out your room, before methodically cleaning every inch of it.

The VR One has an intelligent navigation system to stop it bumping into your stuff, and comes with two settings to remove dust, dirt and pet hair from hard floors and short-pile carpets.

It lasts for 80 minutes when fully charged, and comes with a charger – the dust box is easy to empty as well.

They’ll only be about for as long as stock lasts, however, so you best be quick, as these are likely to fly off shelves.

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Aldi launches new Harry Potter range including invisibility cloaks, wands and Lego

You’re a wizard, Aldi!

Alex Watson




Aldi’s new middle aisle range features bedding, soft toys, wands and plenty more Harry Potter-themed items you will definitely want to pick up on your next essentials shop. 

Harry Potter fans can rejoice as Aldi has launched brand new merchandise of the films as part of its Specialbuys series.

You will even be able to get your hands on the books in-store and online, plus stuffed toys of the characters including Dobby and even your very own invisibility cloak. 

Credit: Aldi

The cloak will set you back £27.99, and although invisibility is not guaranteed you can use the Wow! Stuff app which will means you will magically disappear in seconds providing hours of fun.

There’s a golden snitch that flaps its wings like the real thing (£12.99), Harry Potter Colouring Books (£4.99), a Scratch Magic Book (£4.99) and a Harry Potter House Scarf (£3.99).

Credit: Aldi

You can also get your hand on your very own Light Painting Wand (£12.99) to live out your full wizarding potentially.  

If that wasn’t enough, how about some Harry Potter soft toys for just £5.99, bedding starting at £12.99 or even the historic LEGO® Hogwarts™ Great Hall (£74.99). 

The Great Hall comes complete with a mystical moving staircase, 10 LEGO® figurines and the infamous Sorting Hat. 

Credit: Aldi

The new range will be available from May 24th, but if you want to get your witchy fingers on it sooner, you can pre-order now. 

See the full Harry Potter Specialbuys series here

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Asda is selling a four-tiered pink gin cake with edible mini bottles on top

Calling all gin lovers!

Alex Watson



This brand new pink gin flavoured cake serves 18 and looks absolutely incredible. 

If you’re a big gin fan you’re going to love this new addition to the Asda bakery section, a four-tiered pink gin flavoured cake. 

There are four tiers of classic Madeira sponge layered with raspberry jam and a gin flavoured sugar soak. The cake is then topped with vanilla flavoured bright pink frosting.

And to top it all off, there are edible gin decorations including white chocolate stars and miniature gin bottles. 

The cake will set you back £12, and will serve up to 18 slices of delicious gin flavoured cake. Be warned though, each serving comes with a chunky 239 calories and 14g of fat. 

The product description reads: “Get the party started with gin flavour soaked Madeira sponge, covered in sweet frosting and edible decorations. Suitable for vegetarians.”

You can get yours here

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Aldi selling new biscuit spreads that taste just like Lotus Biscoff

Take my money!

Alex Watson



newfoodsuk / Instagram

Calling all Biscoff fans (which seems to be everyone), as Aldi has released some new spreads that tastes just like it for a fraction of the price. 

The newly launched Grandessa jars of biscuit spread come in two forms, crunchy and smooth just like the original Lotus Biscoff.

While the original Lotus Biscoff spread comes in at around £2.30 at Tesco and Sainsbury’s, Aldi’s new spread is just £1.69 a jar, almost half the price of the original. 

Shoppers say they can’t taste the difference between Aldi’s spreads and Biscoff, with one person on the Newfoodsuk Instagram page writing: “Tried it! exactly the same taste as biscoff! really good!”

It’s also reported to be vegan friendly! The product does come with an allergen warning that ‘may contain soya and egg’, however. 

Pretty much everyone and their nan are buzzing about this new product release and I suspect everyone will be eating right out of the tub for the rest of lockdown.

If that’s not enough Lotus Biscoff news for you, they have also recently launched brand new Biscoff Sandwich Cookies in the UK. 

The cookies are filled with delicious Biscoff cream in 3 flavours; original, vanilla and milk chocolate. 

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