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Aldi launches giant pigs in blanket kebabs which are perfect for the BBQ

These look so good!

Alex Watson



Aldi has launched giant pigs in blankets and sausage whirls, perfect for a BBQ this bank holiday weekend. 

If you’re hoping the nice weather this week will mean you can whip the BBQ out, there’s one thing you might wanna add to your shopping list, giant pigs in blankets designed for the barbie.

The pig in blanket kebabs are British pork sausages wrapped in Beechwood smoked cured streaky bacon and will set you back just £1.99 for a pack of four.

The new summer-friendly pigs in blankets each come on their own skewer making it even easier to gobble them down while you enjoy the sunshine, beer in hand. 

There are also ‘sausage whirls’, essentially sausages swirled around and pierce through the middle. 

The swirls will cost just £1.99 for a pack of six.

Both products are now available at Aldi stores across the UK, meaning you can pick these up ahead of your essentials shop for the perfect weekend in the garden! 

Food & Drink

How to make a quick and easy strawberry daiquiri at home this bank holiday weekend


Alex Watson



Name a more iconic summer drink, I’ll wait… 

Strawberry daiquiris are boozy, sugary and all-round delicious crowd-pleasing drinks, so it’s only right you become the master daiquiri maker for the bank holiday weekend!

Despite how delicious they are, they’re also incredibly easy to make. You only need 4 ingredients, a blender and voila!

Be warned, this recipe only calls for 10ml of rum but that’s barely a drizzle so feel free to add more – always drink responsibly though, of course.

Credit: Inha Pauliuchenka / Unsplash


  • 500g Strawberries
  • 100g Ice
  • 10ml Rum
  • Half a lime Lime 


  1. Blend your strawberries and sieve through the puree. 
  2. Add puree, ice, rum and half a squeeze of lime into a blender.
  3. Serve!
Credit: TheCulniaryGeek / Flickr

Add as many amazing garnishes as you like, including fresh strawberries and even a drizzle of rum on the top. 

From this recipe, you can pretty much make any other flavour combination of daiquiris you like! Why not make a few different flavours and layer them in a tall glass to create a rainbow daiquiri!?

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Food & Drink

McDonald’s plans to reopen all UK drive-thrus in next few weeks

Not long to wait for your Maccies fix…

Proper Manchester



Albert Bridge / Geograph

If you’re missing your Macccies fix we’ve got some good news for you, as the fast food chain is finally set to open some drive-thrus up north.

McDonald’s recently announced it would be reopening a few branches for drive-thru, but excitement quickly turned to anger when it became apparent that none of them were up north – in fact, most were in and around London.

But now it’s been revealed that it plans to reopen all its UK restaurants, with the plan to have all drive-thrus open by early June, McDonald’s told The Sun.

David Lally / Geograph

According to reports, the fast food chain will be confirming dates with branches next week, as it continues to try and open more restaurants in a safe manner.

People accused Maccies of ‘hating the north’ after it was revealed that the 33 sites that were to open are all down south.

McDonald’s has now confirmed that the north will see branches open for drive-thru over the next few weeks. 

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Food & Drink

Home Bargains now selling glittery strawberries and cream gin liqueur for just £8

Take my money!!

Alex Watson



Home Bargains

This bright red and shimmery drink is strawberry and cream flavoured gin liqueur and it’s just perfect for summer. 

If G&T is your tipple of choice you’re going to love these new additions to the Home Bargains shelves – and they’re under a tenner!!

The liqueur is infused with sweet strawberries and a cream flavour. It also turns glittery when you shake it, making it the perfect glamourous G&T. 

The drink is made by Manchester Drinks and is only sold in Home Bargains stores at the moment. It comes in 500ml bottles and will set you back just £8. 

Each bottle has an ABV of 20% which is a lot lower than most full-bodied gins, which are usually in the 40s.

Manchester Drinks also have a shimmery pink unicorn drink and a parma violet flavoured gin. They’ve also recently released a blood orange flavoured gin liqueur that is also glittery.

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