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WTF Is An NFT: An immersive digital art exhibition is coming to the Manchester Art Fair for the first time

We’re giving away FREE tickets to the digital exhibition

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A groundbreaking immersive digital art exhibition will be coming to the Manchester Art Fair for the very first time, and will give Mancunians the chance to delve into the promising world of NFTs.

But firstly, let’s clear one thing up; What exactly is an NFT?

Well, being none the wiser myself, I decided to delve into the complex (and somewhat scary) world of NFTs to see what the heck all the fuss is about, and here’s what I found; An NFT – or non-fungible token – is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ asset in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property.

To break it down even further, a ‘fungible’ asset is something with units that can be readily interchanged, like money. However, if something is ‘non-fungible’, it is a completely unique property, meaning it is impossible to be swapped or interchanged.

NFTs can be anything in a digital form, such as paintings, drawings and music, but most of the excitement surrounding them these days is the staggering amount of money they can be sold for – I’m talking hundreds of thousands of pounds and even millions, in some instances.

Though it is worth mentioning that you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to be able to purchase or invest in your own NFT (cryptocurrency is basically a digital form of currency in that you exchange your pounds for, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin etc.).

And don’t worry if you’re still feeling a bit lost; NFTs are notoriously complex to wrap your heads around so it may take some time to get to grips with things. 

But let’s get down to the exciting stuff; for the first time ever, the Manchester Art Fair will be hosting an NFT event courtesy of KnownOrigin and Manchester’s Finest’s digital exhibition, WTF Is An NFT.

The collaborative exhibition booth will give attendees the opportunity to talk to the KnownOrigin team about everything there is to know about NFTs and also get a bit of much-needed advice on how to get started in this emerging digital space.

The groundbreaking exhibition will feature KnownOrigin’s crypto-art by artists such as David-Koblesky, Anna Natter and Lucho, alongside Manchester’s Finest own curated artists, Numan,  and LeiMai LeMaow.

Manchester’s Finest’s collection will focus on the utility of NFTs, which will give collectors a set of benefits with the purchase – therefore, anyone who buys one of the digital artworks by the Manchester’s Finest collaborative artists will be able to redeem a supper club with the artist in question through an invite that will be airdropped to them at some point in the near future.

Attendees will also be able to get their hands on an exclusive POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), a digital gift to prove their attendance to an event and a much sought-after and valuable asset in the NFT community.

Steven Pankhurt, Creative Director at Manchester’s Finest, said: “The ‘utility’ or ‘added extra’ side of NFTs and the fact the artist benefits from commission on any resales is something we at Manchester’s Finest really want to champion.

“The additional ability to link unique perks, gifts & events direct to the holders of these NFTs allows us to also generate revenue for our independent food & drink partners. NFTs will span every aspect of people’s lives in years to come, this is just the start.”

WTF is an NFT? A Disruptive Exhibition will be at the Manchester Art Fair 2021 from November 19th – November 21st. 

To get FREE tickets to the exhibition, use our discount code ‘WTFNFT’ here.

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Hot Wheels interactive experience hosting its first-ever European event in Trafford

This will be mint!

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Hot Wheels City Experience

A Hot Wheels interactive experience is coming to Trafford Park this summer, the first time the event has ever taken place in Europe.

Coming from Live Nation, BeFUN, and Mattel, the Hot Wheels City Experience is heading to the B.E.C Arena in Trafford Park this August, making its European debut as it brings the legendary toy cars to life.

Spanning a series of immersive stations and interactive activities, the event will have something for families and devoted collectors alike.

Hot Wheels City Experience

The 6,000 square metre experience will let fans step through a nostalgic and educational journey consisting of 10 stations, including a design centre, immersive museum, playground, gamer zone and Hot Wheels Lab.

Fans will go on a journey through the colourful world of Hot Wheels, starting with an introductory video which will take a deep dive into the history and culture of the brand.

Luís França / Hot Wheels City Experience

The next station features an immersive museum and expo where visitors will get to see the best of the Hot Wheels collections – including graphics with the history of Hot Wheels, classic arts of the brand, and the Hot Wheels legendary life-sized cars. 

There’s also the Gamer Zone, where gamers can show off their skills, the Design Centre, where the latest technology is used to introduce colour and graphic projection onto virtual cars, and a Digital ‘build your car’ and painting workshop where fans can create and have their work emailed to them or projected on the walls.

Hot Wheels City Experience

Lastly, the Hot Wheels Lab will let guests play with the most popular Hot Wheels toys, including giant tracks and pre-built racecourses – with the opportunity to win prizes.

The Hot Wheels City Experience opens its doors on August 13th and runs until September 12th 2024, with presale tickets launching at 10am next Wednesday, April 24th – sign up for pre-sale HERE.

On-sale tickets will be available at 10am on April 26th, starting from £27.50 for adults and £22.50 for children – head here for more info.

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Epic indoor inflatable park reopens with huge new ball pit filled with nearly half a million balls

Take advantage of the discount while it’s still available

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@inflatanation / Instagram & Inflata Nation

A Greater Manchester indoor inflatable park has reopened after a revamp revealing the addition of a huge new ball pit filled with nearly half a million balls.

Inflata Nation has reopened its doors in Trafford Park after undergoing a renovation, revealing some exciting new features for visitors to enjoy.

If you’re wondering what you can do to keep the kids entertained, why not take them to this newly upgraded indoor park?

Inflata Nation

An incredible blue ball pit filled with 418,000 balls looks like an ocean as it floods the open space. Other new features include the epic double tipping slide, a ballcano, ball pit blasters and obstacle courses.

The park has also upgraded its mini arena, which is exclusively for children under four.

Packed with ball pits and engaging soft play activities, this area offers sensory stimulation and opportunities for cognitive development, tailored specifically for the little ones, the park says.

@inflatanation / Instagram

Since opening back in 2017, the site has attracted thousands of visitors looking for fun-packed family days out. 

Visitors have jumped into its ball pits, bounced on its inflatables and dived down its slides, where they’ve enjoyed plenty of fun and laughter that has brought them back time and time again.

Tickets for Inflata Nation Manchester cost £13.99 for visitors aged four and above and £6.99 for under fours. You can add an extra hour for £8.50 and £3.50 respectively. The park is also offering 15% discount of all visits when booked in advance online until April 17th.

To get the discount simply head to the booking panel on the website, choose the location, complete your details and enter the correct discount code at checkout. For Manchester use the code: EASTERMANC. For discount on bookings and more information, click HERE.

Inflata Nation Manchester is located on Textilose Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1WA. 

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Charity pop-up with up to 70% off designer clothes coming to King Street

Funds will be used to help women looking for employment support

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Smart Works Greater Manchester

A sustainable charity fashion pop-up is coming to Manchester’s King Street this month.

The pop-up marks the first event as part of a new concept ‘King Street Presents’ and will feature some of the best and newest names in fashion including the likes of Adanola, Barbour, Nobody’s Child, Pretty Lavish, Rixo, Saint & Sofia, Whistles and more.

Shoppers can enjoy up to 70% off items with all proceeds raised being donated to the female-founded charity, Smart Works.

Smart Works Greater Manchester

Smart Works Greater Manchester can be found at 35 King Street from Thursday, April 18th to Saturday 20th, with its sustainable fashion pop-up shop, selling brand new high street, designer and pre-loved clothing and accessories.

The pop-up will raise vital funds to support Smart Works’ two Greater Manchester centres, in Manchester city centre and Stockport.

The team will also be on hand to provide advice and guidance on how to access their free services to any women looking for support in finding employment and preparing for job interviews.

During its time on King Street, Smart Works will share the postcode with its roster of high- profile tenants which include; GAIL’s artisan bakery, The White Company, El Gato Negro restaurant and vintage football shirt hotspot, Stunner, to name just a few.

Smart Works Greater Manchester

Thomas Royston, director at DTZ Investors, said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Smart Works Greater Manchester to King Street. At its core is a female founder on a purpose-led mission to make a difference to women. 

“For them to choose King Street as their platform for reaching and showcasing their offering and commitment to women across Manchester is a testament to the reputation this now renowned street has developed in recent years. 

“As part of our ongoing ESG policy we will be continuing to work with a selection of exclusive brands throughout 2024 to take up pop-up stores in currently vacant units on the street, enriching the retailer experience for visitors and giving a physical presence to out of area and online brands.”

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