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Co-op teams up with Glastonbury to give away free tickets to the next festival

Cheese AND the chance of winning free Glasto tickets? Count me in



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You can win yourself some free tickets to the next Glastonbury Festival by simply buying a block of cheese from your nearest Co-op.

Worthy Farm, home to both the iconic Glastonbury Festival and an award-winning dairy farm, has launched its first ever Reserve Cheddar cheese, which will be available exclusively from the Co-op.

The Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar hit stores across the nation yesterday, February 17th, and has been created using milk from the dairy herd that are fortunate to call the famous Glastonbury site their home all year round.

Paul Holloway / Flickr

Co-op and Glastonbury Festival have shared a unique and successful partnership since 2019, when the supermarket became the event’s first retail partner at the festival.

So as part of the launch promotion for the new cheese, there will be an amazing opportunity every month for Co-op members and customers to win tickets to the next Glastonbury Festival – this monthly competition will be highlighted in-store by a special on-pack promotion.

All you have to do is buy yourself a pack of the Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar and enter the code you find behind the Glastonbury sticker online – or scan the QR code.

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Michael Eavis, the Glastonbury Festival Creator, said: “About 100 years ago, my grandfather decided to make the milk at Worthy Farm into Caerphilly cheese. Now, after 50 years of our recent festival history, our farm milk is being made into cheese once again by Wyke Farms and will be sold exclusively at Co-op stores across the UK.

“We’re thrilled that we can work together as a collective, with Co-op and Wyke Farms, to bring this tasty reserve cheddar to households across the UK.”

Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar is aged under wood for six months, delivering a mature rounded, smooth and moreish flavour with a hint of sweetness, which melts to give a lasting, creamy flavour.

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Joanne Wadsworth, Co-op cheese buyer, said: “Co-op is well-known for its support of British farmers and producers, plus our on-going relationship and shared values with the Glastonbury Festival makes our stores the perfect home for Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar.”

In 2019, Co-op was selected as Glastonbury Festival’s first ever retail partner. The relationship was founded on a shared ethos of co-operation, community support, ethical values and campaigning to make meaningful change.

In June 2019, Co-op built a bespoke, fully operational 6,000 square foot food store at Glastonbury Festival, and the retailer says it looks forward to returning when the festival opens again.

A block of Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar will set you back £3.00 for 320g at your nearest Co-op – a small price to pay for potentially winning tickets to Glasto.

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NEW OPENING: The hidden neo-Bangkok basement bar inspired by Blade Runner

District has officially unveiled it’s new basement bar



@districtmcr / Instagram

Tucked away under Oldham Street’s new wave Thai kitchen District, you will now find a brand new Blade Runner-inspired basement bar serving up unique Thai cuisine-infused cocktails.

District, a project by the founders of Tokyo Ramen, has made quite the name for itself since its opening back in June, thanks mainly to its futuristic vision of Bangkok’s fire and barbecue lined streets being brought to the Northern Quarter.

District adopts a wildly progressive approach to its menu with wood-fired, modern barbecue cookery that creates an engaging, long-lasting dinner experience that promises to ‘touch mall the senses’.

@districtmcr / Instagram

And this week, District are welcoming a whole new concept to their already celebrated kitchen – a neo-Bangkok Blade Runner inspired basement bar.

Yep, the basement of the restaurant has been transformed into a space perfect for those wanting to enjoy the District experience both before and after their meal.

The cocktail menu, like every part of District, has been developed to draw on every sense, with sight, smell and taste being heightened with every sip. All eight cocktails have been inspired by Thai cuisine, combining the best of bar and culinary techniques.

Menu highlights include the FORNAX, made using smoked beef fat rum, fish sauce caramel, tomato, Thai parsley; and DREAM GUN with grilled banana bourbon, milk of the poppy and turmeric.

The drinks menu also includes a ‘DISTRICT THAI-PA’ in collaboration with local brewery Shindigger, a selection of wines and in house made soft drinks such as the ‘TUMERIC POP’ and the ‘SCREWPINE SODA’.

District’s basement bar is open NOW from 5pm – late Thursday – Saturday. Make sure to follow the District Instagram for news and updates.

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There’s a massive free fitness class taking place in Manchester this week

Fancy trying out David Beckham’s workout for free?



F45 Track

A huge – and completely free – fitness class is happening in Manchester this week, and it could very well be the opportunity to kickstart your health and fitness journey you’ve been waiting for.

Now, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that mustering the strength, the energy and simply the sheer will to attend exercise classes can be a challenge but, as the festive season and an abundance of booze and pigs in blankets approach, it is more important than ever to stay on top of your health.

And luckily for you lot, the opportunity to test the waters for free will be presenting itself this week courtesy of the globally acclaimed fitness company, F45 Track.

F45 Track

Having made its debut in LA back in 2019, F45 Track does what it says on the tin by hosting forty-five minute outdoor training sessions that offer both the public and F45 members a variation of in-studio sessions, all with the aim to burn 750 calories in the forty-five minute time slot.

The ‘F’ stands for ‘Functional Training’, which is a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared towards everyday movement. And the forty-five? Well, that’s the total amount of time for, in their words, ‘sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun’.

@pullyjj / Instagram

@lewisjonesfitness / Instagram

The company has since expanded to locations all across the globe and has enjoyed a number of celebrity clients like Man United legend David Beckham, who took part in F45 Track workouts during the 2020 lockdowns. 

But putting the glitz and the glamour of celebrity clients to one side, F45 Track’s latest project here in Manchester is offering a FREE fitness class this week courtesy of F45 NQ and the F45 Salford Central.

Yep, completely free for anyone who wants to take part, no strings attached.

The ‘biggest fitness class in Manchester’ will be taking place this Thursday, September 21st and will be hosted by Cory George, F45’s Global Head of Fitness, who will be flying in from LA specially for the event. 

There will also be fresh smoothies, drinks, and healthy snacks provided throughout the event. 

@zobarks / Instagram

Those wanting to take part will simply need to bring a towel, a water bottle and plenty of energy to The Love Factory at 5:30pm, rearing and ready for the 6pm start. 

There’s space for 2,000 people to take part so register yourself and your friends here. You can also head over to the F45 website and Instagram page for news and updates. 

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A Manchester bar is giving away free drinks to anyone who beats the bartender at ping-pong or darts

Reckon you have what it takes?



@tttmcr / Instagram

Manchester’s resident ping-pong bar Twenty Twenty Two is giving away free drinks to anyone who can beat their bartenders at ping pong or darts.

While Twenty Twenty Two has always been famous for its abundance of ping pong tables, underground brick bunker vibes, indoor cinema screenings and cool wall art, it is now known for something else: Darts.

The establishment’s Dead Eye Dart Club is a fantastic new addition to the Northern Quarter’s drinking scene; a no-fuss darts dive bar that pairs the game with music and signature cocktails.

@tttmcr / Instagram

There’s also a wide selection of drinks available for guests to sip while they play, with happy hour offers including £15 bottles of prosecco and £5 cocktails every Wednesday.

And now, the venue has combined its love of both ping-pong, darts and booze with the launch of its ‘Beat The Bartender’ competition.

Every Thursday night, guests are given the opportunity to double their round for the price of one by taking on one of the bartenders in a game of ping pong or darts. If they win, they get their next round on the house.

@tttmcr / Instagram

Speaking previously to the MEN, owner Jamie Scahill explained the inspiration behind the unusual concept, saying it actually came from a ‘drunken conversation in Dr Pong in Berlin’.

He said: “We had plans to open the ping-pong room and needed ideas for the Saturday night, and came up with the idea of combining the three together with a free party every week.

“I think because it’s off the beaten track a little bit it takes a bit more effort to find and we have interesting events mixed with some fine DJs and good booze.”

Beat The Bartender is available every Thursday – just ask your friendly bartender for more details.

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