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Naked Attraction is looking for brave singletons to bare all for new series

Have you got the balls?

Alex Watson



Channel 4

Naked Attraction is coming back for a seventh series and it’s looking for a new wave of brave singletons. 

The Channel 4 dating programme hosted by Anna Richardson is a favourite watch of many. The programme follows a hopeful singleton whittling down a group of six potential partners based solely on their naked body. 

The naked hopefuls stand in six colourful and well-lit pods and are slowly revealed behind a screen body part by body part, starting at the feet first. 

Naked Attraction asks the question:  “When we are entirely unfiltered, what do people really find sexually attractive?”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to find a new partner based solely on your naked body they’re looking for some new sexy singletons for the next series. 

Executive Producer, Darrell Olsen said: “We’re excited to be back looking for a new batch of contestants! In these times I think many people are keen to find love and what better way than dating in reverse and starting off naked!?”

Be warned 1.5 million people have watched the series in the past so you need to be brave enough to bare all! 

Filming is set to begin in Autumn, adhering to the relevant COVID-19 filming guidance.

You can apply to take part here

TV & Film

Good Morning Britain shows footage of migrant boat crossing English Channel live on air

It’s caused huge debate.

Alex Watson




Good Morning Britain viewers were left shocked by the programme showing footage of a migrant boat crossing the Channel. 

The segment saw GMB correspondent Jonathan Swain on a boat 10 miles off the coast, reporting about boats carrying migrants.

The small dinghy had around 10 men in it, and as Jonathan explained was the ‘fourth or fifth’ boat making the crossing this morning. 

The boat had been shadowed by French border control forces before being left to UK Border Force as it entered English waters. 

Jonathan was seen shouting to the men asking if they were ‘ok’ as they could be seen frantically scooping water out of the water.

A concerned Kate Garraway said: “I don’t know if you can see it from where you are, but when the camera zoomed in we could see the boat was sitting very low in the water.

“They all looked quite wet and in fact someone on the port side was bailing out water.

“I don’t think that boat is meant to hold that many people, is it?”

Jonathan explained that she was indeed right, but these migrants would have paid between five and six thousand pounds to make the journey to British shores. 

He said: “No, it’s not. They will have left at first light. These are men who will have paid five or six thousand pounds to be on board.

“There are strict rules here, we can’t intervene. We have informed the Coast Guard. The Border Force are on the water. They seem to be okay.”

Understandably this has left many viewers feeling shocked and angry due to the coverage. 

Many have taken to Twitter to express their concerns, with one user writing: “Cannot believe what I’m watching”.

Another while: “Wtf is going on, on #gmb watching illegal migrants cross the channel,” while one viewer added: “What is wrong with GMB”.

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TV & Film

Corrie fans spot huge face mask mistake during hospital scene


Alex Watson




Eagle-eyed Corrie fans have spotted Sarah Platt’s face mask mishap during a hospital scene.

Fans of Coronation Street pointed out a major mistake by Sarah Platt as she wore a face mask in Monday’s episode of the soap. 

The scene sees Sarah, played by Tina O’Brien, visiting her ex Gary Windass in hospital.

She begins wearing a face covering while in the hospital but removes the mask once she entered the room to see Gary. 

Things got heated quickly between the exes and a row broke out.

Gary is in hospital as he jumped in front of a van to save Sarah, despite the fact she had found out he’d killed loan shark Rick Neelan.

He took the hit of the van instead of letting his secrets die with Sarah. 

Despite being in a hugely high-risk area, Sarah took her mask off so Gary could hear her properly. Viewers were left confused and worried.

Fans were quick to jump on Twitter to share their concerns. One user wrote: “How come Gary was allowed visitor… Sarah.?? But go set a good example, when she got in the room she took her mask off in a room where Gary had just had an big operation. Bad examples Corrie are setting”

Another wrote: “Surely Sarah needs to keep her mask on in the hospital?”

One user added: “hold on… you’re supposed to leave your mask ON Sarah, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose”

Another quizzed: “Somebody want to explain why Sarah would remove her mask INSIDE the hospital?”

It’s not the first time fans have slammed face mask blunders, with viewers taking to Twitter to complain about Maria removing her face mask to also talk to Gary.


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TV & Film

Tracy Beaker is returning to our screens for a brand new series


Alex Watson




Dani Harmer is set to return to the Dumping Ground 15 years after the series ended. 

The star we all grew up watching is set to make a come back in a new series called My Mum Tracy Beaker.

The new series is based on the book, also by Jacqueline Wilson, of the same name.

In a turn of fate, we fast forward to see the life of Tracy as a single mum with her 12-year-old daughter, Jess. 

Dani, who is now 31 and a mum herself, said she cannot wait to get back into the iconic role because she is a ‘huge fan’ of the much-loved show herself. Who isn’t?!

Speaking to The Sun she said: “I can’t wait to return again to the role of Tracy. I’m a fan myself.

“I want to know what happens next and where this journey takes her. Being a mother, I know how much it changes you.”

Dani explained: “I’m looking forward to seeing how it has changed Tracy but still keeping her the same feisty, strong female lead that people know and love”.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to hear her scream ‘Bog OFF’ again!

Luckily the story is aimed at adults and children so we can all get away with watching again. It’ll be told from Jess’ perspective. 

As of yet, the other co-stars from the original series haven’t been confirmed to be returning. But I’d love to see where Justine has ended up. 

I definitely agree with Molly in the tweet above, Tracy Beaker you’ve officially saved 2020. 

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