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Jeremy Kyle to return to TV almost three years after show was axed

His show has been described as ‘a new voice for viewers who are interested in straight talking opinions and expert insights on current affairs’

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ITV & Talk Radio

Jeremy Kyle will soon be making his on-screen comeback almost three years after his original show was axed.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was first broadcast in 2005 and enjoyed a seventeen-season run until it was pulled from the air in 2019 following the death of a contestant. 

Steve Dymond was found dead from a suspected morphine overdose just days after appearing on the show, where he allegedly ‘failed’ one of the infamous lie detector tests. 

Ever since Dymond’s death, Jeremy Kyle has stayed under the radar and out of the spotlight only until very recently, with him now presenting one of the slots for TalkRadio.


But now, Kyle is preparing to make his on-screen comeback, with the fifty-six-year-old being confirmed as one of the presenters for Rupert Murdoch’s new TV show TalkTV.

Kyle will be broadcast on the television network – which will be available on Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview and Freesat – alongside fellow TalkRadio colleagues Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham and Ian Collins. 

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The TV channel will also host Piers Morgan’s new talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored, which will air on weeknights. 

A spokesperson for the new TV channel said in a statement: “TalkTV’s primetime schedule will also be simulcast on TalkRadio, and TalkRadio’s roster of daytime talent, including Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham, Ian Collins and Jeremy Kyle, will be broadcast on talkTV.


“TalkRadio has seen fast growth in recent years across all platforms and has been broadcasting successfully on talkRadio TV since last year.”

Scott Taunton, President of Broadcasting at News UK, added: ‘TalkTV will be a new voice for viewers who are interested in straight talking opinions and expert insight on news and current affairs. 

“The channel has been designed for the streaming age and will be accessible on linear TV as well as via social and on demand programming.”

This comes just after a controversial Channel 4 documentary detailed the downfall of The Jeremy Kyle Show and the various allegations of bullying and harassment that came with it.

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TV & Film

Viewers left baffled at ITV’s The 1% Club’s final question as contestants ‘give up’

Did you know the answer?

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@1PercentClubITV / X

The latest episode of ITV’s The 1% Club issued a final question which left viewers baffled as the last two contestants ‘gave up’.

The hit entertainment quiz show which is presented by comedian Lee Mack is known for its notoriously difficult last question – which it claims only 1% of the nation can answer correctly.

After smashing through a series of questions, the last two standing contestants, Maisie and Alex, made it through to the final 1% question, where they had the chance of walking away with the £100,000 prize money or risked losing it all.

@1PercentClubITV / X

But when the question was delivered, the pair were left completely baffled as 30 seconds on the clock ticked away.

Fans watching at home said they didn’t even bother trying to answer the difficult question and were left completely stumped.

Both Maisie and Alex made the decision not to take a gamble and answer the question for a chance to walk away with the £100,000 prize money as they chose to play it safe and take their £5,000 each instead.

Magnum Media / ITV

The question was: “Given that: 0+100 =100, 1+99 = 100, 2+98 =100, What is the sum of all the whole numbers between zero and 100?”

Maisie and Alex both guessed 5,000 – which was the wrong answer.

Contestants only have 30 seconds to lock in their answer but even allowing themselves a little longer, viewers still struggled to work it out.

The correct answer was actually 5050. 

Lee explained why as he revealed the answer, saying: “There are 50 pairs that total 100 (0 and 100, one and 99, two and 98, etc.). That makes 5000, but there is also the number 50 in the middle, that is not in a pair but also needs to be counted, giving a total of 5050.”

Fans of the show who were watching at home took to X to express how difficult they found the question. One viewer said: “I still have the last question on pause, trying to work out the question… never-mind the answer.”

Another wrote: “Hard questions this week. Last week, I got all the way. First time ever this week I was out at the beginning.”

While a third added: “I didn’t even try with that one. Maths is hard enough on a calculator for me, never mind doing it in my head in 30 seconds.”

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BBC detective drama Shetland to return for two new series 

There’s plenty more in store for viewers as we head back to the Isles

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BBC / Silverprint Pictures

Popular BBC detective drama Shetland is returning for two new series.

The long-running crime drama will return with Ashley Jensen and Alison O’Donnell reprising their roles as Detectives Ruth Calder and Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh.

Filming on the next season, its ninth, will get underway later this month.

BBC / Silverprint Pictures

The broadcaster said Shetland was the biggest drama of the year across Scotland and all channels and streamers in 2023, after Yorkshire crime drama Happy Valley. 

Last season averaged seven million viewers and was the first to see Ashley Jenson take the lead role after taking over from Douglas Henshall as Jimmy Perez – a role he played for a decade.

Ms Jenson said she was ‘thrilled’ to be coming back as Detective Calder.

BBC / Silverprint Pictures

She said: “The reaction to the last series was incredible and I’m excited at the prospect of unravelling more intrigue.

“The Shetland Isles are breath-taking – without a doubt one of the most memorable and unique filming locations I’ve been to.”

Ms O’Donnell also expressed that she ‘could not be happier’ about returning to film another series. She added: “Ashley and I just scratched the surface of our dynamic in Series 8 and I am delighted that we now have the opportunity to build on that.”

BBC / Silverprint Pictures

Fans of the programme will be delighted to know Steven Robertson (Sandy), Lewis Howden (Billy) and Anne Kidd (Cora) are also confirmed to return.

Lindsay Salt, director of BBC Drama, said the news showed the corporation was ‘further strengthening’ its commitment to the show, which first aired in 2013.

The latest series will be written by Paul Logue and Denise Paul and produced by Silverprint Pictures, with filming scheduled to take place throughout this year and next.

We can’t wait for this!

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TV & Film

New Netflix true crime docuseries leaving viewers ‘disturbed’

‘one of the wildest most disturbing docs I have seen’

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A new true crime docuseries on Netflix is leaving viewers traumatised and ‘disturbed’ after bingeing it in a night.

The three-part show delves into the world of ‘cons, cults and kidnappings’.

And of course, it’s called The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping, and details the traumatic events a group of school kids experienced.

The true story highlights serial abuse at Ivy Ridge, a disciplinary school in rural Ogdensburg, New York.


Imagine being at school and suddenly you’re called to the principal’s office and then put in handcuffs or solitary confinement. It may sound like a horror story but this was real life for Katherine Kubler and a number of survivors of this troubled youth academy.

Kubler, who directs this docuseries, was sent to Ivy Ridge for acting out as a teenager.

At first glance, it seemed like a regular high school, but behind closed doors something a lot more sinister was going on.

It features interviews from former students who expose what happened while they were there.


The series reveals how students were prohibited from speaking to, or looking at each other. They were mostly not allowed to go outside and the school was run on a points system – which determined how long they would remain there, according to former students.

Ivy Ridge closed down in 2009, but Kubler decided to make this documentary, as she explains ‘there really was nothing out there to help explain what had happened to [her], to [her] friends and family to warn them about these places, The Times reports.

“So, now that resource exists,” she said.

A former student, Kubler found video footage and files on students lying around in the abandoned building.


On her return visit to Ogdensburg, she spoke with a former staff member who said she was just carrying out orders.

Kubler said: “These programs destroy families, and it’s very hard, so I wanted [viewers] to see what it’s done to my family.”

The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping has captivated audiences with its three episodes and many have even binged the series in just one night.

On X (formerly Twitter) one viewer said: “The Program on Netflix is crazy from the start but about 7 minutes into episode 2 the level of f**ked up psychological warfare reaches another level. No idea how so many parents bought into this s**t.”


Another said: “Twisted AF. ‘The Program’ on Netflix is one of the wildest most disturbing docs I have seen.”

After sharing her harrowing story, Kubler hopes that the troubled teen industry will be exposed and shut down.

She adds: “This industry exists because there are not many good resources out there for families in a crisis, so we need to figure out alternate solutions,” she explained.

“Ultimately the goal is to expose these places and to get this industry shut down.”

You can stream The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping on Netflix now.


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