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Viewers horrified as Greg Wallace ‘eats human flesh’ at ‘factory harvesting children for meat’

Some viewers couldn’t watch any more and had to ‘turn off’

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Channel 4

Channel 4 viewers watched in horror as Greg Wallace visited the Good Harvest meat factory where he ate ‘human flesh’ for a new show.

The Masterchef legend disgusted the nation on Monday night (July 24th), as they watched him visit a factory which ‘harvested meat from young children’.

The documentary style show called Greg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat saw the 58-year-old visit a ‘revolutionary’ new factory based in Lincoln where they were paying people to use their flesh in foods to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

The show spoke about how Britain leaving the EU had given the country the freedom to ‘harvest people’ and pay for their flesh.

Channel 4

Wallace was told how burgers, steaks and sausages can be made from ‘thin slices of human tissue’ to create a ‘nutrient rich mix’ that causes the cells to grow into a ‘cake’.

The human meat burgers, sausages and steaks were considered a much ‘cheaper alternative’ to animal products meaning families could be fed for the cost of very little, with steaks costing just 99p.

People were offered the option of selling their flesh to help pay for their energy bills with some cuts that could make them around £495.

At this point many viewers realised it was a spoof documentary meant to make a point and create a talking point. However, it seems some completely fell for it as a dark reality.

Channel 4

Wallace sat down with a chef to discuss the taste of the meat harvested from donors as he was asked to try to guess the age and occupation of each donor from the human meat he tried.

On the programme we met Gillian, a retired worker who sold her thigh for £200 to pay for ‘two weeks of energy bills’.

We see Gillian writhing in pain in a hospital bed after having the procedure as the CEO of Good Harvest assures Wallace there’s nothing to worry about.

The CEO also spoke of how they even had a ‘premium range’ made from using children, which consisted of flesh from ‘well-fed children under the age of six’ that have been ‘milk-raised’ and ‘well rested’ creating a tender meat.

Channel 4

Viewers, unsure if it was satire or a new dark reality, took to social media to find out what in the depths of hell was actually going on. One person typed: “Is this the new Black Mirror?”

A second wrote: “We’re Googling to try and find out. Had to be satire!” And a completely baffled third person asked: “Is this a comedy, a spoof? Wtf.”

A fourth, now turned vegetarian, added: “Greg Wallace seems to have gone all Hannibal Lectar! What the hell!? Miracle Meat — enough to turn me vegetarian!!!”

An outraged person who failed to see through the satire — reflecting the sorry state of affairs society has become — said: “Greg Wallace doing a show on flogging Human Meat to help with the cost of living crisis. 

“Their even trying it to determine how old the person their eating is. What the actual f***. Greg Wallace needs locking up.”

As the episode ended, Wallace told viewers: “These children are a great example to the rest of us. The Trussell Trust tells us that ending the cost of living crisis requires a benefits system that works for all, and secure incomes so people can afford essentials.

“So it’s no surprise that eating children seems a more likely path for our country. It’s a modest proposal, but it might be the only attempt we’ve seen to take the cost of living crisis seriously. “I’m Greg Wallace. Bon Appetit.”

The programme was made to send a message about the cost of living crisis and how something must be done before things get potentially worse.

One viewer reflecting on the message behind the show opined: “Must admit the Greg Wallace British Miracle Meat mockumentary had me for the first 10-15mins.

“Shows where we are in this country that this is almost believable.”

Greg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat is available to watch on All4 now, if you can stomach it. Reminder: this programme is satire.

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New Boiling Point series starring Stephen Graham already leaving viewers feeling ‘stressed’

One viewer said it gave them ‘heart palpitations’

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BBC / YouTube

The new BBC series Boiling Point is already leaving viewers feeling ‘stressed’ as they took to social media to share their thoughts on the tense Sunday night viewing.

The four-part series, starring Stephen Graham, kicked off last night (October 1st) and is a sequel to the 2021 feature film of the same name.

The story followed an ‘emotionally scarred London chef’ Andy Jones (Graham) as he struggled to get his team through a night of hell on the last Friday before Christmas. It ended with him collapsing on the floor.


Viewers watched on as it returned to screens last night in the spin-off, where tension in the kitchen already began to grow at the high class eatery, bubbling away like a pressure cooker set to high.

Original cast members were joined by new ones with Graham returning as Andy Jones. Meanwhile, Vinette Robinson reprised her role as Carly, Andy’s former number two.

The series picks up about six to eight months later with the pressure of running a kitchen now being on Carly – now head chef of her own London restaurant, Point North.


After having a heart attack, Andy loses his restaurant and is seen sitting at home swigging beer and moping around.

But Point North is where the tension-filled kitchen drama took place, as one viewer joked then tension was enough to give them ‘heart palpitations’.

The BBC said of the new Boiling Point series: “Carly, who was the sous chef for Jones & Sons is now the head chef and co-owner of her brand-new restaurant called Point North. She’s brought most of the team from Jones & Sons with her.

“The series touches on social issues and things that are going on in the world, but it also really hones in on these individual characters and what they’re going through.”


Rushing to social media – apparently after a ‘lie down’ – viewers shared their levels of stress just from watching the first episode.

One person said: “I’m having to lie down. That first episode was bringing on palpitations. High stress, brilliant show.” Another wrote: “Wanting to watch Boiling Point but know it will cause stress, trailer was intense – wow!”

A third added: “Too manic for a Sunday night, may watch another time but trying to relax after long day at work (in hospitality) then that’s making you stressed just watching it. Back to the nature programmes for now.”

While a fourth typed: “BBC Boiling Point is most definitely not light Sunday viewing. I feel stressed just watching – maybe the news will be more relaxing!”

And a firth penned: “This so far has been 43 minutes of too much stress.” Another viewer added: “Getting stressed out just watching the kitchen staff in Boiling Point.”

You can watch Boiling Point now on BBC iPlayer.

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Paul O’Grady wins posthumous National TV Award six months after his passing

A well deserved win

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@paulogrady / Instagram

Comedian Paul O’Grady has won a National Television Award after passing away six months ago.

The late star was given the posthumous award at the ceremony, held on September 5th, for his popular show For the Love of Dogs.

The beloved TV personality, who was famous for his alter-ego Lily Savage, won over Clarkson’s Farm, Sort Your Life Out and The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, in the factual entertainment category.

@paulogrady / Instagram

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home representatives accepted the award on O’Grady’s behalf.

They were accompanied by a rescue dog, who even gave its own hilarious tribute to the star as it began barking during the acceptance speech from Shaun Opperman, Veterinary Director at Battersea.

Mr Opperman said: “I would like to thank Paul, of course, and the ITV team… for shining a light on the care that we’re able to provide for the 100 or more dogs and cats that come to Battersea every week.

@paulogrady / Instagram & ITV

“I know that Paul cared deeply for each and every one of those animals. I think that something about their plight and their vulnerability really struck a chord with Paul. He often referred to Battersea as his second home.”

In a post on O’Grady’s Instagram page, a representative for the late star from Birkenhead wrote: “We wanted to take a moment to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for ‘Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs’ at the NTAs.

“Your support means the world to us, and it’s a true testament to the incredible work @paulogrady has done for dogs and all animals.

“We couldn’t have done it without your unwavering support. It’s a moment of celebration not only for us but for all those furry friends who benefit from Paul’s dedication and passion.

“So, here’s to @paulogrady and his tireless efforts in making the world a better place for our beloved animals. We raise a glass in his honor and look forward to continuing our mission to help those in need.

“Thank you once again for your votes and for being a part of our journey.”

Everyone’s favourite duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, aka Ant and Dec, won the best TV presenter accolade for the 22nd consecutive time.

The pair said they are the ‘luckiest two men on telly’ in their acceptance speech, with McPartlin adding that they will continue to present together for ‘as long as you want us to’.

Hit BBC series Happy Valley, written by Sally Wainwright, was among the other big winners on the night. The hit three-part series bagged the returning drama prize.


Star of the show, actress Sarah Lancashire, also won best drama performance for her portrayal of Sergeant Catherine Cawood, ahead of her co-star James Norton, as well as Queen Charlotte’s India Amarteifio, Vera’s Brenda Blethyn and Call The Midwife’s Judy Parfitt.

Speaking to the audience, Lancashire said she ‘adored every scene’ of Happy Valley and ‘will never forget it’.

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Married At First Sight UK reveals start date for brand new series

This looks like a good one!

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Channel 4

The new series of Married At First Sight is returning to TV screens this month.

Fans of the E4 reality show can have their fill of the popular dating show which is set to return to screens sooner rather than later, on September 18th.

Fourteen brides and grooms will head to the altar in the hope of meeting their perfect match.

Channel 4

The new group of singles agree to marry a partner chosen for them by a team of relationship experts, Charlene Douglas, Paul C Brunson and Mel Schilling.

Set to be the longest running series yet, there will be an added six shows for fans to indulge in all the drama for a bit longer.

And if that’s not enough, this year will see a star from Geordie Shore as well as the first transgender contestant taking part in the search for marital bliss.

Channel 4

From Geordie Shore to MAFS UK, Nathaniel Valentino, 36, an events marketing manager with a jet-set lifestyle, is always on the move.

Perhaps a difficult one for the experts to match, Nathaniel says: “I don’t trust anyone but myself, but I hope they’ve done a good job that’s all I can say.”

Ella Ding will make history for the show being its first transgender bride.

Channel 4

Ella, 29, who lives with her nan, says they make the dynamic duo everyone needs.

Hopeful in meeting ‘the one’, Ella said: “This experiment is so much more than just me getting married. I see this as a big deal for someone who has transitioned.” 

After the ceremony and celebrations are over, true love is well and truly put to the test, as the newlyweds will embark on a luxurious honeymoon, before moving in with each other AND their fellow couples.

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