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A third series of Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip has been confirmed

Can’t wait for this!




Everyone’s favourite cooking trio are set to go out on another huge adventure in a brand new third series of the ITV hit, Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip. 

Speaking to LADbible, Fred Sirieix revealed filming was set to start at the beginning of August but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fred added: “Yes, it’s happening. We’ve put the route and the travel plan together, we’re going to go next year. I can’t wait to get started.

“I can’t say where, but we’ve got the destination. We’re putting the trip together now and it’s looking pretty good, I have to say.”

Fred also said he’d been missing the boys in lockdown, despite how much they wind each other up. 

He added: “We’re missing each other like crazy. I think about them all the time. We have a group chat, so I just put a message in there the other day to tell them I missed them and couldn’t wait to see them.

“Gordon replied that he missed us more, with four kisses. Then Gino replied saying we should go for a drink, with five kisses

“That tells you exactly how they are when we’re away. They’re just so competitive. Gordon is like this big alpha male lion, who is fast, fast, fast. And Gino is more laid back, takes his time.

“But Gordon is so competitive that he just works Gino up to the point of doing things that he wouldn’t normally do.

“We were in the US (for series two) for a month, and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But we’ll be away for a bit longer this time.”

Fred also chatted about his favourite moments from their previous travels, adding: “I loved being in the watering hole in Texas. I had such a feeling of elation and joy.

“The goat yoga was pretty surreal. Wrestling in Mexico. In the changing room, Gordon was shitting himself. I had to give him a hug to get him to come out. We felt like gladiators coming out of the Coliseum.”

He also explained that the show didn’t feel like work at all: “Do you know what. I love them. I actually love them. And I think of them often. I’ve opened a new restaurant in London and I often ask myself what they would do, or take inspiration from them.

“Sometimes they get on my nerves. You just can’t argue with Gordon because even when you’re right, you’re wrong.

“But I couldn’t spend that much time with them if I didn’t love them. It wouldn’t work.”

Who else is excited for this, then?

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BBC’s coverage of Prince Philip’s death receives more than 100,000 complaints

‘We are proud of our coverage and the role we play during moments of national significance’



Jamie McCaffrey / Flickr

The BBC’s coverage of Prince Philip’s death has received a ‘record number’ of complaints, according to reports.

It’s been reported that the broadcaster has been hit with more than 100,000 complaints in regards to its coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

This would be a record in British television history, with the BBC creating a dedicated form online for viewers to voice their dissatisfaction.

The broadcaster cleared its schedules to cover Prince Philip’s death on Friday, and according to The Sun it has now received more than 100,000 complaints.

This is a record breaking number, beating the previous high of 63,000, which was again from the BBC when they screened Jerry Springer: The Musical back in 2005.

A BBC spokesperson said: “We are proud of our coverage and the role we play during moments of national significance.”

The broadcaster wiped its schedules on both BBC One and BBC Two to run mirrored programmes about the Duke following his death, while BBC Four displayed a message urging people to switch over for a ‘major news report’.

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TV & Film

Line of Duty fans will love ITV’s new psychological thriller Too Close

Did anyone catch it last night?




If you’re not sure what to do with yourself while waiting for the next episode of Line of Duty, then ITV has got you covered.

The broadcaster’s new three-part drama series Too Close began last night, with episode two airing tonight.

Starring Emily Watson and Denise Gough, ITV’s gripping psychological thriller was written by author and actress Clara Salaman and directed by Sue Tully (Line of Duty).

The series was inspired by the novel of the same name, which was published under Clara’s pseudonym Natalie Daniels.

The mini-series premiered last night, Monday April 12th, and it focuses on the dangerous relationship between a forensic psychiatrist, Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson), and her patient.

Dr Robertson is assigned to work with Connie Mortenson (Denise Gough), a woman accused of an awful crime connected to the death of two young children – however, she claims she can’t remember a thing.

While the two women find themselves becoming dangerously close, it appears Dr Robertson might be ‘destroyed’ in the process of uncovering the truth.

Besides Watson and Gough, the series also stars Thalissa Teixeira, James Sives, Risteard Cooper, Chizzy Akudolu, Eileen Davies and Nina Wadia.

Too Close began last night on ITV, with the next episode airing tonight at 9pm and the following episode at the same time on Wednesday.

You can catch up on episode one here.

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TV & Film

Tipping Point is looking for Mancunians for the new series

Who’s up for it?



Tipping Point is on the hunt for Mancunians to star in the new series.

The ITV game show is looking for contestants for series 12, so if you know anyone who’d be perfect for it then let them know.

Hosted by Ben Shephard, Tipping Point gives people the chance to win thousands of pounds.

ITV says: “We are searching for fun, confident people who enjoy quizzing and would like the opportunity to win thousands of pounds using a combination of ​skill, judgement and chance.”


The hit show airs between 4pm and 5pm every weekday, and sees contestants answer questions on general knowledge, films, politics and other subjects before taking on the ‘tipping point’ machine.

Just like the coin pusher machines seen in the arcades of Blackpool and other seaside towns across the North West, contestants drop counters to win money.

People earn money from the silver counters which are worth £50, while ‘mystery counters’ and the £10,000 jackpot counter can also boost their cash pile.


Applicants must be 18 or over, and the deadline for applying is Friday May 7th – the last date for postal applications is Monday May 3rd.

To apply, either use ITV’s online application form here or email for postal entries.

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