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These are the most common reasons why people fail their driving test in the UK

This could explain a few things…

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Jan Baborák / Unsplash

Anyone who’s ever sat behind the wheel will know only too well the the colossal stress the process of learning to drive can bring with it. 

Trying to abide by the rules of the road and keep the car on all four wheels while also winning over a fed-up driving examiner isn’t the most pleasant of tasks and, for many of us, it can reflect badly in the overall test result (second-time passer, over here).

But now, for those of you still struggling to get your provisional license from green to pink, the government has shared a guide that instructs wannabe drivers what not to do during a driving test, along with the top ten reasons as to why drivers tend to fail in the UK.

The guide, which was published last year, gives examples of the most common types of mistakes people make during these tests, ranging from not using mirrors correctly when changing direction to not having control of the vehicle when parking.

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But according to the guide, there are some mistakes people make more often than others. Here are the ten most frequent mishaps…

1. Not making effective observations at junctions

This includes failing to accurately judge the speed of an approaching vehicle, entering a roundabout with a vehicle approaching from the right, making no observations when joining a dual carriageway from a slip road, going straight ahead at a crossroads, looking too late and repeatedly not looking left when turning left.

According to the guide, drivers failing to make effective observations accounted for 37% of all reported accidents in Great Britain in 2019.

2. Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction

We all know someone guilty of this; examples include include not using mirrors when exiting a roundabout, causing a vehicle to slow when changing lanes on a dual carriageway, trying to change lane on a roundabout when a vehicle is directly alongside and not checking mirrors when exiting a roundabout.

3. Not having proper control of the steering

It turns out a massive number of people are guilty of not having full control of the steering wheel, with the guide reporting that more than one in ten reported accidents in Great Britain in 2019 were caused by the driver making a poor turn or manoeuvre.

Examples of this include repeatedly not steering enough or steering late on the approach to junctions when turning left, not steering enough when going around a bend, steering late when turning right into a minor road, repeatedly mounting the pavement when pulling up on the left and steering late when moving out to pass parked vehicles.

@denizen / Unsplash

4. Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions

Turning right will always be one of the more unpleasant parts of learning to drive, and it turns out it’s one of the biggest reasons for people flunking their tests.

Examples include positioning the vehicle in the left-hand lane when turning right at a roundabout, obstructing traffic when you wait to turn right and when you want to turn right at the end of the road, you incorrectly position to the left.

5. Not moving off safely

Examples of this include moving off from behind a parked vehicle into the path of an approaching vehicle, repeatedly moving off from the side of the road with no blind spot checks, pulling off from the right-hand of the road, causing an oncoming vehicle to slow or stop and not making any rear observations when moving off following an emergency stop.

6. Not responding appropriately to traffic lights

One of the easiest parts of driving is understanding how traffic lights work – red means stop, green means go, it’s pretty simple – so this factor came as quite the surprise.

According to the guide, examples of this mistake include failing to react to a red traffic light, stopping after the first white line when there are advanced stop lines for cyclists, not progressing when you’re waiting to turn right at a junction and it’s safe to proceed, not going ahead when a green light is showing and the junction ahead is clear and going ahead when a green light is showing but the junction is not clear.

7. Poor positioning on the road during normal driving

It turns out Brits’ spacial awareness isn’t great during tests, with common examples in the guide including learner drivers repeatedly driving too close to the kerb or centre of the road, unnecessarily driving in the right-hand land of a dual carriageway and cutting across the normal road position when you go ahead at a roundabout with no lane markings. 

@artmarkiv / Unsplash

8.  Not responding correctly to traffic signs

Another seemingly easy factor of driving is reading traffic signs but, apparently, learner drivers struggle with this too.

Examples include going to the wrong side of a ‘keep left’ sign, ignoring a ‘stop or ‘no entry’ sign, driving in a bus lane, choosing the wrong lane at a roundabout with clear signage and acting late or not at all to speed limit changes.

9. Not having control of the vehicle when moving off

A big part of driving is having control of the vehicle so, obviously, there may be some cause for concern if a learner is completely out of control.

Examples of this include stalling or rolling back when trying to move off, repeatedly stalling when moving off, stalling repeatedly when moving off on one occasion and trying to move off without selecting a gear and then rolling back.

The guide says: “There were 942 reported accidents in Great Britain in 2019 caused by driver error when moving off at junctions.”

10. Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking

Okay, you can hardly blame the poor learner drivers for this because, as anyone who’s driven before will know, reverse parking is easily the worst part of driving.

Examples include wheels ending up on the pavement at the end of a parallel park, too many attempts to reposition when parking, losing control of the car when parking in a bay and ending up barking outside of the bay.

You can read the full government guide here.


Woman finds Easter eggs for just 75p in Morrisons and does trolley dash


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Rept0n1x / Wikimedia & @tammyadnitt / TikTok

A woman took to social media to show off her Easter egg shop after hearing Morrisons had slashed them down to 75p.

If you need to stock up on Easter eggs for the upcoming holiday, or you’ve just got a sweet tooth and love a good bargain, you’ll be pleased to hear Morrisons are selling some of the chocolate goodies for a reduced price of 75p.

One woman heard the news and had to go and check it out for herself, sharing her chocolate egg haul in a video clip on TikTok.

@tammyadnitt / TikTok

Savvy shopper and chocolate lover Tammy made sure to fill her trolley with a selection of the Cadbury and Nestle eggs currently on offer at Morrisons.

The retail giant has slashed its 96g – 126g Easter eggs down by half price from £1.50 to 75p.

However, there’s just one catch: to get this price, customers will need to scan their Morrisons More Card. Customers without a More Card will still have to pay the full price of £1.50.

However, shoppers will have to act quick to bag this bargain as these deals usually only last a week.

Rept0n1x / Wikimedia

Tammy’s TikTok clip shows her POV as she pushes her shopping trolley filled with 20 of the Easter eggs costing her a total of £15 – not bad. At full price this shop would have cost her £30, saving her a cool £15.

With surely enough in her cart to sort the whole family and have a few left over to treat herself to while watching a Netflix series, it’s no wonder the TikToker was so pleased with herself as she typed in the caption: “When you hear these eggs are down to 75p.”

The clip, posted just days ago, has already gained almost 10,000 views and over 1,000 likes, though viewers have been left divided over the haul. Some have been tagging their friends and family to hurry and make the most of the deal while others have called it ‘selfish’ – but Tammy clapped back at the commenter, saying: “chill out”.

Meanwhile, someone else said: “Literally picked 2 of all flavours for my children.” And another asked: “Is there a limit? My daughter’s birthday party is the day before Easter so I was going to bulk buy them to give to all the kids.” 

Responding, one shopper typed: “I wasn’t told there was a limit so it was worth a try. I just went to a self-checkout.” 

While Tammy replied with: “Yes it says two of each only. I was over the ‘limit’ but no one questioned it.” 

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You can get paid £400 a month to take a relaxing hot bath

A bathroom supplier is looking for someone to test out baths and give feedback

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Cottonbro Studio & Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

If you thought your dream job didn’t exist, think again as you could find yourself being paid to soak in a bath tub.

Some people much prefer a shower, while others enjoy a relaxing soak in a nice hot bath. Either way, this job description sounds heavenly, especially for the latter.

Baths have come into the spotlight since the release of Saltburn and its shocking slurping moment in THAT bath scene.

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Perhaps a few shower people have been convinced to change over to the bath side. If you prefer a bath, perhaps you’ll want to take a look at this next job description.

Bathroom Deal are looking for someone to test their bath tubs and share feedback on them. If you successfully land the role, you could become a Bathroom Quality Assurance Tester.

But you’ll have to spend a good bit of time having a soak so that you can share your verdict on each tub before they’re sold to the public. On the plus side, you’ll be squeaky clean!

Produtora Midtrack / Pexels

If you land the role, you’ll need to make sure you have between one to four hours per week to meet the job’s needs and in return you’ll get a freelance rate of £25 per hour, which works out as up to £400 per month.

The job is also remote so you can take a dip in the privacy of your own home but applicants must be prepared to swap out their bathtub for a different one at least once a month by professionals.

With energy prices rising and water bills going up too, we all know the cost of having a bath has become more of a luxury and probably less of an occurrence for many. However, the extra cash may be worth it.

Cottonbro Studio / Pexels

On top of this, aspiring bathtub quality assurance testers should also be aware that experts warn not to spend more than 22 minutes in the bath.

According to a recent study at Victoria Plumbing, this is the perfect length of time to spend in the tub and anything over that can suck the natural oils out of your skin and even leave you feeling dehydrated.

So, if this sounds like the perfect job for you, submit an application on the Bathroom Deal website – you must be over 18 to be considered.

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Man discovers it’s cheaper to stay in 5-star resort than rent in Manchester

People were left shocked

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@joshkerr0 / TikTok

A man went viral on TikTok after discovering it’s cheaper to stay in a five-star inclusive resort than live in Manchester.

High house prices, rising mortgage rates, soaring rent – we all know about it, but if you needed proof that the British property market has become a joke, let this video be it.

TikToker Josh Kerr was having a look at holidays to the Mediterranean online when he discovered an all-inclusive stay at a five-star resort in Turkey costs less than his city centre apartment.

@joshkerr0 / TikTok

In the clip, Josh shared how he pays £950 a month for his flat in Manchester but in comparison, he found a 28-night stay at the Xoria Deluxe Resort in Antalya.

The stay included flights direct from Manchester Airport and all food and drink for £938 via the website, On The Beach.

In the viral clip, Josh said: “I’ve just found out it’s cheaper to live at a 5-star all-inclusive resort than it is to live in Manchester.”

@joshkerr0 / TikTok

He continued: “Even looking at the gaff, it’s a 5-star hotel. I mean, it looks pretty bog-standard to me, but it’s decent for £900 a month.

“I’m not being funny right, but I pay £950 for my rent, bills, council tax and that. Here, you get breakfast, lunch, evening meals, drinks, snacks and a gaff. What are we doing in England?”

Though the Xoria Deluxe Resort was classed as a five-star hotel due to its amenities, Trip Advisor rated it as an average of four out of five based on reviews.


HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? Yet again I ask myself why am I still in England? Its literally cheaper to live in a 5 star resort than it is to live in Manchester… #fyp

♬ original sound – Josh Kerr

Out of the 1,174 ratings the resort had received, reviews ranged from comments including ‘luxurious,’ ‘excellent value’ and ‘spotlessly clean’ by some people, to ‘awful’ and ‘terrible’ by others.

Xoria Deluxe has two restaurants to choose from, a patisserie, and three bars. It includes free Wifi and has a large pool with waterslides, hot tub, gym and wellness centre.

There’s also entertainment for guests throughout the day and night. In response to the video, one smart person suggested Josh ‘rented his gaff out’ at the same time as staying at the hotel.

@joshkerr0 / TikTok

While another said: “Remote working looking even more attractive….” And a third added: “So does WFH now mean ‘Work From Holiday?’”

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the prices were the cost of winter holidays and not for peak season in the summer. As one skeptic pointed out: “Set it for July & August and see what it comes back with.” As another added: “Until you reach the summer and it doubles.”

The cost of a 28-day trip during July and August, on the website On The Beach, costs from at least £3,000, which is a good bit more expensive and worth taking into consideration if you’re dreaming of a remote job working by the beach.

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