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The adorable dogs from Manchester Dogs Trust that are still looking for forever homes

Do you have room in your heart to give one of these dogs a loving home?

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Dogs Trust Manchester

With demand for designer pups on the rise, far too many dogs are living out their days in rescue centres, whether it be because of their past, their breed, or simply their age.

And the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Denton knows this only too well, with it currently caring for over a hundred dogs all waiting for their forever homes.

The centre – which opened back in 2014 – gives future pet owners the chance to come and meet and mingle with the dogs in person every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, and is desperate to find some of their most beloved residents a loving and caring home.

Here are some of the centre’s finest contenders…

Dogs Trust Manchester

Lexi, Jack Russell

Nine-year-old Lexi doesn’t show her age with her abundance of energy, and she loves nothing more than running after her tennis ball.

And when she isn’t playing with her toys, Lexi enjoys cuddles on the sofa and, of course, food and regular treats.

Because Lexi can be a bit nervous, Dogs Trust says she would be best suited to a home with access to a garden and no children or other dogs.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Meg, Crossbreed

Described by Dogs Trust as ‘the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet’, one-year-old Meg is on the lookout for her forever home.

Meg is a playful pup with a love for tennis balls, footballs and trips in the car – she is also extremely affectionate once she gets to know someone, making her an ideal companion for an active adult.

Meg will need exposing to the world slowly and positively, so will suit adopters with no children or pets looking for a project dog.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Monty and Rufus, Labradors

Monty, seven, and Rufus, five, are looking for someone with enough room in their home and their heart for the two of them.

The dynamic duo are very sociable dogs who love people, other dogs and long walks, though they also appreciate an afternoon snooze in front of the TV.

Becky, a canine carer at Manchester Dogs Trust, described them as ‘daft but clever’, noting that they’d make ‘great office dogs’. They would be best suited for a home with no pets and children over the age of twelve.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Titan, St. Bernard

Loveable Titan is a three-year-old St. Bernard on the look out for a home where he can snooze on the sofa, eat his favourite hot dog sausages and enjoy cuddles.

While Titan isn’t a fan of long hikes, he enjoys a gentle potter about and walks beautifully on the lead. He also knows all the basic commands.

Titan is dog friendly so can be rehomed with other animals, though he can be a bit weary of new people, so his new owners will need to be mindful when inviting guests over.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Jonah, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jonah has been described as a ‘beautiful, brilliant and playful’ boy by staff at Dogs Trust Manchester, with him loving nothing more than a tug of war with his squeaky toys.

The three-year-old Staffie also loves getting out and about, and will make the perfect companion for someone who enjoys new and exciting adventures.

Jonah will need an adult-only home and a lot of time and patience to settle – but he is certain to make someone’s house a home with his cheery and cheeky nature.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Ranger, German Shepherd

Four-year-old Ranger is a ‘handsome and clever’ German Shepherd waiting for someone to provide an active and stimulating home.

Ranger will be best suited to an owner who loves to get out and about thanks to his high intelligence and energy. And despite his stamina, Ranger also loves to lay by your feet and enjoy a brush.

Ranger is a friendly boy who could live with children over the age of fourteen, though he can have mixed reactions around dogs, so will need to be kept on a lead while out and about.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Skye, Collie-Husky cross

Six-year-old Skye is a unique cross between a Collie and a Husky and boasts the best features of both breeds.

Skye is a wonderfully loving dog and enjoys plenty of fuss and attention – she also loves the great outdoors and thrives with plenty of walks and adventures in the car.

Skye will benefit best as the only dog in the home, and will need access to quiet walks in rural areas as she can be quite anxious with loud city noises.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Baloo, Greyhound

Five-year-old Baloo is a wonderfully laid back pooch who enjoys watching the world go by and long afternoon snoozes on his bed.

Baloo has become one of the most beloved residents at Dogs Trust Manchester, with staff particularly loving his excited ‘tap dance’ performance every morning.

Due to previous guarding issues, however, Baloo will need a child-free home with restricted access to the kitchen (he’s a real foodie).

Dogs Trust Manchester

Brian, Dobermann cross

Brian is a beautiful three-year-old Dobermann cross with an abundance of energy and love to give.

This pooch enjoys keeping his brain engaged and already knows lots of tricks which he is happy to perform, especially if there is a tasty treat involved.

Because of his high energy, Brian will be best suited for a home with garden access and owners who are willing to take him on lots of walks and adventures.

Dogs Trust Manchester

Cookie, Trailhound

Sweet Cookie is on the look out for a caring and patient home to help grow her confidence.

The three-year-old pup can be a bit shy at first but, like any Hound, can be won over with tasty treats and plenty of adventures with new and exciting smells.

Cookie is a sensitive boy who hasn’t had a typical start to life, so will take some time settling into a home environment with patient and loving adopters.


Northern housing estate so rough bus drivers were forced to stop going there

The services were fully suspended over the weekend following a spate of antisocial behaviour

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Google Maps & Eddie / Flickr

A northern housing estate became so plagued with anti-social behaviour that bus drivers were told to avoid stopping there.

Two bus routes through the Swarcliffe Estate in Leeds were cancelled earlier in the year after teenagers reportedly targeted the vehicles and passengers with stones and rocks. 

In a social media statement, First West Yorkshire announced that the 40 and 56 services would be avoiding the estate in both directions, citing ‘attempted vandalism’. 

The tweet thread read: “SERVICE UPDATE – 40/56. Due to attempted vandalism, we are diverting away from the Swarcliffe Estate in both directions.

“So sorry for any issues this may cause on your journey.

“This will be in place until the end of service this evening. This is for the safety of both our drivers and passengers. I am sorry for the disruption caused.”

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In a post on Facebook, Councillor Jessica Lennox, of Cross Gates and Whinmoor ward, addressed the vandalism, confirming that the 40 and 56 buses would be diverting around the area ‘as a result of some serious vandalism that took place earlier’. 

Mtaylor848 / Wikimedia Commons

Residents have previously spoken about how they ‘live in fear’ on the estate, saying intimidating anti-social behaviour is becoming worse.

One local teenager told Leeds Live of the youths who vandalised the buses: “They throw stones and break the buses whenever they come down here. I wasn’t surprised.

“Just the other day I saw three buses stopped at the bottom of the estate because they all had glass smashed everywhere. It had gone over a nearby mum and her pram.

“If you see a big group of people anywhere around here you turn around and go the other way.”

Google Maps

Her grandmother added: “Stones are always thrown at buses around here as there’s nothing for the kids to do… It’s really bad where big groups gather around the Co-Op.

“My grandson lives around the corner and he’s been attacked twice. We don’t really go out at night, and would use a taxi if we did. It’s not nice for the drivers or the passengers.”

Another resident, Keith Pettman, told the outlet that the estate was suffering major issues with antisocial behaviour, saying: “There’s some youths on the estate that are a little rowdy.

“They mess about with bikes and things like all bored teenagers do but I know they get in the way of buses and people.

“There’s definitely vandals around that will smash a few things up every so often. The field also gets ripped up and recently a load of dustbins got set on fire.”

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Pub chain giving away FREE pints to anyone with one of these 50 surnames

Are you on the list?

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Greene King

England’s World Cup campaign got off to a flying start yesterday with a convincing 6-2 win over Iran.

Our Welsh neighbours – who are also in Group B with us – managed a draw with the USA, thanks to a late Gareth Bale penalty.

But goals aren’t the only thing to celebrate this World Cup, as a pub chain is giving away FREE pints to lucky fans who have one of 50 surnames.

Gerald England / Geograph

Greene King is dishing out a free drink to anyone who has the same surname as a player in either the England or Wales squads.

If you have one of the lucky last names, you can claim a pint on the house at any point during an England or Wales game.

All you have to do is head to a participating Greene King pub with your driving licence or passport to prove your name.

Anyone with one of these 50 surnames can claim the free pint: 


All you need to do is head down to your nearest participating boozer and show the bar your photo ID during any England or Wales World Cup group stage game.

You can find the nearest pub to you taking part in the offer here.

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Will Ferrell appeals for spare room in North West to watch Eurovision

Got any room for Will?

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Earlier this year it was announced that Eurovision 2023 would be held in Liverpool instead of Kiev, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Following the news, all hotels and accommodation in the city quickly sold out – with many establishments dramatically increasing their prices in the process.

As such, finding somewhere to stay during the annual song contest has become nigh on impossible, even if you’re a Hollywood superstar like Will Ferrell. 

Will recently appealed for help in finding accommodation for next year’s Eurovision during an appearance on BBC Radio 2 to promote his new film Spirited.

The actor previously wrote and starred in the 2020 film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, playing Icelandic singer Lars Erickssong.

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During the BBC interview, Zoe Ball mentioned how much she enjoyed the film, to which Will responded: “And it’s in Liverpool this year, isn’t it?”

After being asked if he wanted to go, he said: “You know my mother really wants me to take her to Eurovision, she’s dying to go and she’s always wanted to go to Liverpool.”

Will added: “But aren’t the hotels all booked now?”

After the comedian appealed for a spare room to stay in, Zoe said: “If anyone is willing to put up Will Ferrell and his mum in Liverpool or the Liverpool area during Eurovision.”

Will revealed his requirements: “We need a clean, tidy room. We’ll share a room – two bunk beds that’s all we need. I know we’re kidding but my mom would love that, she’d be thrilled.”

Eurovision 2023 will consist of two semi-finals on May 9th and 11th, before the final on May 13th.

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