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Senior vets call for complete ban on firework sales to the public

The vets are concerned about the impact fireworks have on our pets

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Zuza Gałczyńska & Regine Tholen / Unsplash

A group of senior vets have called for a full ban on the public sale of fireworks, citing concerns for the welfare of animals and pets. 

Professionals from Vets Now, the UK’s leading provider of pet emergency care, have been urging the government to change the law amid concern that pets are being put at risk, especially around bonfire night.

Vets Now’s network of clinics and hospitals report a spike in pets who have been involved in accidents after being spooked by fireworks at this time of year.

@rstone_design / Unsplash

Dave Leicester, the man responsible for the Video Vets Now service, said: “Fireworks can be hugely distressing for pets, birds and wildlife particularly when they’re let off unexpectedly.

“Although still distressing, pet owners can at least plan for well-publicised public events, or even take their pets elsewhere when they know they’re happening, but that’s not the case for indiscriminate private displays.

“It’s often the random flashes and bangs from those that cause most misery to our pets.

“While fireworks season may never be your dog’s favourite time of year, taking steps to prepare them in the weeks leading up to bonfire night can help make the whole experience less traumatic.”

@yulokchan / Unsplash

This comes just days after Center Parcs announced it would be cancelling its famous firework displays in order to preserve and protect the surrounding woodland and wildlife. 

The popular holiday company said in a statement that their decision came as a result of the stress and anxiety fireworks can cause to wildlife, household pets and some of its guests, as well as the many environmental issues they can cause.

They added that, as an alternative to their firework displays, they will be ‘lighting up the forest with a brand-new Enchanted Light Trail’ throughout the winter months, which will be available to visit every evening.

For tips on how to keep your pets safe during bonfire night, visit the Vets Now website.


Home Bargains to close every single store on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

The retailer said it wanted to thank all its staff for how hard they’ve worked over the past year

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Ian Rainey / Geograph &

Home Bargains has announced it will be closing all its stores on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to give staff the chance to enjoy time off with loved ones.

The company, which employs around 28,000 members of staff across 600 stores, will also be closed on Christmas Day, and will shut early at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

In its announcement on Twitter, Home Bargains said: “We would like to thank all our staff for how hard you have worked this past year, and want you to relax and enjoy the Christmas break with your loved ones.”

A spokesperson for Home Bargains said of the decision: “We know how hard all our colleagues have worked throughout the year.

“Being a family-run business, we recognise the importance of spending quality time with our loved ones.

“Therefore, we feel it is only right to support our valued store teams by giving them extended time off around Christmas and New Year.”

The retailer’s decision has been applauded by people on social media, with one person writing: “Well done Home Bargains, leading the way again; hopefully more retail firms will do the same and give staff the holiday they deserve.”

Ian Rainey / Geograph

Another commented: “All shops should close over the Christmas Holidays like they used to do. Staff need time out with their families as well.”

And a third noted: “All shops should do this without having to worry that some will complain for their imagined slights.

“Everyone deserves to spend the festive season with their loved ones, not just the people out shopping with theirs.”

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Ilkay Gundogan’s wife says Manchester’s restaurants are ‘horrible’ and serve ‘frozen food’

‘Restaurants here are just focus on making money with drinks and shot like night clubs not quality food’

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@sarabenamira / Instagram

Ilkay Gundogan’s wife has ruffled feathers this week with her opinion on Manchester’s restaurants, which she says are all ‘horrible’. 

Sara Arfaoui, who married the Manchester City captain earlier this year, was asked on Instagram Stories where her favourite eating spots are in the city.

However, the twenty-seven-year-old Italian national revealed she was yet to discover a ‘good restaurant’ in Manchester, adding that everywhere sold ‘frozen’ food.

She wrote: “Sorry… I’m sad to be honest but nothing. I tried so bad to find a good restaurant but… horrible food everywhere.

@sarabenamira / Instagram

“Can’t find a real Italian or good sushi or just fresh food… everything frozen. Restaurants here are just focus on making money with drinks and shot like night clubs not quality food.

“Maybe in London but in Manchester nothing. I’m sorry.”

Sara’s comments were met with a wave of backlash by dedicated Manchester foodies, with renown food critic Jay Rayner even wading into the argument.

He responded: “This is a ludicrous point of view. Manchester’s packed full of brilliant, independent restaurants.

@sarabenamira / Instagram

“It’s an absolute gem of a place to eat and comments like this during difficult economic times are not helpful to businesses struggling to make ends meet.”

One local restaurant owner also reportedly contacted her directly, only for Sara to double down on her remarks.

The owner said in a message: “There’s so many great restaurants in Manchester. I suggest you do research before you speak.

“And only because your husband is a footballer and you have money and you have everything probably paid for and a great life given to you here in Manchester.

@sarabenamira / Instagram

“You should be grateful for that instead of slagging restaurants.”

At this, the model hit back: “So because we are successful people we can’t give an honest opinion?

“I tried all the best restaurants here but for me it’s a no. I can’t lie. Unfortunately I’m used to Italy so you can imagine it’s hard to compare.”

She added: “It’s a great city, great people but not for restaurants.”

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The keys to a brand new car have been buried somewhere in the UK

Get digging…

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@patriciusx / Unsplash

The keys to a brand new car have been buried somewhere in the UK, giving one lucky the person the chance to win their very own whip.

With the cost of driving continuing to soar, Scrap Car Comparison is aiming to take the sizeable upfront expense out of the equation for one lucky driver: the cost of the car itself.

All people need to do is find the location of the keys and be the first to dig them up.

In a nationwide treasure hunt open to drivers up and down the country, clues to the location of the keys to the brand-new vehicle will go live at 9am on Tuesday October 18th.

A Fiat 500 like the one up for grabs

Scrap Car Comparison

Then, there will be a series of clues referring to a unique combination of three words. Those taking part need to decipher each clue to pinpoint the exact location of the keys, using the popular what3words app.

The first people to dig them up will be driving home in a brand new petrol-powered Fiat 500, worth over £12,000.

Dan Gick, managing director of Scrap Car Comparison said: “We found that over a fifth of drivers are feeling stressed about car costs every single week, but in a society where owning a car can be essential for so many, this stress can be inescapable.

“It goes without saying that one of the biggest costs when it comes to car ownership, is paying for the car itself.

Eugene Zhyvchik / Unsplash

“We come across many people that have had to scrap their car for various reasons, but are left finding it difficult to get a wallet-friendly replacement that won’t break down on them.

“With all of this in mind, we wanted to give someone the chance to become the owner of a brand new, and importantly, reliable car – for absolutely free.

“We also felt the treasure hunt was the perfect way to do this, as it should give people some fun, in these not-so enjoyable times.”

For the full terms and conditions, as well as more information on when the clues to the keys will go live, visit the Scrap Car Comparison website.

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