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Paddy McGuinness divides internet saying hash browns don’t belong on fry-up

It’s only a partial English without ’em!

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@mcguinness.paddy / Instagram

Paddy McGuinness has divided the internet after saying hash browns do not belong on a full English breakfast.

The comedian and Top Gear host, 49, shared a video clip of his appetising boxed breakfast, zooming in on an empty gap where a hash brown would go.

As he moved his camera phone over his serving of bacon, sausages, poached eggs, tomatoes and beans, he emphasised that he had refused having a hash brown.

He said in the video on his Instagram page: “While I’m out and about this morning I’ve got myself a breakfast in a box. 

@mcguinness.paddy / Instagram

“What’s missing? What should be there? A dirty hash brown. Not a chance. It shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a breakfast. Not on my watch. Get out.”

In a caption alongside the video clip Paddy wrote: “No love lost for the hash browns here. They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a brekky!!! Whoever came up with the idea to introduce them to a cooked breakfast wants throwing in the sea! #hashbrowns.”

Commenters soon took to their keyboards to voice their opinions on the matter.

E4tjc / Wikimedia

Running Rabbit Man said in response: “But you are wrong though. It’s mushrooms and black pudding that should never go near a cooked breakfast.” As clap1409 replied: “Hash browns makes breakfast.”

Dark_opal also disagreed with Paddy writing: “I have to disagree I love a hash brown, can’t stand black pudding!”

As lou._2_ also said:  “That’s criminal got to have a hash brown!”

Willis Lam / Flickr

Lisabriggs exclaimed: “Paddy!! It’s one of the best bits of a full English. You are wrong on every level my friend!” Adding:”And you can throw POACHED eggs in the sea, fried my friend, FRIED!” 

On team Paddy, sarahhockerry agreed, saying: “It should be fried bread not hash browns.” 

So did Artfuldoddster typing: “Agree, hash browns NO!”


Strictly’s Amy Dowden supported by co-stars as she begins cancer treatment

She shared her health update on social media

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@amy_dowden / Instagram

Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden has received support from her co-stars as she reveals she has started treatment for cancer.

The professional dancer, 32, shared a picture from her hospital bed as she gave a thumbs up to the camera and said she is ‘ready for this fight’.

The star announced she had been diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer just last month, after finding a lump in her breast the day before her honeymoon with Ben Jones.

She booked an appointment with her GP when she returned and was sent for a biopsy and MRI scan.

@amy_dowden / Instagram

Amy, from Caerphilly, South Wales, said that although she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to return to the hit BBC One show, she is ‘determined to get back on that dancefloor’.

Ahead of her treatment yesterday (June 7th), she posted the photo of herself as she shared with her 371,000 followers that she is starting ‘step one to beating cancer’. Amy has been sharing her journey in a bid to help others and raise more awareness.

In a caption alongside the picture she told fans: “Step one to beating cancer! Rrrrrrready for this fight and more determined than ever to get back on the dance floor.”

@amy_dowden / Instagram

Amy’s co-stars and followers quickly took to the post to share their support for her including Gorka Marquez who wrote: “You got this,” whilst Kevin Clifton said: “Love u sis.”

Karen Hauer, also commented: “Love you. You’ve got this,” and Vito Coppola added: “Come on @amy_dowden You are Strong.” 

Last month, the dancer, who joined Strictly in 2017, said in an exclusive interview with Hello!: “You just don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you. I hadn’t thought it was possible to get breast cancer at my age. 

“My mum has had breast cancer, but she had it at a later age, in her 50s.”

@amy_dowden / Instagram

She added: “My doctor explained to me that there are three grades, and three is the most aggressive, but they feel like they’ve caught mine early and to not be too alarmed because grade 3 would be expected in somebody of my age.”

Amy said she received heartfelt support from friends Giovanna and Tom Fletcher when she told them the news, saying they were ‘central’ in her decision to tell her story in a bid to help others.

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First Dates’ Merlin Griffiths gets ‘all clear’ after one-year bowel cancer scan

Wonderful news!

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Channel 4 & @merlinfdc4 / Instagram

First Dates star Merlin Griffiths is grateful after receiving an ‘all clear’ in his final one-year bowel cancer scan.

The TV personality shared his health update in a post on social media where he revealed he received the good news in an email following a recent CT scan he had.

In September 2021, the celebrity bartender — who serves up drinks to nervous hopefuls as they wait for their dates to arrive — shared that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

He has since had to undergo gruelling treatment for a 4.5cm tumour which was detected in his bowel. Griffiths thanked the NHS for the ‘life-saving’ surgery he underwent.

@merlinfdc4 / Instagram

The much-loved barman posted an image of the email he received yesterday (June 7th) containing the good news on his Instagram, which read: “Hi Merlin, Hope you are well.

“Your CT scan has just come through. All looks good, there are no signs of any reocurrence. “Hope this is reassuring.”

In a caption alongside it, he wrote:Final Year 1 scan results are in, and it’s ALL CLEAR for now. Nice. Thank you #NHS #bowelcancerawareness.”

@merlinfdc4 / Instagram

Griffiths’ followers all jumped in to express their love and support for him. Many were also sharing that they too were either battling cancer or had survived the disease, and that his posts helped them to not feel alone in their journeys.

One person also commented to share their good news, typing: “Amazing news! I had my 2 year scan results at the weekend! Like you, all clear! Always such a relief! #scanxiety is real!”

Another said: “Fab news Merlin! I have my scan tomorrow, praying for good results too.” And a third wrote: “Brilliant news been following your story such fab reassurance.”

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Arctic Monkeys spotted boozing in Manchester ‘Spoons

Who could say no to a cheap pint?!

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JD Wetherspoons & @ArcticMonkeysJP / Twitter

Music fans were left stunned as they spotted the Arctic Monkeys enjoying a standard pint in a Manchester Wetherspoons.

We all knew they were in town after the band performed live over the weekend at Emirates’ Old Trafford Cricket Ground, but no one thought they’d show up at a local Wetherspoons pub.

Perhaps we all expected them to hang out in an exclusive upmarket bar or an uber trendy but pricey craft ale pub, just definitely not a city centre Spoons — of all the classy joints they could have gone to!

@ArcticMonkeysJP / Twitter

The rock stars were seen drinking, as they stood with pints in hand at The Moon Under Water on Deansgate — I guess it’s hard to turn down a cheap pint!

Fans stopped and asked to take pictures with bassist Nick O’Malley and guitarist Jamie Cook, as well as touring band member Tom Rowley, at the pub.

One person wrote: “You’re not telling me Arctic Monkeys are having a booze in the Moon Under The Water on Deansgate hahahaha.” A second typed: “Imagine bumping into some of the monkeys in a Wetherspoons hahaha.”

Someone else pointed out: “Biggest band in the country and they’re drinking carling in spoons.” Some fans also made light of the band, comparing them to the iconic ‘four lads in jeans’ meme.

And, that’s not the only weird celebrity sighting around Manchester this week.

P!NK was spotted swinging around at Total Ninja indoor park in Trafford Park for her daughter Willow’s 12th birthday party.

Jason Persse / Wikimedia

The American singer-songwriter is set to perform two huge shows at the University of Bolton stadium.

And Chris Martin from Coldplay was spotted catching a train from Manchester to Cardiff after wowing crowds at epic sold-out shows at the Etihad Stadium.

Members of the Arctic Monkeys were pictured during the gloriously sunny weekend in Manchester, where they’d performed two gigs in Old Trafford.

The Sheffield band will perform later this week for more packed-out crowds in their hometown, at Hillsborough Park.

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