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MPs should be forced to work in factories and hospitals for two weeks, police commissioner says

The apprenticeship would give MPs an experience of the living conditions faced by millions on low incomes

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All MPs should be required to undergo apprenticeships for two weeks to ‘inform their decisions in the Houses of Parliament’, a police commissioner has proposed this week.

Tom McNeil, the Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands, is currently bidding to be Labour’s candidate in Birmingham Northfield and, as part of his manifesto, has proposed the People’s Apprenticeship, a mandatory work scheme for all MPs.

The apprenticeship would be compulsory for all MPs once they are elected, regardless of whether they come from ‘humble routes’ or are Eton educated.

McNeil explained in an op-ed for The Mirror: “We have seen a lot of MPs act as though they are above the law in recent months, and so no one should be given a free pass on the People’s Apprenticeship.

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“Politicians from across the political divide would take part, in what would hopefully be a privileged insight that informs their democratic mandates, rather than serves as a burden they must be seen to endure.

“Lasting two to three weeks, the People’s Apprenticeship would see MPs get their hands dirty by undertaking work experience days across the public, private and third sector.

“The experience should be a genuine trial, and provided security was all in order, shouldn’t provide any easy get outs or luxuries that the people don’t get.”

Through the apprenticeship, McNeil hopes MPs could work in a combination of shops, hospitals, schools, emergency services and factories, all while gaining an ‘experience of the living conditions faced by millions on low incomes’.

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McNeil continued: “With the cost of living crisis bringing many hard working households close to breaking point, people are rightly asking more than ever, ‘just how in touch are our politicians?’ and ‘do they really understand what we’re having to endure?’.

“Being concerned that too many of the country’s leaders come from elite schools or only have experience of high paying corporate jobs in financial industries, is understandable.

“It’s perfectly reasonable to ask if being rich means some politicians have no idea what it is like to struggle on two jobs, fear how you will heat your home or live with the distress of credit card debt. I’d suggest asking these questions is the ‘politics of common sense’.”

In his role as Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, McNeil visits an array of community services, charities, emergency workers and other community settings, where he ‘learns about new struggles, the impact of poverty and the things people really want to see from their government’.

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He said an apprenticeship for people in powerful political positions would put ‘rocket fuel’ into this kind of learning, and would bring ‘out of touch’ political leaders closer to real world challenges.

McNeil concluded: “It would be money well spent: getting our political leaders onto the streets and away from their dinners at Chequers; understanding people and communities better.”

This comes just a week after unearthed audio revealed Conservative party leader frontrunner Liz Truss said British workers ‘lacked graft’ and ‘productivity’, as well as comparing their work ethics to that of their foreign counterparts.


American in UK says people in the US would be SHOCKED by full English breakfasts

‘They would absolutely flip out’

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@yorkshirepeach / TikTok & Elle May / Unsplash

An American woman living in the UK has revealed how those on the other side of the pond really regard our cuisine.

While most Brits believe the humble fry-up reigns supreme when it comes to global breakfast offerings, Americans apparently beg to differ.

Lisa Dollan – known as the Yorkshire Peach on TikTok – moved to Leeds from her hometown of Georgia back in 2014, and has since grown a vast internet following with her videos comparing the cultures and customs of the two countries.

And in one of her latest videos, Lisa described ‘things that would freak the Americans out about the UK’, adding that one of them is ‘what y’all eat for breakfast’.

She said: ““O.M.G. If they [Americans] saw the mushrooms, the tomatoes, the baked beans, all of this, the full English, they would absolutely flip out.”

And responding to a viewer asking why exactly Americans would ‘flip out’ over the cooked breakfast, Lisa explained: “Right so stewed tomatoes are only used for cooking sauces never ever eaten any other way. Beans-only eaten with BBQ.”

Lisa added that other things Americans would find shocking in the UK is the long queues at McDonald’s – which apparently Americans just wouldn’t wait for – and the lengths Brits have to go to to pass their driving tests.

She said: “No chance. What you guys have to do to legally drive here is amazing. You guys are all like NASCAR drivers.”

She then added: “Seriously, I took my test in a parking lot.”

People were rightly very amused in the comments, with one viewer writing: “I’ve always been super freaked out watching American TV where they eat doughnuts and cake for breakfast?? idk [sic] if thats real or not but it’s crazy”.

Another noted: “But Americans literally have donuts for breakfast” with a series of crying face emojis. 

In other videos, Lisa also points out other cultural differences between the countries including foods she can’t get in the UK and general complaints about the British weather… which we can’t really argue with.


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Marcus Rashford among top 10 favourite celebrities to be Prime Minister

Rashord joined the likes of Martin Lewis, David Attenborough and Gary Neville on the list…

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@marcusrashford / Instagram & Flickr

Marcus Rashford is among the top ten celebrities Brits would like to see run for Prime Minister.

According to a Channel 4 poll, 44% of people would happily vote for a celebrity to run the country, with the Man United star ranking among some of the highest in seventh place. 

Rashford has been widely praised for his charitableness in recent years, with him last year receiving nation-wide praise for challenging the government’s decision to provide free meals for underprivileged children during the summer school holidays.

Additionally, the footballer also became the youngest person to ever top the Sunday Times’ Giving List, with him having given away a massive 125% of his net worth to charity.

Also on the list for PM popularity is Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis, BBC presenter David Attenborough, ITV’s Alison Hammond and comedian Ricky Gervais.

The top traits people would like to see in the leader of the country are honesty and trustworthiness – but they should also be down to earth and have a sense of humour.

A third of people also think the Prime Minister should be compassionate, as well as unbiased and hardworking. 

The survey came ahead of the launch of Channel 4’s new show Make Me Prime Minister, which sees celebrities battle it out in a series of political challenges.

Reacting to the results of the poll, Alastair Campbell, who presents the new show, said: “The contestants in the show are not the only ones who think politics is in a mess and that they could do the job better than Boris Johnson or Liz Truss – but I think they learned that the job is a lot harder than it looks.

“Some of them, without doubt, have real political talent and I hope they go into politics. They will also be pleased by the poll findings that people want our Prime Minister to have integrity, and be trustworthy and honest.

“So should we all.”

The most popular celebrities for PM:

  1. Martin Lewi
  2. David Attenborough
  3. Stephen Fry
  4. Alison Hammond
  5. Richard Osman
  6. Dame Judi Dench
  7. Marcus Rashford
  8. Ricky Gervais
  9. Dame Helen Mirren
  10. Eddie Izzard
  11. Jo Brand
  12. Emma Watson
  13. Miriam Margolyes
  14. Gareth Southgate
  15. Lenny Henry
  16. Paul O’Grady
  17. Gary Neville
  18. Mick Lynch
  19. Steven Bartlett
  20. Hugh Grant
  21. Mel & Sue
  22. Emily Blunt
  23. Daisy May Cooper
  24. Russell Brand
  25. Adele
  26. Jameela Jamil
  27. Bimini Bon Boulash
  28. Maya Jama
  29. Stormzy
  30. Munya Chawawa


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Hurricane Ian to bring gale force winds and heavy downpours to Greater Manchester

The Met Office expects ‘minor impacts’ such as surface water flooding or wind damage

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@abingol / Unsplash

Greater Manchester is set to experience gale force winds and heavy downpours today as a result of Hurricane Ian.

The fallout from the hurricane, which is currently wreaking havoc on Florida’s southwest coast, will be felt across the region today and tomorrow as it brings an ‘area of low pressure’ across the UK.

According to the Met Office, this morning will be mostly dry with the heavy rain and wind set to hit from around lunchtime.

The heavy rainfall is then forecast until at least 7pm this evening. 

Forecasters expect this evening to be marginally drier, though more showers are set to fall in the early hours of Saturday and into the late morning.

The Met Office says this rain should have cleared by Saturday afternoon, with the weather staying mostly dry into Sunday (October 2nd). 

Other parts of the UK will also experience the affects of Hurricane Ian, with strong winds and heavy rain on the forecast.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office Chris Almond said: “This will bring a much wetter and windier spell than we’ve seen so far this autumn, but nothing that is unusual for the time of year.

“The fast-moving system will bring strong gale force winds, locally in excess of 60mph, and heavy rain into the northwest before pushing quickly southeast through the day.

“We could see some minor impacts such as surface water flooding or minor wind damage, as well as some short-lived impacts on ferry crossings, especially in exposed areas of western Scotland and eastern areas of Northern Ireland.

“Later in the day, parts of southeast England could experience winds of around 55mph, which may impact the English Channel too.”

At least ten people have died in what has been called Florida’s ‘deadliest hurricane in history’. Hurricane Ian is now moving inland and heading towards North and South Carolina.

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