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Manchester named the most judgmental city in the UK

Do Mancunians make good neighbours?

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Insomnia Cured Here / Flickr & Des Blenkinsopp / Geograph

Manchester came top of the table in a survey which ranked the most judgemental cities in the UK.

According to new survey data, 66% of residents in Manchester have admitted to judging their neighbours based on their activities – the highest rate of any UK city.

The findings make Mancunians some of the most judgemental people in the UK, when it comes to their neighbours.

Insomnia Cured Here / Flickr

The team at Make My Blinds have surveyed 2,000 Brits to reveal what people really think of their neighbours based on factors such as how nosey they are, if they listen in to neighbours’ conversations, if they judge their neighbours’ activities, and whether they have caught their neighbours spying. 

Living in the city or surrounding suburbs in close proximity to each other, it’s no surprise we come across the people we live near to, from time to time.

We can only hope we get lucky and end up living next to good neighbours – though there’s always going to be the odd one that is a little annoying at times. 

Stephen McKay / Geograph

UK cities which judge their neighbours based on their activities:

Manchester 66%

Nottingham 63.8%

Birmingham 62.8%

London 62.3%

Leeds Bristol 61.5%

Southampton 60.2%

Sheffield 60%

Newcastle 59.2%

Belfast 57.1%

Norwich 55.8%

Liverpool 55.1%

Cardiff 52.7%

Glasgow 51.8%

Edinburgh 43.5%

Manchesterphotos / Wikimedia

Let’s see what further findings from the survey say about Mancunians… “Manchester is a Northern city which prides itself on being friendly, with the locals happy to engage in conversation, even if it is just to say ‘hello’. 

“It’s unclear whether their friendliness has been misinterpreted as nosiness, nonetheless, 61.6% of Mancunians think their neighbours are nosy.”

The survey also revealed that 40.9% of people in Manchester have caught their neighbours spying on them, or being overly curious, while 64.2% admitted to observing their neighbours’ activities.

Des Blenkinsopp / Geograph

When it comes to the spy capital though, Sheffield comes top of the 15 cities in the UK, having the snoopiest residents with 71.7% of people observing their neighbours’ activities.

Despite the fact that almost three-quarters of people in Sheffield admit to watching their neighbours’ activities, it’s a city that is considered friendly and vibrant with a large student population.

The city that loves to Eavesdrop on their neighbours’ conversations the most is London with 40.5% of its residents who took the survey admitting to doing so. 

Following the Big Smoke in close second is Manchester, with 39.6% of residents admitting to listening in on their neighbours’ conversations – maybe we are nosy and judgemental neighbours afterall!


Radio station playing Christmas tunes 24-hours a day launches in UK

All I want for Christmas is a 24-hour station playing nothing but Christmas bops!

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Vevo / YouTube

You can get in the festive spirit and play Christmas bangers 24/7 on a radio station that has just launched.

It’s the ‘ember’ time of year again which means the Christmas countdown is on, and what more to get you in the mood than to play your favourite Chrimbo bangers all day long?

Heart radio brought back their annual festive station Heart Xmas last Friday (September 22nd) packed with all the best festive tunes.

Vevo / YouTube

It’s the earliest Heart Xmas, which has been going since 2016, has ever gone live in the run up to December 25th.

With just over 12 weeks to go until the big day, this station is sure to get you in the right frame of mind to start tackling your Christmas shopping list.

You can listen to all the classics including none other than Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’, Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ as Noddy Holder shouts ‘it’s Chrriissttmmaaasss!’, and ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham!.

Vevo / YouTube

But it won’t just be the well-known oldies as it will play ‘more recent and upbeat Christmas songs’ too.

So, if you need some help to get into festive mode this year, download the Global Player app and listen to Heart Xmas live. 

It’s also available on digital radio across the UK so you can tune in and sing Fairytale Of New York at the top of your voice as you are ‘Driving Home for Christmas’.

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Ten laws you could be breaking at your own home without even realising

Did you know about these?

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Alexander P Kapp / Wikimedia & PxHere / stock photo

Here are ten of the most common laws you may be unaware you’re breaking at home, but which could set you back thousands of pounds in fines.

Households are being warned of laws they may be unknowingly breaking all from the comfort of their own home.

A new study by property experts Lajollalife.com reveals a list of the everyday laws people are accidentally breaking within their homes that could set you back an eye watering £44,100.

There’s been a steady increase in the number of fines issued in the UK over the last three years, according to government data.

Alexander P Kapp / Wikimedia

In 2019, 68 million fines were issued compared to 2022, where 77 million fines were handed out. In 2023, it’s estimated that around 13.4 million people will be fined in the UK this year.

And now, UK homeowners must comply with new energy performance regulations or face penalties, including imprisonment of up to one year or fines amounting to £15,000.

Listed below are 10 of the most common laws you could be unknowingly breaking at home:

Not fixing a leaky tap – £1,000

According to Google search data, there are around 18,000 people typing ‘how to fix a leaky tap’ every month. But, as per The Water Industry Act 1999, you could be fined £1,000 for not repairing it.

PxHere / stock photo

The act says homeowners are required to fix any leaky taps within ‘a reasonable amount of time’. The Office of Water Services (Ofwat) states that water undertakers should expect homeowners to fix leaky taps within 24 hours of becoming aware of them.

Chris Guilfoyle, Managing Director of Greywater Drainage Solutions, said: “It’s interesting that the majority of the population do in fact appear to not be aware of such laws and the typical leaks that we fix are not recent occurrences.

“In fact I would estimate that 70% of leaks that we attend and repair have been ongoing for months, perhaps even years, due to the level of scale and corrosion to the surrounding areas; this is a tell-tale sign.

“When considering your leaking taps, don’t forget to check the pipework and valves under your sink as these are guaranteed to damage surrounding areas.”

Pete Ashton / Flickr

An untidy garden – £500 fine

Google search data also reveals there’s been a 187% increase in people searching for ‘tidy garden’ online.

Under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, the law requires people to keep their gardens in good condition, or be fined up to £500.

Not displaying your house number clearly – £500

According to Street naming and Numbering (England) Regulations 1999, homeowners must display their house number clearly. House numbers should be placed in a visible position which can be seen from the street.

Displayed numbers should be made of durable material that is at least three inches high, or homeowners could face a hefty fixed penalty notice of £500.

Chris / Flickr

Having an overflowing or broken bin – £500

Overflowing bins are a common occurrence, especially for those with children or larger households.

However, The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 says that homeowners are responsible for ensuring their bins are not overflowing or broken else they could be landed with a £500 fine.

When ordering a new bin from the local council, it can take up to two weeks for it to arrive, so if you notice a small crack, it’s best to act sooner rather than later.

User:Randall1022 / Wikimedia

Not maintaining your gutters or drains – £5,000 fine

According to The Building act 1984, homeowners should maintain their gutters and drains. This means they should not be overflowing, blocked or broken.

Gutters should be cleaned regularly, especially in Autumn when leaves fall and cover surfaces. 

However, the fine for not doing so isn’t explicitly stated in law and is set by your local council which can vary from £50-£5,000 in some areas.

Chris Guilfoyle, whose drainage company regularly undertakes guttering clearance and repairs, stated: “Over the years, we’ve witnessed a growing demand for professional gutter cleaning services as homeowners increasingly prioritise safety and reliability over tackling this task themselves.

PxHere / stock photo

“Unfortunately, gutter maintenance often falls by the wayside, and when we finally step in, the gutters often require access through platforms or scaffolding. Regular maintenance can help homeowners avoid more significant expenses, thanks to innovative solutions like gutter vacuums, which are accessible to homeowners.

“However, a common challenge arises when considering where to store these extension poles when they’re not in use. Often, it’s more convenient to enlist the services of a local firm before gutter issues escalate.

“Of course, heightened concern arises in areas near trees and nesting bird populations, as this elevates the risk of leaves accumulating, nests forming, and the growth of moss and other debris on your roof.

“If these issues become visible, it’s highly likely they’ve also made their way into your gutters.”

Paul Sullivan / Flickr

Parking on front of your neighbour’s driveway – £100 fine

With more and more people owning a car, our streets have gotten busier for parking in recent years resulting in many giving up a perfectly lovely front garden in favour of a driveway.

Parking over a neighbour’s driveway, even if for a short visit, has been the cause of many neighbourly parking wars.

According to the highWay Code, Rule 243 states: “Do not park in front of an entrance to a property.” Those who do so may risk receiving a fine of £100.

Matt Green / Flickr

Throwing your TV in the bin – £5,000 fine

It is illegal to throw your TV in the bin, under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013.

If you’re caught binning your old set in the rubbish, you could be fined up to £5,000 and even ordered to pay the costs of recycling it too.

Having a broken fence – £500 fine

According to the Building Act 1984, if your fence is damaged or falling down, you could be fined up to £500.

Alan Stanton / Flickr

The specific rule in section 38 of the act states: “Every owner of premises shall, so far as reasonably practicable, keep in repair and in good condition all buildings and fences on the premises.”

However, the fine for not doing so is not explicitly stated in law. The fine is set by the local council and can range from £50 – £500.

Not having your log burner serviced at least once a year – £1,000 fine

There are now new regulations in place for homeowners with log burners in the UK. It is now a requirement that log burners must be inspected and serviced by a qualified engineer every year, as part of the DEFRA Clean Air Strategy.

Tuchodi / Flickr

Regulations also state you can only use a low-smoke wood fuel, and must install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. Failing to do so could result in a £1,000 fine.

Not repairing a dangerous crack in your property – £30,000 fine

According to Google there’s been a 124% increase in people searching for ‘when to worry about house cracks?’.

The Housing Act 2004 states that homeowners are required to repair any dangerous cracks, or be stung with a whopping £30,000 fine if one isn’t repaired. Although the specific fine isn’t stated in law, it is set by the local council and can vary from £50 – £30,000.

Pexels / Kindel Media

Mr Guilfoyle added: “While many cracks in property can be due to typical and seasonable movement inline with temperature changes, quite often large cracks can be as a result of subsidence.

“The root causes of these is often leaks in the household drainage system or water mains. If you spot any particularly large cracks from 5mm to 35mm then these should be investigated as they could be a symptom of a much larger structural problem.”

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M&S is doing a Christmas piña colada cocktail and it’s on shelves now

This sounds pretty delicious!

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Peter McDermott / Geograph & Snack News & Reviews / Facebook

M&S shoppers are raving over a festive cocktail that is a Christmas twist on a delicious summer classic, and it’s already on shelves.

Shoppers are going mad for the new festive ‘must have’ with one bargain hunter spotting it already stocked in her local Marks’, which she posted to social media.

The savvy shopper shared a snap of the luxurious gold and red bottle with an Art Deco logo, which quickly went viral with the post racking up over 1,000 likes.

Snack News & Reviews / Facebook

The photo also shows the M&S Christmas Colada is on sale for £5.50 a bottle.

A festive twist on the classic piña colada, it’s flavoured with ‘pineapple juice, coconut milk, and warming spices with two measures of white rum’, and is sure to go down a treat this winter season.

The Christmas bargain was shared to the Snack News & Reviews Facebook page where users rushed to social media to share their excitement for the product, calling it a ‘must have’ as they also praised the price.

Peter McDermott / Geograph

A great gift to bring along to Christmas dinner parties, shoppers say it is perfect for something to sip on throughout the season’s festivities.

One person wrote: “Defo getting this wee number for Christmas Day!” Another said: “Wow, two measures. I’ll have three bottles. What is everyone else drinking?”

While a third put: “Ooohhh yes. I can feel a few pre-Xmas party drinks at mine coming on.” And a fourth typed: “M&S pulling it out the bag again with their Christmas drinks!!”

Robert Wade (Wadey) / Flickr

Other users wondered whether M&S’ popular drinks ‘Let it Sloe’ and ‘Slow Fizz’ are back in stock again for the upcoming Christmas season.

It comes after one shopper urged people to head to their nearest M&S immediately as she was able to bag around £100 worth of shopping for just £16.

Victoria Evangeline posted a video on her TikTok saying: “M&S prices are a joke. They are ridiculous at the moment, you’ve got to see this.”

She went on to say M&S are getting rid of all their summer stock to make way for its Christmas range and that’s why some of its prices are so low – so best get down there asap!

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