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Man attempts to drink 15 Boddingtons on Boxing Day and documents the entire thing

Not all heroes wear capes…



Rob Copland / Twitter

A man provided the nation with some much-needed entertainment on Boxing Day by setting himself the challenge to drink fifteen cans of Boddingtons bitter.

And, miraculously, he completely smashed it and became an internet sensation in the process.

Stand-up comedian – or hero to some – Rob Copland took to Twitter on the 26th to announce that he had challenged himself to beat his own personal best of twelve cans of Boddingtons by downing fifteen cans throughout the day.

His initial tweet read: “I’m gunna [sic] drink 15 Boddingtons today. A thread:” 

Rob cracked open his first can at 2:25pm, noting that he was feeling both ‘confident’ and ‘thirsty’ – helpful when you have fifteen cans of Manchester’s finest bitter staring at you from the fridge, I suppose.

Less than ten minutes later, Rob announced to his eager followers that he had already got stuck into his second can, noting: “Anything is possible at this stage. Not sure I can keep up this pace. I have until midnight.”

But he defied his own doubts by powering through the afternoon at an admirable pace, reaching his sixth can of Boddies just two hours later at 4:18pm. 

Rob gave a comic commentary of his state with each can consumed, with him declaring that his sixth Boddingtons made him ‘want to go to a nightclub full of people drinking exclusively Boddingtons’ with ‘DJs just playing radio commentary of the footy.’ 

The seventh, eighth and ninth cans all came and went within the next hour, with Rob becoming noticeably more merry with each update.

He also took the time to give a little shout out to Boxing Day throughout the festivities, writing: “Everyone’s mental on Xmas day, everything has to be perfect, everyone’s a bit tense, boxing day is where its at… It’s just football and Boddingtons….”. 

He has a point, to be honest.

At 6:32pm, Rob had cracked open his tenth pint (with the help from his dad Alan), who he admitted hadn’t expected to feature so heavily in the challenge. With all the bitter clearly going to his head, he wrote: “Couldn’t have done it with out him, cheers Alan. I’m pretty p***** now tbh.”

By 7:46pm, however, Rob seemed to have hit his wall, with him informing his followers: “Guys Jim [drunken for I’m] feeling really p***** now. Need some genuine words of encouragement.”

Yet despite his struggles, Rob powered on and at 9:58pm – nearly eight hours on from his first can – Rob was poured his fifteenth Boddingtons of the day (with a little help from Alan, of course).

To mark the monumental occasion, his brother filmed the final pour, with Rob himself dishing out a little inspiration, writing: “I guarantee it feels like an anti climax, but what did you want?? I didn’t expect it to get this popular…. The real result is we are all capable of anything [sic] Be kind to yourselves be kind to each other!”

Rob’s thread – which accumulated tens of thousands of likes and reactions throughout the day – was followed up the next morning with the only appropriate tweet: “Oh boy… Best hangover cures anyone??”

And you thought you drank a lot over Christmas… 


Greggs worker fired after exposing the ‘mountains of food that gets wasted every day’

The worker filmed several bin bags of food being thrown away at the end of her shift



Lord.nicc / TikTok

A Greggs worker was fired after she exposed the ‘mountain’ of food the bakery chain allegedly wastes on a daily basis. 

Nicole Iwalowo had been working in a Romford branch in London for a month when she became aware of the massive amount of food going to waste at the end of each day.

Feeling guilty at seeing food go in the bin every day, Nicole decided to expose the bakery by filming the leftover produce, which included freshly made sandwiches and sealed packages of bakery goods like doughnuts and yum yums, and posting it onto TikTok.

Her video, shared back in November, shows six bin bags full of food being loaded up on a metal cage, which Nicole claims was later collected by bin men.

@greggs_official / Instagram

Nicole pointed out in the video that ‘there’s people starving around the world and all of this is going to waste’, noting that ‘this happens everyday around the world with the billions of food stores’.

Her TikTok post was quick to garner thousands of views and comments, with many slamming Greggs for the blatant hypocrisy surrounding its official policy, which states that it ‘hates food waste’ and that ‘donating unsold food to those in need is our priority’.

Greggs also claims that ‘all unsold food is 100% diverted from landfill’.

One viewer commented: “What’s frustrating is there are actual Apps around now exactly for this, to take end of day food for ppl [sic] in need. Its infuriating and why we should boycott these businesses until they change. Thank you for putting your job on the line to show this.”


Watch me get fired for this 😵‍💫😂 #foryourpage #foodwaste

♬ masquerade x mtr – jovynn

Another person who claims to have also worked for the bakery chain wrote: “I used to work at Greggs too and can back this up. and we aren’t allowed to give it to the homeless either.”

A spokesperson for Greggs has since addressed the video, saying in a statement: “We have a number of initiatives in place to help reduce food waste across our shops including the redistribution of unsold food to community groups and charities.

“We are continually working to increase the amount of unsold food given away to those most in need and remain committed to putting an end to food waste.”

In the days following the posting of the video, Nicole confirmed that she had been fired and was left looking for work in the run up to Christmas.

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Safety alert issued over car seats as parents told to stop using them ‘immediately’

Batches of carseats reportedly have a buckle defect




A safety alert has been issued over a batch of children’s car seats containing ‘potentially defective’ parts.

Cosatto, a Bolton-born retailer specialising in pushchairs, highchairs and car seats for children, has issued the safety alert for the buckles on its ‘All in All+’ and ‘All in All Rotate’ car seats, of which there are eleven different models.

The notice from Cosatto reads: “We have identified a potential safety concern relating to the buckle used in the production of a small batch of car seats manufactured between September 2019 and June 2020.

“Unfortunately, the manufacture of some of the buckles did not reach the exacting standards set by our quality and safety protocol and contain components that can potentially become defective.


“We are truly sorry that this has happened. We are a values-driven, family business who want to do the right thing and have taken this action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children of valued customers like you.”

It has also been revealed that any customer with one of the multi-group car seats (Groups 0+/1/2/3) for children from birth up to 36kg (approximately twelve years old) should stop using them immediately and contact Cosatto.

The company added that only those with batch numbers between 37/2019 and 24/2020 are affected, noting that all other car seats from later batches are safe to use.

Parents have been encouraged to immediately check the batch numbers on their car seats – all of which can be found on a sticker on the right-hand side at the rear.


If their seat is one of the affected, Cosatto is offering a free replacement buckle, which will be dispatched on a next day delivery service.

Here’s the Which? full list of faulty models:

All in All+ car seats

  • Dragon Kingdom (model number CT4262)
  • Unicorn Land (model number CT4238)
  • Harewood (model number CT4239)
  • Mister Fox (model number CT4241)

All in All Rotate car seats

  • Sea Monsters (model number CT4263)
  • Fairy Garden (model number CT4242)
  • Fika Forest (model number CT4243)
  • Hedgerow (model number CT4486)
  • Hear Us Roar (model number CT4418)
  • On The Prowl (model number CT4451)
  • One World (model number CT4449)

You can fill out Cosatto’s online form here to check your model and order a replacement buckle, or alternatively call 08000 149252.

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Snorers can get paid £300 to test ‘anti-snore’ sleep products

We all know someone who’d be perfect for this…



@silentnightbeds / Instagram

If you’re a serial snorer, this could be your big moment.

For years, we’ve been batting away so-called ‘cures’ for snoring, and have simply been making do with a pair of good quality ear plugs instead.

But with 35% of the adult population being serial snorers, you’d think there would have been a solid solution by now.

Well, the answer may just be on the horizon.

@silentnightbeds / Instagram

UK sleep brand Silentnight is on the hunt for five serious snorers to test their new range of sleep products with a handsome cash reward of £300.

The successful applicants will be given £700 worth of sleep products, all of which claim to prevent snoring in some way or another.

This generous bundle will include a king-size rolled mattress from the award-winning Studio by Silentnight collection, a pair of innovative Anti-Snore pillows designed to encourage improved breathing, and a ‘So Snug’ 13.5 tog winter duvet.

Kat Collins, senior brand manager for Silentnight, said: “As the UK’s most trusted sleep brand, we think it’s important to celebrate all types of sleepers and so are giving back to snorers across the country with an exciting new role this year.

@silentnightbeds / Instagram

“But, this is official business and we’re looking for applicants who take their sleep seriously. As part of our mission to change how people sleep for the better, we know that customers’ feedback on our products is fundamental to our future launches so can’t wait to hear our new ‘employees’ thoughts.”

If you think you’re up to the job, all you’ll need to do is complete the entry form on the Silentnight website and sign up to Silentnight’s newsletter, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

If your application is successful, Silentnight will contact you via email, as well as remove and recycle your old mattress, if needed, for free.

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