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Greater Manchester house transformed into incredible festive ‘winter wonderland’

This is amazing!



Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

A house in Wigan has gone viral on social media due to its epic winter wonderland transformation.

I’d say it’s officially the time of year where it’s not too early to be putting up your Christmas tree – especially not this year. 

One family have taken that one step further and turned the front of their house into a massive display of Christmas decs that competes with Housing Units amazing display. 

On Fairman Drive in Hindley, Wigan, Mike Denaro has decorated his house in the name of charity and festive cheer.

Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

The stunning display has taken weeks to put together, starting just after Bonfire Night and costing in total ‘a good couple of thousand pounds’. 

The house near Leigh is decorated with eight cherry trees covered in at least a thousand lights plus spruce trees scattered around the garden.

There’s also lasers, giant snowflakes and even a snowy garden path complete with half a dozen acrylic figures and a snow machine to top it all off.

The house is also covered with a festive snow blanket. 

Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

Mr Denaro says all the time, effort and cost for doing the display was worth it to see the ‘amazing’ response he’s had online.

He told the MEN: “It’s totally worth it to see the smiles on kids faces and their parents as well – everyone loves it.

“It looks like such a nice little winter wonderland, especially when it’s just going dark with all the lights and snow.

“I always do a lot for Christmas as I’m ex-forces so it was always the one time I got to come home and see family – so I’ve always had a Christmas village inside.

“The outdoor display started with a few decorated cherry trees and has since grown with acrylic figures, lights and a snow machine. It gets bigger and bigger every year.”

He added: “We thought we’d start it earlier this year to spread some cheer this year, we could do with some nice things like this at the moment.

“All the neighbours were asking when we were going to put it up – everyone’s been really excited.”

Mike is collecting money for a charity very close to his heart, Wigan and Leigh Hospice. 

He said: “My grandad went there and I know some family friends who have been there – it’s just a lovely place to raise money for.

“They’ve struggled a lot with PPE during the pandemic so anything we can do for them will go a long way.

Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

“It’s a really big cause that means a lot to the local community. They are nice caring people and I’m more than happy to support them.”

The show-stopping snow machine will be on every Friday and Saturday night at 6:30pm to help Mike save on costs.

The self-employed graphic designer continued: “I’m amazed how well it’s taken off, there’s loads of community spirit around here and people have been 100% behind it.

“It was just something that I enjoy doing and I do because I love Christmas and it’s great that it makes other people as happy as I am with it.

“I’ve had so many shares and likes online and everyone’s asking where I am so they can come and look at it.”

There is set to be a few more additions to the display including more figures and a picket fence. 

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New public toilets opened in Piccadilly Gardens by Manchester council

Good news if you’re bursting for the loo in town…



Manchester council has opened some new public toilets in Piccadilly Gardens.

The six temporary toilets are in the Gardens now, with the council saying it’s placed them there to make the city centre ‘as welcoming as possible’.

The new toilets are located over the road from Morrisons.

According to a sign on the fencing which surrounds the, the toilets will be open between 10am-8pm every day, with a maximum of six people allowed in the area.

A Manchester Council spokesperson said the toilets were brought in as a temporary measure.

Further restrictions are set to be eased on May 17th, meaning more visitors are likely to flock into town once again

There’s a distinct lack of public toilets in the city centre, with the only permanent loo located on Lloyd Street – and this closes at 5.30pm.

A spokesperson for Manchester City Council said: “In advance of the reopening of the hospitality and retail sectors on April 12 the Council, alongside its partners CityCo and GMP, took steps to provide temporary facilities for the public given that indoor venues remain closed until May 17th.

“The operation of these facilities will stay under review pending further relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions.

“The Council has been working closely with city centre businesses to support them as much as possible as Covid restrictions are lessened.

“The hospitality and retail sectors have borne the brunt of the pandemic which is why the Council and its partners have tried to make the city as welcoming as possible for returning visitors.”

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Cleaner leaves brilliant note for ‘aggressive and cruel’ boss on last day of work

Well said



Stock image - Credit: Aqua Mechanical / Flickr

A cleaner got the last laugh over their ‘awful’ manager on the last day of work, with a brilliant note.

The woman in question had retired after working cleaning different banks for 35 years, leaving a letter for colleagues.

The note was then shared by her son on Twitter, and got an amazing response with most people loving the message.

It was posted with the caption: “And this is why I love my mum. She’s been cleaning banks for 35 years and today walked out with this lovely note left behind for that awful manager.

“Happy retirement mum – always have the last laugh eh!”

The note posted in the tweet reads: “Hi ladies, tomorrow will be my last clean for HSBC. I have made up a bucket of cleaning materials for the next cleaner whoever that may be!!

“I’ve left the job [manager’s name] after the way you dressed me down in the office, it was nothing more than aggressive and cruel but that’s a reflection on your character, not mine.

“So going forward, please all of you remember: In a world when you can be anything, BE KIND.

“Because you are all no better than the cleaner.”

Stock image – Credit: Pixabay

After the post went viral, people were quick to respond to the letter.

One person said: “When interviewing people for jobs, I always asked the reception staff how they were treated by the candidate. A few failed the ‘attitude test’.”

A second added: “Never understood why people think what they do for a living reflects their importance.

“I was raised to believe that a job is a job and anyone getting up and going to work deserves the same respect, whether they pick up trash or run the company.”

A third said: “One of my male managers was repeatedly rude to our lovely cleaner. One day she calmly got up, disappeared for a few mins then reappeared with a really smug look on her face.

“He later discovered she’d removed the bog rolls, towels & soap from the men’s loos, locked them up”.

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Huge queues at Trafford Centre as shoppers wait in the rain for an hour to get in yesterday

Did you head down yesterday?



Connor Clarke / Twitter

In typical Manchester fashion, yesterday’s Bank Holiday Monday was an absolute washout.

This didn’t stop people from heading out to do a bit of shopping, however, with huge queues seen at the Trafford Centre.

According to reports, shoppers queued for an hour to get into the shopping centre, with some people forced to wait in the rain.

While signs in the car park were put up to let people know the centre was ‘full’, shoppers still headed in, with one saying social distancing wasn’t being observed.

Meanwhile the Trafford Centre responded by saying that customer safety is its ‘highest priority’, adding that ‘strict capacity limits’ are observed inside the shopping centre.

20-year-old Connor Clarke from Trafford told the Manchester Evening News: “We were standing in the queue in the rain for about an hour, it was just not moving.

“There was no distancing whatsoever, a lot of people weren’t wearing masks. I can understand it’s obviously outside, and it’s a well ventilated area.”

According to Connor people who were queuing were eventually allowed in, he added: “I think they just gave up and let everybody in.”

Zoe Inman, centre director at the Trafford Centre, told the MEN: “Our highest priority is to keep people wishing to enter the centre safe at all times. We have strict capacity limits and social distancing measures in place to keep everyone safe.

“We have advised visitors to plan their trip carefully and check our website for store opening information and current COVID-19 restrictions in advance.

“Highlighting that at busier times, such as weekends and Bank Holidays, they may have to queue to get in – and should come prepared for the weather.

“Face coverings are mandatory and must be worn when entering the centre, in stores and when walking throughout the malls, unless exempt.”

She added: “Bank Holidays are always popular at the centre, and this weekend is no exception.

“Our security staff are committed to making sure all the safety measures remain in place, like capacity limits, hand sanitisation stations, mandatory mask wearing and enforced social distancing.

“On occasion, this weekend we have been at capacity and customers have had to wait to enter the centre. We thank everyone for their patience and consideration whilst doing so.

“I am proud of our dedicated on-site teams working tirelessly to ensure the safety of all our visitors across a very busy and blustery Bank Holiday weekend.”

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