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Granddad makes adorable mini pink caravan for his granddaughter and it looks amazing

I want one!



ChantelleandSteve Warrick/Facebook

This grandad has gone one step further for his granddaughter, building a full mini caravan from scratch and painting the full thing pink. 

The talent grandpa made a stunning playhouse for his granddaughter and even fitted it with insulation and double glazed windows to keep her warm and cosy inside. 

His daughter posted the photos over on Facebook and said her daughter is ‘in love’ with the house. 

Inside, the decor is a dreamy playhouse set up complete with bunting, fairy lights, a complete mini kitchen and even a comfy seating area that is filled with her favourite toys. 

ChantelleandSteve Warrick/Facebook
ChantelleandSteve Warrick/Facebook

The proud mum shared the creation over on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas.

She wrote: “I have one clever dad!!! He knocked this beautiful shepherd’s hut up for my daughter from scratch.

“Drew his own plans, ordered the materials, used his AMAZING carpentry skills et voila.

“It’s even insulated and has double glazed windows.

“All built by his own fair hands and good enough to move in to. My daughter Nola and I are literally in love.”

ChantelleandSteve Warrick/Facebook
ChantelleandSteve Warrick/Facebook

The post has racked up over 13,000 likes on Facebook and many people have raved about it in the comments since. 

One person wrote: “He has a talent, he could make and sell them.” Another added: “Wow what I would give for one for my granddaughter.”

A third added: “This is absolutely amazing. A tiny house incarnation.”

The mum replied to the praise saying: “I have shown my dad the post and he is literally overwhelmed by all the likes and amazing comments.”

She continued: “I would like to reply to each of you individually but unfortunately the comments have been turned off, so my dad and I would just like to say a massive thank you for all the love.”


Handbag thief faceplants into ‘one way’ sign after stealing £760 Moschino bag in the city centre

That’s gotta hurt…



Greater Manchester Police / Facebook

A man trying to make a swift getaway from police ended up getting more than he bargained for.

The suspect ended up with a sore head after smashing into a ‘one way’ sign after his concentration slipped.

The 33-year-old male was attempting to give Greater Manchester Police the slip after stealing a £760 Moschino bag in the city centre.

While he was making off from officers he looked behind him and ended up faceplanting straight into the sign.

He was subsequently arrested and taken into custody to recover from a ‘sore head’.

GMP took to Twitter and Facebook yesterday to share the news, saying that ‘all signs suggest he’ll make a full recovery’.

GMP City Centre wrote: “One way to custody… A 33yr old male stole a £760 Moschino hand bag. Whilst making off from officers, he looked behind him & then faceplanted straight into a One Way road sign.

“Male now in custody recovering from a sore head, all signs suggest he’ll make a full recovery!”


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Police at the Arndale as huge queues form on first day of non-essential shops reopening

Are you heading out to the shops today?



N Chadwick / Geograph

Today, Monday April 12th, sees stage two of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown come into effect.

As part of this second stage, pubs, bars and restaurants can reopen for outdoor drinking and dining, while places like gyms, salons and hairdressers can also welcome people back.

Non-essential retail can also throw open its doors once again, meaning shops in places like the city centre, Arndale and Trafford Centre can reopen from today.

Huge queues have been forming as people are keen to return to shops after lockdown, with large gatherings of people spotted at the Arndale.

Photos and videos have been posted to social media showing people trying to get in the shopping centre from Market Street, with the Arndale opening at 8am today.

Sean Hansford posted a video to Twitter showing a large group being dispersed from the entrance to the Arndale, with very little social distancing happening.

A security guard asks them to move away and to social distance, but the group initially just congregates nearby.

Later videos show a more orderly queue going down Market Street after Covid marshals managed to organise shoppers, with police also spotted assisting with the queues.

Large queues were also spotted at Primark over at the Trafford Centre, as the popular budget retailer reopened its doors.

Will you be heading out shopping today, or are you waiting until things calm down a bit?

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The George Floyd mural has been replaced in the Northern Quarter

What do you think of the new mural?



Finest Media & @folieartanddesign/Instagram

The George Floyd mural in the Northern Quarter has now been replaced by another piece of artwork.

The mural had been in Stevenson Square since June 2020, after it was painted by local artist Akse P19 in the weeks following Mr Floyd’s death.

Sadly the mural was repeatedly covered by racist graffiti while it was up, with several incidents in which the painting was vandalised and Akse had to repaint it.

Finest Media

It’s now been covered by a new piece of street art by Manchester-based artist Folie, with the new painting showing a hand reaching for the sun between clouds.

The painting is located on a site managed by Outhouse MCR, a project that has seen public art being created in Manchester for more than a decade now.

Folie took to Instagram to share the artwork, thanking Outhouse MCR ‘for inviting me to come and paint this pretty poignant spot’.

FOLIE / Facebook

They added: “When I read the theme was growth it made me think of the general feeling in the air at the moment.. how to continue, how to process and progress, how do we move on?

“Especially considering the piece I was covering, I wanted it also to offer a moment of reflection. I decided to design a piece based around a latin phrase “DESTITUTUS VENTIS REMOS ADHIBE” which translates to ‘If the winds will not serve, take to the oars’.

“I hope the symbology and the phrase combined inspires the observer to consider wider points of view and to trust in themselves. The clouds represent uncertainty and the sun and moon elements consistency. The rising hand of humanity, ownership and responsibility.

“The grass and the mushrooms are the teachers in nature, where we ground ourselves, focus on health and embrace knowledge provided by the earth. Waves show the erratic aspects of nature and life, they can sometimes be rough and other times manageable, and the shining rays in both pieces represent the hope.”

You can check out more of Folie’s work on Instagram here.

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