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Expert reveals tips on how to spend less on petrol and diesel as prices reach record highs

It turns out there are several ways to cut back on your fuel usage…

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Engin Akyurt & Rolando Garrido / Unsplash

An expert has offered some advice on how to save money on petrol and diesel as prices soar to record highs.

As the cost of living continues to rise, drivers are now facing mounting costs to fill up their vehicles, with the average litre of unleaded petrol and diesel now costing £1.45 and £1.49 retrospectively.

And in the last week alone, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the cost of filling up a typical 55-litre family car has increased by more than £2.

As drivers desperately seek ways to cut back on the cost of filling up their vehicles, experts at car leasing firm Vanarama have shared their professional advice and tips for making fuel go further.

Krzysztof Hepner / Unsplash

Here’s what they had to say…

Lessen the load

When you’re carrying a heavy load, your vehicle won’t perform as well on the road, with longer inclines often resulting in drivers accelerating at a quicker pace or changing down a gear to keep the speed up.

This all eats up fuel at a quicker rate, so de-cluttering your vehicle and making it as light as possible is a good way of making fuel last longer.

This can include old materials in there that are rarely used and carried ‘just in case’, and even the rubbish that has been destined for the tip.

Keep the roof tidy

Many people – workmen and enthusiastic campers in particular – are prone to keeping heavy belongings such as ladders, bicycles and camping equipment attached to the roof of their vehicles.

However, a massive amount of fuel is actually used to push this extra weight through the air, so Vanarama recommends removing the items when they’re not needed, and even the roof rack completely if it is rarely used.

Instead, drivers should find somewhere secure at home or work to store their belongings, noting that the savings in fuel can be ‘considerable’.

@deyansight / Unsplash

Keep tyres pumped up

Many drivers can neglect their tyres and can go for months without checking the pressure levels, with most people only attending to them in the event of a puncture.

However, low tyre pressures create heat and friction with the tread and sidewalls flexing, with Vanarama suggesting that an additional 3% of fuel is used for every 10% that the tyres are under-inflated.

Tyres with insufficient pressure can also lead to poor handling of the vehicle with the potential for loss of control and accidents… So make sure they’re pumped up to save money and maximise road safety.

Keep up with servicing

It’s no secret that a correctly maintained vehicle will run more efficiently than one which has been neglected.

A number of maintenance issues can result in higher fuel usage, such as a blocked air filter or a binding brake. If a vehicle is under warranty or subject to a lease agreement, it is important to keep its service history up to date.

Kate Ibragimova / Unsplash

Turn off the air conditioning

While most Mancunians won’t require their car’s air conditioning, it’s worth noting that having the AC blasting during the summer can be a real fuel drainer, so try and use it sparingly.

Fuel is also burnt to open electric windows, so it’s worth keeping them closed unless truly necessary.

Plan your journeys

An obvious one; perhaps the most effective method of lowering your fuel bill is to reduce the mileage you drive and to avoid time consuming and costly congestion.

Planning routes using real time data such as that offered by Google Maps can be a helpful way to reduce fuel use, especially in a vehicle with smartphone integration which navigates with live traffic updates.

So no more aimless drives around the block ‘to get out of the house’, okay?

Drive as if you have a bowl of water on the passenger seat

A bit of a strange one, but Vanarama recommends driving as though a bowl of water is sat on the passenger seat.

This is because every time the brakes are applied, energy paid for in fuel is lost in the heat generated by the brake pads and discs. Drivers should also avoid revving the engine unnecessarily, and should instead move gently through the gears to keep the engine speed at a reasonable level.

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Woman left fuming after boyfriend ‘told he’s too old’ to get into Manchester bar

‘I’m quite disturbed by the whole event.’

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PxHere & Google Maps

A woman has been left ‘fuming’ after her 48-year-old partner was denied entry into a Manchester city centre bar for being ‘too old’.

The reveller, who asked to remain anonymous, claims she and her boyfriend were stopped from entering Revolucion de Cuba on Peter Street by a member of security, in the early hours of Sunday, January 22nd.

The woman claims that when she accused the member of the door staff of being discriminatory and began filming the incident on her phone, he threatened to assault her. He then pushed her and knocked the phone out of her hand, she says.

A spokesperson for Revolution De Cuba said they were ‘appalled’ to hear about the incident, and confirmed the security staff member in question no longer works for the firm.

Google Maps

Video footage from the incident shows the member of security lunging for the woman’s phone before the filming cuts out.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, the woman said the whole incident had left her feeling ‘disturbed’, saying: “We went out quite late and we got to the door of Revolution De Cuba at about 2.15am.

“We went up to the door, and the doorman asked me who I was with. My partner is 10 years older than me. He pointed to him and said ‘no, too old.’ He doesn’t even look 48 but they determined he was too old to go in. There were a lot of young girls going in.

“I asked for their Security Industry Authority number and said it was discrimination. He just said ‘oh you’re too drunk.’ I don’t understand where he got that from but it’s just a standard response isn’t it?”

Google Maps

The woman said the member of security refused to give his SIA number and that she began filming the doorman on her phone, saying: “One of the bouncers, a big guy, said if I filmed him he would assault me.

“I was filming and the bouncer came over and hit my phone out of my hand. I said it didn’t matter what he did with my phone as it was all backed up.

“I’m quite disturbed by the whole event. I rang the police and they said if it’s not an ongoing emergency I needed to call ‘101’, but I haven’t done that yet.”

A spokesperson for Revolucion de Cuba said: “We were appalled to hear about this incident – the safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us and we demand that everyone is treated fairly and with respect at all times.

“Following our immediate investigation into the incident, the individual concerned is no longer employed by our security firm, Professional Security, and will not be working at any of our venues in the future.”

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Millionaire who makes ‘£7,000 in sleep’ has supercar vandalised while at meeting in Manchester

He was in a business meeting when his £100k Audi was vandalised.

Avatar photo



Waseem Khan

A crypto millionaire, who claims he makes thousands of pounds in his sleep, says he is ‘gutted’ after finding his £100,000 car vandalised with insults.

Waseem Khan, 20, says he made his fortune trading crypto currency, and used his earnings to buy a new Audi R8 V10 — which he purchased just three months ago. 

The entrepreneur has garnered thousands of followers and views on TikTok, where he recently featured in a video on the infamous Wakey Wines account. Waseem parked his car in Leeds overnight and then came to Manchester for a business meeting.

Speaking to Leeds Live about his experience, he said: “I left town last night, around 11, 12ish. I got called for a business meeting, they said they were gonna pick me up and go to Manchester, so I left my car in the city centre.

Waseem Khan

“I didn’t think about where I had parked it, came home this afternoon, and I went to get my car and it has been fully vandalised, and I thought it is definitely someone that knows me or something.”

When he returned to Leeds the next day, Waseem found his three-month-old car vandalised with the word ‘die’, with graffiti also branding him a ‘show off’ and a ‘virgin’.

He went on to say: “It just shows, even if you are doing something good in life, there is a lot of hate. I don’t really have any enemies, I think a lot of people just can’t see someone young, do good you know? I have a supercar at 20, they can’t put up with it.”

Waseem Khan

While he was still ‘gutted’ when he saw the car, he insisted it’s not going to ‘phase him’ adding: “I thought I could take it off, I took it to the car wash and it was not coming off, that is when I started worrying that it needed a paint job or a new wrap sheet.

“It’s not going to phase me, they did it when I wasn’t there, if I was there I don’t think they would have had the urge to do anything like that.

“I would just like to say to them, what you have done is very low and pathetic and childish, you just cannot see someone young doing well, it is just pathetic, they could be following their own dreams instead of destroying someone else’s”.

Khan went on to claim the car was ‘not much of a loss’ as he can ‘make £6-7,000 in [his] sleep’, but he claimed the vandalism was an example of attracting ‘a lot of good people and a lot of bad people’ on social media.

He added: “I would like the person that did it, to come forward.”

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Two mums booked £23 flights to Lanzarote for a day

‘What more do you need hun? Book the flight!’

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Andy Mitchell/Flickr & @0nlymums/TikTok

Two mums have gone viral on TikTok after they spontaneously booked flights to Lanzarote for a day out and had the time of their lives.

The best friends, who have seven children between them, decided to book the 2,500 mile trip on a spur of the moment which cost just £23. They then took to social media to share their antics, as reported by the Manchester Evening News.

Posting to her TikTok account ‘@0nlymums’, one of the friends decided that a day in the Canary Islands was the best way to beat the ‘January blues’.

In the video clip, she said: “Well my weekend’s on the up because I’ve just booked a £23 flight to Spain for the day to blow off the January blues — me and the bestie — the packed lunch is made for the kids on Monday and I’ll be back at midnight!” 

Andy Mitchell/Flickr

In another video, she shared photos of her living her best life on the island saying it was: “Better than a Sunday round Sainsbury’s!”

Then she urged others to be more spontaneous too, saying: “Ladies, if you only think you have a day to spare, make it count! You can absolutely do it.”

Describing the time of her life, she added: “We got up at 3.45am – we’ve had the best day in Lanzarote. We’ve been in the sea, had three sex on the beach cocktails, been to Zara – what more do you need hun? Book the flight!”

The video has gained over 600k views in 15 hours and the comment section is flooded with positive messages and love for the mums.

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