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Everything that will be cancelled or closed following the Queen’s death

A number of establishments could be closing their doors out of respect for Her Majesty

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A state of mourning has officially begun across the UK today following the death of Her Majesty The Queen.

Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of ninety-six at Balmoral Castle on September 8th, bringing to an end her historical seventy-year reign on the throne.

Yet while the nation grieves the loss of the monarch, questions have been raised as to what should be expected in the coming days and weeks. 

On the day of her funeral, which is anticipated to take place ten days after her death, there could potentially be a bank holiday, with most shops and businesses poised to close or change their operating hours.

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Here are the places and events that will be closed or cancelled:

Shops and retailers

The day of the Queen’s funeral will be a Day of National Mourning, making it a national bank holiday. 

However, documents for ‘Operation London Bridge’ show that the government will not order companies to give their staff the day off on the day of the Queen’s funeral. It will ultimately at the employers discretion as to whether staff get the day off. 

Shops will close or only be open for reduced hours but, again, it will be up to the individual business to decide whether they stay open or allow employees time off.

The London Stock Exchange will also be closed for at least the day of the Queen’s funeral and possibly for several days after – which could cost the economy billions.


Following the news of the Queen’s deteriorating health yesterday, the BBC suspended all usual programming and switched to a special news bulletin dedicated to Her Majesty.

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While there is no obligation for channels to air commemorative news programmes in the wake of the Queen’s death, other broadcasters quickly followed suit. 

As part of its plans, the BBC has announced it will also be suspending all comedy shows from airing over the coming days.


In the immediate aftermath of Her Majesty’s passing, the English Football League (EFL) took the decision to cancel two matches set to take place last night (September 8th), while a minute’s silence was held during Manchester United’s Europa League game against Real Sociedad at Old Trafford.

The EFL and the Premier League have since postponed all their fixtures this weekend as a mark of respect to the Queen.

However cricket and golf are expected to resume on Saturday (September 10th), with the England and Wales Cricket Board board meeting later. All rugby matches are also expected to go ahead.

As part of Operation London Bridge, all sporting fixtures look set to be cancelled on the Day of National Mourning, which is expected to be on Monday September 19th. 


Schools are looking set to remain open during the nation’s state of mourning, though headteachers still anticipate guidance by the government.

Reports claim headteachers will soon be informed by the Department for Education (DfE) whether schools should shut at any point during the national period of mourning.

It is likely pupils will be allowed to observe the official national day of mourning on the day of Her Majesty’s funeral.

Pubs and restaurants 

Most hospitality venues are expected to remain open in the coming days, enabling Brits to raise a glass in the Queen’s memory.

As with shops and offices, however, there is no obligation for an establishment to close, with the decision being down to the individual pub or chain. 

However, pubs will be closed for one day in the Isle of Man, which is a British Crown dependency located in the British Isles. The twenty-four-hour period begins on Friday September 9th, and ends on Saturday September 10th. 


Theatres up and down the country will continue with their performances, but will be dimming their lights and observing a minute’s silence out of respect for the Queen.

They will also be playing the national anthem and opening books of condolences ahead of performances.


A number of planned strikes – including Friday’s forty-eight-hour walk out by Royal Mail workers in a dispute over pay and work conditions – have been postponed in the wake of the Queen’s passing.

General secretary Dave Ward said: “Following the very sad news of the passing of the Queen and out of respect for her service to the country and her family, the union has decided to call off tomorrow’s planned strike action.”

Transport union TSSA is also cancelling planned railway industrial action for September and will be respecting the period of public mourning.

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Mum jumps into river to rescue ‘baby’ Dachshund that’d been missing for four days

‘I really had been starting to lose hope.’

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Alifiya Mohamedbhai/Facebook

A mum jumped into a river and waded through water to reach her dachshund after it had been missing for four days.

Mum-of-one Alifiya Mohamedbhai, 33, from Burnage was distraught to learn that her pet dog had gone missing while out on its regular walk with a dog-walker. Little Violet, a brown Dachshund was walking around Reddish Vale Country Park in Stockport when she suddenly vanished.

To make matters worse, Alifiya was then targeted by a scammer who claimed to have Violet and threatened to kill her precious pooch if she did not pay them £250. Officers are investigating after the mum agreed to meet the man to hand over the payment but no one turned up.

Alifiya said of the traumatic experience: “I had a call from a number telling me they had my dog, and when I told them she was spayed they said they didn’t want her anymore, but couldn’t have her back and that we needed to pay.”

Alifiya Mohamedbhai/Facebook

She continued: “I had to sit in the bathroom for an hour and 40 minutes because he wanted to hear the extractor fan, and told me he would kill her if I didn’t.

“Police told me it had been a scam call and that the number and bank account was registered in Leicester. I was in such a vulnerable position and almost broke down.”

After many urgent appeals over social media and four days, Alifiya was beginning to lose hope of a reunion, saying: “We had no idea where she was. We spent eight hours looking for her and there were no sightings. Reddish Vale is huge, so she could’ve been anywhere.”

She went back to the nature spot where Violet’s Apple Air tag last showed her location before the battery began to drain.

Alifiya Mohamedbhai/Facebook

Suddenly, Alifiya spotted her ‘baby’ hunched over in an embankment of the River Tame with her tail still wagging. Without a second thought, she jumped into the water and made her way through it to reach her ‘baby’ Dachshund, sparking an emotional reunion which was captured on camera.

A relieved Alifiya said: “It’s incredible. There isn’t a mark on her apart from a sore ear and paw. It is insane. She is such a quiet dog and was out on the same walk that she does every day, and has done for two-and-a-half years with my dog walker and best friend. 

“Nobody knows what spooked her or what happened – she doesn’t wander off to explore and always walks by your feet, but she must’ve turned and just walked off the other way. I really had been starting to lose hope. I wish I could see her memory of the last couple of days, find out what she was up to and know what spooked her.”

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Woman left fuming after boyfriend ‘told he’s too old’ to get into Manchester bar

‘I’m quite disturbed by the whole event.’

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PxHere & Google Maps

A woman has been left ‘fuming’ after her 48-year-old partner was denied entry into a Manchester city centre bar for being ‘too old’.

The reveller, who asked to remain anonymous, claims she and her boyfriend were stopped from entering Revolucion de Cuba on Peter Street by a member of security, in the early hours of Sunday, January 22nd.

The woman claims that when she accused the member of the door staff of being discriminatory and began filming the incident on her phone, he threatened to assault her. He then pushed her and knocked the phone out of her hand, she says.

A spokesperson for Revolution De Cuba said they were ‘appalled’ to hear about the incident, and confirmed the security staff member in question no longer works for the firm.

Google Maps

Video footage from the incident shows the member of security lunging for the woman’s phone before the filming cuts out.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, the woman said the whole incident had left her feeling ‘disturbed’, saying: “We went out quite late and we got to the door of Revolution De Cuba at about 2.15am.

“We went up to the door, and the doorman asked me who I was with. My partner is 10 years older than me. He pointed to him and said ‘no, too old.’ He doesn’t even look 48 but they determined he was too old to go in. There were a lot of young girls going in.

“I asked for their Security Industry Authority number and said it was discrimination. He just said ‘oh you’re too drunk.’ I don’t understand where he got that from but it’s just a standard response isn’t it?”

Google Maps

The woman said the member of security refused to give his SIA number and that she began filming the doorman on her phone, saying: “One of the bouncers, a big guy, said if I filmed him he would assault me.

“I was filming and the bouncer came over and hit my phone out of my hand. I said it didn’t matter what he did with my phone as it was all backed up.

“I’m quite disturbed by the whole event. I rang the police and they said if it’s not an ongoing emergency I needed to call ‘101’, but I haven’t done that yet.”

A spokesperson for Revolucion de Cuba said: “We were appalled to hear about this incident – the safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us and we demand that everyone is treated fairly and with respect at all times.

“Following our immediate investigation into the incident, the individual concerned is no longer employed by our security firm, Professional Security, and will not be working at any of our venues in the future.”

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Millionaire who makes ‘£7,000 in sleep’ has supercar vandalised while at meeting in Manchester

He was in a business meeting when his £100k Audi was vandalised.

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Waseem Khan

A crypto millionaire, who claims he makes thousands of pounds in his sleep, says he is ‘gutted’ after finding his £100,000 car vandalised with insults.

Waseem Khan, 20, says he made his fortune trading crypto currency, and used his earnings to buy a new Audi R8 V10 — which he purchased just three months ago. 

The entrepreneur has garnered thousands of followers and views on TikTok, where he recently featured in a video on the infamous Wakey Wines account. Waseem parked his car in Leeds overnight and then came to Manchester for a business meeting.

Speaking to Leeds Live about his experience, he said: “I left town last night, around 11, 12ish. I got called for a business meeting, they said they were gonna pick me up and go to Manchester, so I left my car in the city centre.

Waseem Khan

“I didn’t think about where I had parked it, came home this afternoon, and I went to get my car and it has been fully vandalised, and I thought it is definitely someone that knows me or something.”

When he returned to Leeds the next day, Waseem found his three-month-old car vandalised with the word ‘die’, with graffiti also branding him a ‘show off’ and a ‘virgin’.

He went on to say: “It just shows, even if you are doing something good in life, there is a lot of hate. I don’t really have any enemies, I think a lot of people just can’t see someone young, do good you know? I have a supercar at 20, they can’t put up with it.”

Waseem Khan

While he was still ‘gutted’ when he saw the car, he insisted it’s not going to ‘phase him’ adding: “I thought I could take it off, I took it to the car wash and it was not coming off, that is when I started worrying that it needed a paint job or a new wrap sheet.

“It’s not going to phase me, they did it when I wasn’t there, if I was there I don’t think they would have had the urge to do anything like that.

“I would just like to say to them, what you have done is very low and pathetic and childish, you just cannot see someone young doing well, it is just pathetic, they could be following their own dreams instead of destroying someone else’s”.

Khan went on to claim the car was ‘not much of a loss’ as he can ‘make £6-7,000 in [his] sleep’, but he claimed the vandalism was an example of attracting ‘a lot of good people and a lot of bad people’ on social media.

He added: “I would like the person that did it, to come forward.”

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