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Americans reveal what annoys them most about living in the UK

It turns out are quirks and customs aren’t considered so cute to some people…

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Theen Moy / Flickr

While us Brits regard our customs and habits as one of the most superior ways to live, our transatlantic cousins apparently don’t agree.

Whether it be our love of walking or our rows of terraced houses with ‘tiny doors that open onto dangerous sidewalks’, there’s always something about British culture that leaves Americans scratching their heads or, in some instances, clenching their fists in irritation.

And there are that many, in fact, that when one Reddit user decided to ask what exactly it is that annoys Americans about the UK so much, they were inundated with thousands of responses.

Redditor WellFiredRoll poised the question: “Americans! Those who have deigned to settle in Britain – what annoys you about our country?”

The Reddit user explained that they weren’t posting the question to create a ‘sh*t-stirring thread or a thread to encourage Yank-bashing’, but simply out of curiosity after hearing an American colleague rant about Brits ‘not complaining enough’.

The replies from UK-based Americans were quick to flood in, with the reasons varying dramatically from grocery shopping to our apparent lack of spacial awareness.

One user expressed their confusion over ‘double taps’, saying they feel they have to ‘choose between hot water or cold water to do things like wash my face’. 

Another pointed out the UK’s ‘lad’ culture, writing: “Roving bands of lads on a weekend night. Get them one on one during the week? Perfectly pleasant, lovely chaps. However when they stand next to each other on a night out they get strangely loud, aggressive, and totally obnoxious.”

They have a point, I suppose.

@reinf / Unsplash

Another American admitted that when they first arrived in the UK they ‘thought they were going to starve’ thanks to our small portion sizes – at first they also thought the customer service was ‘shockingly bad compared to the states’.

However, they said that they now ‘really appreciate’ the chance to browse a shop without someone asking if they need help.

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Another shopping irk noted by one of the Americans was our supermarkets’ overuse of plastic. They wrote: “Fruit and veg wrapped in plastic at the supermarkets. So clearly designed to make you spend more and horrible for the environment. I don’t need 4 leeks, I need 1.” 

Not unreasonable.

A different Reddit user said our drinking culture annoys them the most, writing: “The drinking culture, especially binge drinking… A bit shocking on the odd occasion I’m in the town centre after 10pm or so.”

Wikimedia Commons

One American even found issue with our pennies, writing: “Two pence coins. Just why. Pennies are bad enough, but then a double penny?”

On a more topical issue, however, a number of Americans said their biggest issue with living in the UK was the cost of owning a home, with many expressing their disbelief over how long it takes to save up to buy a property.

One person explained: “Lived here pretty much since 1991 and I would say the lack of housing and the cost of what is out there. We saved for decades and only a year ago have been able to buy a home in our late 40s. So I feel the pain of other younger Brits trying to do the same.”

Another explained how they had just moved from Wisconsin to the UK, pointing out that in Wisconsin they had ten acres and a four bed house costing $189k (£139k).

They wrote: “We’ve just had an accepted offer on a small 3 bed with a postage stamp garden in Gloucester for £235k. It’s insane how cheap land is in the US.”

Read the full thread here.


You can now get a cheese Easter egg to celebrate ‘Cheester’ properly

Call off the hunt…they’re back!

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From the brand Butler’s Farmhouse Cheeses, these epic alternative Easter eggs come in two flavours: cheddar and blue cheese — sounds pungent! 

Sold in a box to look exactly like their chocolatey Easter egg counterparts, you won’t feel odd opting for a cheesy seasonal delight rather than the accepted chocolate kind.

Displayed in the box, it looks as though you’ll have an awkward fully-round egg-shaped block of the creamy stuff, making it hard to slice. You actually get half an egg, so the back of it is flat and ready to be sliced lay down on a cheeseboard.

Weighing 120g, the Easter egg halves are made with the very best Butlers cheeses — their traditional Farmhouse Cheddar and their gold award-winning blue cheese, Blacksticks Blue.


At first glance they may look solid, but the cheeses have been blended to make a softer cheese consistency, so they’re easy to chop a chunk out of. The website says: “We’ve done it again and made something truly egg-cellent, the combination of award winning Farmhouse British Cheese and an Easter egg. 

“Delicious and versatile, this half egg will make a sensational centrepiece for your cheeseboard, a gift for the cheese lover, or simply spread on a hot cross bun!

“Perfect for a savoury and cheesy gift this Easter and the perfect surprise for your children’s Easter egg hunt, or on the Easter Sunday cheeseboard. Available on their own, or as a letterbox gift complete with crackers and chutney!”


You can purchase Butlers Cheeseter eggs online at Amazon where the cheddar and the blue cheese versions cost £9.99 each, and can be delivered straight to your door.

The cheesy eggs also come in letterbox style packages accompanied with a chutney and crackers to complete your cheeseboard. 

Cheese Easter eggs have actually been about for a little while now, but they’re still few and far between in supermarkets. Marks and Spencer had ‘Cheester’ covered a couple of years back when it sold some from Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar. They came in an actual egg box and the eggs were filled with a ‘yolk’ of 18-month matured Red Leicester — innovative or what?!

If you or someone you know is a cheese lover, you know what to get them this Easter…a big cheesy egg.

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Five planets to be visible in UK night sky this month in rare celestial event

Let’s hope for a clear sky!

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Star Walk.space & Yuting Gao / Pexels

Stargazers are in for a spectacular treat later this month as five planets of the solar system will be visible from Earth as part of a rare celestial event.

On March 28th, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and Venus are expected to appear to line up together in a small section of the sky shortly after sunset. While it’s not unusual to see two or three planets aligned, to see five is more uncommon — it happened last year, as well as in both 2020 and 2016 prior to that. 

Two of the brighter planets — Mercury and Jupiter — will be noticeable near the horizon, while Venus is expected to shine higher in the sky. Although a pair of binoculars may be needed to be able to see Uranus, Mars should be visible to the naked eye, in the alignment near to the first quarter of the moon.

Last year, stargazers in the northern hemisphere had the amazing opportunity to gaze at Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all at once. 

Star Walk.space

To easily identify the planets this month, the educational astronomy app Star Walk recommends using the app Sky Tonight — which can be pointed at the night sky to give a live display of what is going on. 

The planets are expected to be aligned in a 50-degree sky sector, which means that they will appear closer together from Earth in a small area above. This visual phenomenon differs from an astronomical alignment, which refers to when planets come together simultaneously on the same side of the sun. 

Beth Biller, of the University of Edinburgh, told The MailOnline that some planets would be much easier to see than others, saying: “Venus and Jupiter are both very bright and easy to pick out and you may have already seen them close together over the past few weeks. 

Eddie Yip / Flickr

“Mars is a bit fainter, but still easily observed with the naked eye. Mercury starts getting tricky — you need to be at a dark site with a clear view of the horizon if you want to see Mercury. Uranus is the faintest and hardest to see – you’ll need binoculars or a telescope to see Uranus.”

Skywatchers don’t need to worry if they miss out on the spectacle, as Star Walk said a number of other planetary alignments will take place this year. Less than a month later Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Mars are expected to align once again in a 35-degree sky sector.

Then on April 24th, a 40-degree sector will take place seeing Mars, Venus, Uranus and Mercury gathering together — with even more planetary alignments happening throughout the summer.

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Lizzo tried some of Gooey’s incredible food while in Manchester and she’s a fan

Lizzo is a fan!

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@lizzo / TikTok

Pop star Lizzo posted a TikTok of herself trying a treat from Gooey in Manchester while in the city as part of her UK tour.

The pop sensation stopped off at the city’s indulgent bakery – known for its heavenly cookies, doughnuts, pastries and savoury treats – to see what all the fuss was about. She bought herself a selection of goodies while enjoying some time off in the day before performing in her concert at the AO Arena on Saturday March 11th.

The singer then made an appreciation video on TikTok, with a caption saying: “Manchester got the good good.”

Known for hit songs ‘Good As Hell’ and ‘About Damn Time’, she started the clip saying: “I’ve got the bag…” before tucking into the well-loved Northern Quarter cafe and bakery’s tofu sando and hash browns, for which she seemed to very much approve.

Gooey has become a Manchester institution known for its New York inspired treats varying from warm doughy cookies, to various filled sugary doughnuts and sandwiches with fillings to die for, all made with extra TLC.



♬ Special (feat. SZA) – Lizzo

After a few years of pop-ups in the Northern Quarter and becoming a hit amongst the residents, it finally opened a cafe bakery last August which attracts people near and far — including some famous faces.

In the TikTok video, Lizzo said: “This is why I love the UK, because their hash browns are…ooofff”, as she gestured an approving chef’s kiss of perfection. She also described our hash browns — very different to the USA’s version — as ‘top tier, always crispy, never gloopy, always salty’.

She then dipped the potato delight into some ketchup and bit into it with a crisp, rolling her eyes to let us know it tasted very good indeed.

After treating herself to the breakfast because she had ‘been feeling unwell’, Lizzo rated the savoury goods as a ‘10 out of 10’. It’s not surprising she had been feeling a little under the weather and needed a little ‘pick-me-up’ after she performed at Glasgow earlier last week before coming to Manchester over the weekend.

She will head over to the 3Arena in Dublin and then back to London’s O2 to close her tour.


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