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All the job vacancies at Manchester Airport as bosses push ‘major’ recruitment drive

There are countless career opportunities at Manchester Airport



@lucidtech / Wikimedia Commons & Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is hiring for a number of job vacancies as bosses push for a ‘major’ recruitment drive amid the ongoing delays.

Throughout the last few weeks, travellers have been reporting huge queues and chaotic scenes as the airport struggles with a combination of staff shortages and increased passenger numbers. 

Before stepping down from her role earlier this week, the airport’s former managing director Karen Smart apologised to all passengers who had experienced disruption to their journeys, before saying that getting back to full strength will ‘take time’.

She said: “We want to be clear with our customers that getting back to full strength is going to take time and there will unfortunately be periods over the next few weeks when it will take longer to get through the airport than it should.”

In response to the chaos, which has sent its reputation ‘nosediving‘, the airport is now on a ‘major’ recruitment drive to employ staff to help with the influx of passengers.

Over on the Manchester Airport Group jobs site, there are a variety of roles on offer, including drivers, traffic marshalls, security operatives and a number of managerial positions, all with competitive salaries. 

Here are some of the roles you can apply for now: 

Security Ambassador 

A Security Ambassador is responsible for passengers’ movements through the security area. According to the airport, they are ‘the heart and foundation of the security team’. 

Role responsibilities include:

  • Hosting the entrance to security search areas, effectively preparing passengers for presentation at the boarding card readers and x-rays.
  • Assisting passengers in loading their trays.
  • Managing numerous queues in and around the central search areas and prioritising any passengers whose flights may be departing within a short period of time.
  • Ensuring that flow remains compliant with security regulation.
  • Providing professional, timely and accurate information to passengers.

While a one-week training course will be provided, the successful candidate must have experience in a face-to-face customer service role, as well as a ‘sky-high personal presentation and a can-do attitude’. 

The role pays £10.53 per hour, which includes 22.5% shift allowance. Apply here.

Manchester Airport

Security Performance Coordinator

A Security Performance Coordinator is responsible for ‘the coordination, analysis and distribution of management information extracted from multiple operational security systems to enable and facilitate decision making, compliance and people management’.

Role responsibilities include: 

  • Tracking and analysing security performance with reports from security systems.
  • Managing employee information changes including links with other affected systems.
  • Administration of setup and utilisation of security system.
  • Collection and analysis reporting of historical security performance statistics.
  • Working with training to coordinate mandatory training for existing colleagues.

Security performance coordinators will work forty hours a week, predominantly Monday to Friday, and will earn a salary between £22,000 – £24,000 depending on experience. Apply here.

Hold Baggage Screening Agent 

Manchester Airport is on the look out for part time Hold Baggage Screening Agents who will be responsible for scanning passengers’ carry-on luggage and identifying any prohibited items or possible threats.

Role responsibilities include:

  • Analysing x-ray images and possible threats using approved equipment at various locations across the airport site.
  • Following the Hold Baggage Screening operating protocol/procedures including performing daily/weekly testing of all HBS x-ray equipment.
  • Remaining alert and vigilant to activity on the airport and periphery to ensure risks are minimised through prompt action and reporting to Team Leaders.
  • Carry out security functions as part of the wider MAG network.

The successful candidate won’t need to have previous experience in a security role as training will be provided. This is a part-time role requiring twenty-five hours of work a week, with shifts lasting between eight and twelve hours and start from 3am. The job pays £10.72 an hour. Apply here.

Manchester Airport

Traffic Marshall

A Traffic Marshall at Manchester Airport is responsible for providing customer assistance to users of the Terminal forecourt areas and car parks, as well as black cab users.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain a continuous flow from all traffic dropping off to buses and taxis.
  • Ensure proper control and safe access for the general public, staff and service partners of the airport.
  • Assist all customers with any general enquiries and provide excellent customer service when required.
  • Patrol pre-determined areas of the airport assisting/addressing problems that could halt or disrupt the flow of traffic.
  • Report and advise GMP and Landside Managers of issues that could have a detrimental impact on the safety and security of the airport.

Experience in a similar role would be advantageous but is not compulsory. A full clean driving license is required. The successful candidate will receive a salary of £19,886.94 plus 17.5% shift allowance. Apply here.

Meet and Greet Driver

Manchester Airport’s Meet and Greet Drivers help with the movement of up to 4,000 customer cars per day to storage locations holding up 16,000 cars across the site. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • The movement and parking of a range of vehicles.
  • Checking and recording of any damage.
  • Ensuring the correct storage location of the vehicle.
  • Greeting customers, checking booking info, providing assistance and directions for parking location.
  • Ensuring customers park suitably to maximise storage capacity.

Successful candidates will be careful and experienced drivers with over two years of driving experience with no more than three penalty points on their licence.

The role requires thirty hours per week, with shifts working on a five-days-on three-days-off basis. Apply here.

@lucidtech / Wikimedia Commons

Customer Transport Manager

The Customer Transport Manager is responsible for the ‘day to day operational management of the land side and airside Customer Transport operation’. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Efficient and effective management of the day-to-day operations of land side and air side bussing.
  • Delivery of a service driving continual improvement in NPS scores and enhancing our reputation with passengers and stakeholders.
  • Leadership of a team of drivers, ensuring that the team perform well and feel engaged and included, via coaching, one to ones, performance management and welfare support.
  • Delivery of health and safety plans and processes, ensuring that the team are compliant.
  • Use of KPIs and data to drive efficiency in the operation, making on the spot decisions and changes to the operation where needed and seeking solutions to trends and longer-term issues.

This role will involve both day shifts and night shifts, which will operate on a five-days-on three-days-off basis. 

A full clean UK Driving Licence is required. The role will pay a salary of £28,992 plus 17.5% shift allowance. Apply here.

Customer Service Ambassador 

Manchester Airport is on the hunt for Customer Service Ambassadors who will ‘provide professional, timely and accurate information to see guests have a great start to their journey’.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Ensuring service levels are achieved and maintained for all aspects of guest experience, including check-in, security and immigration.
  • Providing information to all terminal/airport users via various channels including, face to face, radio, e-mail, tannoy or telephone.
  • Proactively responding to customer feedback and problem situations.
  • Answering enquiries and inputting flight information via Airport Systems.
  • Attending any accidents occurring within the Terminals and accurately reporting, investigating and making any recommendations.

The successful candidate will need previous experience in a similar customer service operational role and must be able to work varied shift patterns including nights.

The role pays £24,085.19 including a 17.5% shift allowance. Apply here.

Manchester Airport

Car Park Team Manager

Manchester Airport is looking for an experienced manager to join its Car Parks Team. Responsibilities include:

  • Leadership of a team of car park colleagues.
  • Monitoring of car parks performance daily.
  • Reviewing, auditing and updating standard operating procedures to maximise operational efficiency.
  • Ensuring any operational changes are well communicated and thoroughly understood and complied with.

The successful candidate will need to have proven experience of leading and managing large teams in a service delivery environment.

A typical shift pattern for a Car Park Team Manager is four working days followed by four rest days on a 24/7 rota. Shifts last twenty-four hours with an average working week of forty-two hours.

Apply here.

You can see all the current job vacancies at Manchester Airport over on its website.

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Manchester named one of the worst places in UK for ‘dangerous drinking’

Manchester has been named the fourth most dangerous city in the UK for binge drinking



Manchester has been named the fourth most dangerous city in the UK for binge drinking, according to a new study.

The Dangerous Drinking Report was conducted by private rehab clinic Delamere, and it has analysed eight different data points.

These include rates of alcoholism, alcohol deaths per 100,000 people, the number of bars, which were all analysed to reveal the most dangerous cities in the UK for drinking.

And according to this research, Manchester took fourth place on the ranking with a score of 17.1 out of a possible 80. 

Manchester had the second-highest number of bottomless drinking locations (77), five drinking events available, 2,040 alcohol-related hospital admissions between 2019-2020 and 209 bars and clubs. 

London was found to have the most dangerous drinking culture in the UK, with an overall score of 0 out of a possible 80. 

As the most populated city in the country, London had 26,580 alcohol-related hospital admissions recorded between 2019-2020, 190 bottomless drinking locations and 1,068 bars and nightclubs that all contributed to its ‘toxic’ drinking culture.


Leeds came in second, with a score of 11 out of 80. Their bottomless drinks score was 0.8/10, 310 hospital admissions were documented between 2019-2020 and finally, there were 9,954 recorded alcohol dependency cases between 2018-2019. 

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Drinking Culture:

  1. London – 0/80 
  2. Leeds – 11/80 
  3. Bristol – 16.6/80 
  4. Manchester – 17.1/80
  5. Liverpool – 19.9/80
  6. Birmingham – 22.3/80
  7. Newcastle – 25.6/80 
  8. Nottingham – 31.1/80
  9. Sheffield -31.2/80
  10. Brighton -32/80

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Nadine Dorries compares herself to Wigan legend after embarrassing rugby mix up




Nadine Dorries made a huge faux pas at a rugby league event this week, when she mixed up two different codes in the sport.

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport was at a Rugby League World Cup social impact event in St Helens, during which she confused league and union while giving a speech.

When discussing her favourite moment from rugby league, she mistakenly chose Jonny Wilkinson’s famous drop-goal – which led to England winning the 2003 rugby union World Cup – as her standout memory.

Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street / Flickr

Dorries told the audience: “I’ve always quite liked the idea of rugby league. My long standing memory is that 2003 drop-goal.

“I’ll let you into a secret, we were drinking Bloody Marys at the time, it was 11 o’clock in the morning, but wow, what a moment that was.

“I know from my limited watching that it’s an incredibly physical and sometimes brutal sport and it often ends up in a scrum, which actually reminds me very much of politics.

“I think we have a lot in common and given a lot of the media like to call me the prime minister’s attack dog, I wonder sometimes if I should give rugby a go.”

While rugby league is played across the country, it is most popular in Northern England –  especially Lancashire and Yorkshire where the game originated in the late 1800s.

She later addressed the mistake on Twitter, in a tweet in which she compared herself to a Wigan rugby league legend.

She wrote: “Like Jason Robinson I may have switched codes in my speech… Both league & union have a rich heritage in the UK.

“Obviously I’ve followed rugby league much less in my lifetime, but I’m looking forward to watching England (& all the home nations) in the RL World Cup this Autumn.”

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Heinz pulls products from shelves in Tesco over price row

Tesco has said it is more focused on keeping the cost of the weekly shop as low as possible



Tesco PLC / Flickr & @AChangeAtATime / Twitter

Customers will be hard pressed to find certain Heinz products in Tesco following a row between the two companies over price hikes.

The food company has scaled back its supply to Tesco after the supermarket said it would not pass on its ‘unjustifiable price increases’ to its customers.

As a result of this, customers will find that a number of Heinz favourites such as baked beans, tinned soups and tomato ketchup will be absent from the shelves in Tesco supermarkets up and down the country.

According to The Grocer Magazine, products affected include Beanz 4x415g, Sticky Barbecue Sauce 500g, Salad Cream 605g, Baked Beans & Pork Sausages 200g, Beanz No Added Sugar 4x415g Snap Pots 4x200g, and Chicken Noodle Soup 400g.

Mike Mozart / Flickr

Heinz is just one of the manufacturers to announce a price increase during the cost of living crisis.

However, many supermarkets like Tesco are firm in keeping prices as low as reasonably possible for their customers, resulting in disputes with manufacturers.

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A Tesco spokesperson told the magazine the retailer was ‘laser-focused on keeping the cost of the weekly shop in check, offering customers great value through our combination of Aldi Price Match, Low Everyday Prices and Clubcard Prices’.

They added: “With household budgets under increasing pressure, now more than ever we have a responsibility to ensure customers get the best possible value, and we will not pass on unjustifiable price increases to our customers.

Tesco PLC / Flickr

“We’re sorry that this means some products aren’t available right now, but we have plenty of alternatives to choose from, including Branston Baked Beans and our own-brand ranges, and we hope to have this issue resolved soon.”

In a statement, a Kraft Heinz spokesperson suggested price was at the heart of the issue, citing ‘today’s challenging economic environment – with commodity and production costs rising – many consumers are working within tight budgets’.

The statement added: “We always look at how we can provide value through price, size and packs so consumers can enjoy the products they love and trust at a price point that works within their budgets, without compromising on quality.”

Heinz said it was ‘working closely with Tesco to resolve the situation as quickly as possible’ and was ‘confident in a positive resolution’.

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