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Akinwale Arobieke wins ‘substantial’ pay out from Greater Manchester Police

Akinwale Arobieke is infamous across the North West for his obsession with muscles

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A convicted offender has been handed a ‘substantial’ out of court settlement from Greater Manchester Police.

Akinwale Arobieke, sometimes known by the offensive nickname ‘Purple Aki’, became well-known across the North West throughout the 1980s and 1990s for his inappropriate behaviour with young rugby players. He would allegedly ask to touch their muscles, order them to squat, and attempt to offer exercise advice.

However, while Arobieke always maintained his actions were innocent, in 1986 he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter when sixteen-year-old Gary Kelly electrocuted himself on railway line in Wirral when running away from him.

He was also found guilty of indecent assault and harassment of fourteen different boys.

Arobieke was sentenced to thirty months in prison but, half way through his sentence, he appealed his conviction, eventually overturning it and winning £35,000 in compensation. 

After being released, however, Arobieke was arrested for fifteen charges of harassment and witness intimidation and sentenced to a further six years in prison.

And it was after his latest release from jail in 2006 that Merseyside Police took the unusual decision of applying for the muscle-ban Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Yet despite numerous convictions for breaching his order – one of which included caressing a sixteen-year-old lad’s calf and quadricep muscles in 2010 – the sixty-year-old has now received a pay-out after suing Greater Manchester Police for malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

gmpolice / Twitter

In his civil claim against GMP, Arobieke alleged that from 2012, he was targeted by two particular officers, who are not being publicly named at this time.

He claimed that those officers embarked upon a ‘campaign’ against him, making false allegations that he had harassed a now detective superintendent, which culminated in the charge and prosecution of him.

Arobieke said today of his win: “This has been an ordeal from the outset of the allegations against me and the many years that my civil action has taken to conclude.

“It has caused me a great deal of anxiety and upset. I want to publicly thank Lee Massingham of James Murray solicitors and Stephen Simblet, QC of Garden Court North Chambers for their services in pursuing my case and securing me a substantial settlement from GMP.”

Mikey / Flickr

Lee Massingham added: “Mr. Arobieke has been unfairly treated for many years particularly after a draconian Sexual Offences Prevention Order was made against him.

“He believes that the order has been abused on numerous occasions by a number of Forces and the events regarding this case are a very good example of this abuse.

“The order was lifted some time ago, but he has been forced to endure these proceedings for a number of years only to have the matter settled very soon before the trial.”

A GMP spokesperson said: “We can confirm GMP has settled the claim brought by Akinwale Arobieke and won’t be commenting further.”


Pub chain giving away FREE pints to anyone with one of these 50 surnames

Are you on the list?

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Greene King

England’s World Cup campaign got off to a flying start yesterday with a convincing 6-2 win over Iran.

Our Welsh neighbours – who are also in Group B with us – managed a draw with the USA, thanks to a late Gareth Bale penalty.

But goals aren’t the only thing to celebrate this World Cup, as a pub chain is giving away FREE pints to lucky fans who have one of 50 surnames.

Gerald England / Geograph

Greene King is dishing out a free drink to anyone who has the same surname as a player in either the England or Wales squads.

If you have one of the lucky last names, you can claim a pint on the house at any point during an England or Wales game.

All you have to do is head to a participating Greene King pub with your driving licence or passport to prove your name.

Anyone with one of these 50 surnames can claim the free pint: 


All you need to do is head down to your nearest participating boozer and show the bar your photo ID during any England or Wales World Cup group stage game.

You can find the nearest pub to you taking part in the offer here.

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Will Ferrell appeals for spare room in North West to watch Eurovision

Got any room for Will?

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Earlier this year it was announced that Eurovision 2023 would be held in Liverpool instead of Kiev, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Following the news, all hotels and accommodation in the city quickly sold out – with many establishments dramatically increasing their prices in the process.

As such, finding somewhere to stay during the annual song contest has become nigh on impossible, even if you’re a Hollywood superstar like Will Ferrell. 

Will recently appealed for help in finding accommodation for next year’s Eurovision during an appearance on BBC Radio 2 to promote his new film Spirited.

The actor previously wrote and starred in the 2020 film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, playing Icelandic singer Lars Erickssong.

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During the BBC interview, Zoe Ball mentioned how much she enjoyed the film, to which Will responded: “And it’s in Liverpool this year, isn’t it?”

After being asked if he wanted to go, he said: “You know my mother really wants me to take her to Eurovision, she’s dying to go and she’s always wanted to go to Liverpool.”

Will added: “But aren’t the hotels all booked now?”

After the comedian appealed for a spare room to stay in, Zoe said: “If anyone is willing to put up Will Ferrell and his mum in Liverpool or the Liverpool area during Eurovision.”

Will revealed his requirements: “We need a clean, tidy room. We’ll share a room – two bunk beds that’s all we need. I know we’re kidding but my mom would love that, she’d be thrilled.”

Eurovision 2023 will consist of two semi-finals on May 9th and 11th, before the final on May 13th.

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Artificial grass company ordered to remove ‘offensive’ billboard in Greater Manchester


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Advertising Standards Authority

A billboard advertisement for a Greater Manchester artificial grass company was ordered to be taken down by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The advertising watchdog ruled that the ‘offensive’ billboard – located at a busy junction where Oldham Road meets the M60 in Hollinwood – ‘objectified and stereotyped women as sexual objects’.

The ASA investigated the poster from Oldham-based Great Grass MCR Ltd following complaints, finding that the ad was ‘irresponsible and likely to cause serious offence’.

Featuring text that read ‘Artificial Grarse Experts’, the billboard also used an image of a woman in just her pants, with additional text saying ‘Perfect 365 days a year…Get laid by the best’.

Advertising Standards Authority

The ASA said: “The complainants, who believed the ad objectified and sexualised women, challenged whether the ad was offensive, harmful and irresponsible.”

They continued: “We noted that the word ‘grass’ was spelt incorrectly to include the word ‘arse’. We considered that was likely to be understood by readers to be a reference to the model’s buttocks and had the effect of making that exposed part of her body the focus, thereby drawing attention to the ad.

“The ad also stated ‘Get laid by the best’. We considered ‘get laid’ would be understood by readers as a slang reference to sexual intercourse. We considered that text, together with the model’s pose and state of undress, was sexually suggestive and would be seen as presenting the model as a sexual object.

“We acknowledged that while sunbathing, people might recline on a lawn wearing revealing clothing. However, we considered that in the context of the ad, in particular the references to ‘arse’ and ‘get laid’, the model was portrayed as a sexual object, rather than someone who was sunbathing.

“For those reasons, we concluded that the ad objectified and stereotyped women as sexual objects, was irresponsible and likely to cause serious offence.”

Google Maps

In response to the ruling, the ASA told Great Grass to make sure that any future advertising was ‘socially responsible’ so as to not cause widespread offence.

The ASA said: “Great Grass said it was noteworthy that there had only been three complaints when the ad had been seen by thousands of people. They therefore believed that most people were not offended by the ad, but found it amusing.

“They believed the complaints were generated by people on social media encouraging others who likely had not even seen the ad, to complain about it.

“Great Grass also said that to assume that the person featured in the ad was a woman was wrong and offensive to the transgender community.”

Google Maps

The company responded to the ASA ruling by saying that ‘Get laid by the best’ was a strapline it had used for many years.

Great Grass spoke to the Manchester Evening News, saying: “The ad was a bit of light-hearted fun and not intended to offend anyone. There have been a number of people posting the ad on social media with positive comments.

“We thought with all the problems going on in the world at the moment anything that can bring a smile is a welcome distraction. It is a very busy junction and the ad has been seen by thousands and thousands of people.

“To the three who found it offensive, we apologise. To the fifty odd thousand who found it amusing, sorry it’s got to go.”

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