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Akinwale Arobieke wins ‘substantial’ pay out from Greater Manchester Police

Akinwale Arobieke is infamous across the North West for his obsession with muscles

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Mikey / Flickr

A convicted offender has been handed a ‘substantial’ out of court settlement from Greater Manchester Police.

Akinwale Arobieke, sometimes known by the offensive nickname ‘Purple Aki’, became well-known across the North West throughout the 1980s and 1990s for his inappropriate behaviour with young rugby players. He would allegedly ask to touch their muscles, order them to squat, and attempt to offer exercise advice.

However, while Arobieke always maintained his actions were innocent, in 1986 he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter when sixteen-year-old Gary Kelly electrocuted himself on railway line in Wirral when running away from him.

He was also found guilty of indecent assault and harassment of fourteen different boys.

Arobieke was sentenced to thirty months in prison but, half way through his sentence, he appealed his conviction, eventually overturning it and winning £35,000 in compensation. 

After being released, however, Arobieke was arrested for fifteen charges of harassment and witness intimidation and sentenced to a further six years in prison.

And it was after his latest release from jail in 2006 that Merseyside Police took the unusual decision of applying for the muscle-ban Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Yet despite numerous convictions for breaching his order – one of which included caressing a sixteen-year-old lad’s calf and quadricep muscles in 2010 – the sixty-year-old has now received a pay-out after suing Greater Manchester Police for malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

gmpolice / Twitter

In his civil claim against GMP, Arobieke alleged that from 2012, he was targeted by two particular officers, who are not being publicly named at this time.

He claimed that those officers embarked upon a ‘campaign’ against him, making false allegations that he had harassed a now detective superintendent, which culminated in the charge and prosecution of him.

Arobieke said today of his win: “This has been an ordeal from the outset of the allegations against me and the many years that my civil action has taken to conclude.

“It has caused me a great deal of anxiety and upset. I want to publicly thank Lee Massingham of James Murray solicitors and Stephen Simblet, QC of Garden Court North Chambers for their services in pursuing my case and securing me a substantial settlement from GMP.”

Mikey / Flickr

Lee Massingham added: “Mr. Arobieke has been unfairly treated for many years particularly after a draconian Sexual Offences Prevention Order was made against him.

“He believes that the order has been abused on numerous occasions by a number of Forces and the events regarding this case are a very good example of this abuse.

“The order was lifted some time ago, but he has been forced to endure these proceedings for a number of years only to have the matter settled very soon before the trial.”

A GMP spokesperson said: “We can confirm GMP has settled the claim brought by Akinwale Arobieke and won’t be commenting further.”

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M&S is doing a Christmas piña colada cocktail and it’s on shelves now

This sounds pretty delicious!

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Peter McDermott / Geograph & Snack News & Reviews / Facebook

M&S shoppers are raving over a festive cocktail that is a Christmas twist on a delicious summer classic, and it’s already on shelves.

Shoppers are going mad for the new festive ‘must have’ with one bargain hunter spotting it already stocked in her local Marks’, which she posted to social media.

The savvy shopper shared a snap of the luxurious gold and red bottle with an Art Deco logo, which quickly went viral with the post racking up over 1,000 likes.

Snack News & Reviews / Facebook

The photo also shows the M&S Christmas Colada is on sale for £5.50 a bottle.

A festive twist on the classic piña colada, it’s flavoured with ‘pineapple juice, coconut milk, and warming spices with two measures of white rum’, and is sure to go down a treat this winter season.

The Christmas bargain was shared to the Snack News & Reviews Facebook page where users rushed to social media to share their excitement for the product, calling it a ‘must have’ as they also praised the price.

Peter McDermott / Geograph

A great gift to bring along to Christmas dinner parties, shoppers say it is perfect for something to sip on throughout the season’s festivities.

One person wrote: “Defo getting this wee number for Christmas Day!” Another said: “Wow, two measures. I’ll have three bottles. What is everyone else drinking?”

While a third put: “Ooohhh yes. I can feel a few pre-Xmas party drinks at mine coming on.” And a fourth typed: “M&S pulling it out the bag again with their Christmas drinks!!”

Robert Wade (Wadey) / Flickr

Other users wondered whether M&S’ popular drinks ‘Let it Sloe’ and ‘Slow Fizz’ are back in stock again for the upcoming Christmas season.

It comes after one shopper urged people to head to their nearest M&S immediately as she was able to bag around £100 worth of shopping for just £16.

Victoria Evangeline posted a video on her TikTok saying: “M&S prices are a joke. They are ridiculous at the moment, you’ve got to see this.”

She went on to say M&S are getting rid of all their summer stock to make way for its Christmas range and that’s why some of its prices are so low – so best get down there asap!

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Mysterious pink pigeon baffles locals after it’s spotted in Greater Manchester

The fuchsia feathered friend has been seen on the streets of Prestwich

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@GMPBury North & @Heywoodharriet_ / Twitter

A pink pigeon has been spotted in a town centre in Bury leaving residents speculating as to how it got its colour.

The fuchsia feathered creature has been seen around Prestwich, standing out from the rest of the grey pigeons, while eating food being given to it by locals.

Greater Manchester Police in Bury North tweeted that their officers on foot patrol around the centre also ‘came across a rare pink pigeon in the town centre’. 

@GMPBury North / Twitter

But people have been wondering how the bird came to be the hot pink hue, with many believing it may be via artificial means.

One resident asked in a post on Twitter: “Has anyone else seen this pink pigeon in Bury and does anyone know why it is pink?!”

In response, one commenter said: “I saw it on Monday. Apparently they release them at weddings.” Another put: “Yeah I saw it last week on the rock.”

A third person wrote: “Believe it was used in a gender reveal hence the hot pink. Seen several times.” And a fourth added: “When I worked in Miles Platting there were bright blue ones that had become dyed by the nearby paint factory.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA told the Manchester Evening News: “We can’t be sure whether these birds have been deliberately covered in a pink substance, or whether they have fallen in something.

“If someone has intentionally painted the pigeon’s feathers this is very worrying as it could cause health problems, impair their ability to fly and make them more vulnerable to predators.

“Dye and paints can be toxic to birds and animals, and they would be likely to try to clean any such substance from their coat or feathers which could result in them swallowing it.”

Earlier this year, a pigeon was dyed pink for a gender reveal party in New York City before being discovered by animal rescuers.

Due to complications from the harmful and toxic chemicals in the dye, the bird – a white king pigeon – unfortunately died a week later.

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Northern Lights set to be visible across Greater Manchester and parts of UK

Look up at the sky tonight, you might just see them

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PxHere & @ikw_uk / Twitter

Met Office forecasters suggest the Northern Lights could be visible across Greater Manchester and parts of the UK tonight, and potentially again on Saturday.

The visually stunning phenomenon, known as the aurora borealis, could be visible to the naked eye along the northern horizon.

And stargazers across the North of England and Northern Ireland are in with a chance of being able to witness this spectacular display.

A minor enhancement to the aurora oval – which determines the range of polar lights – means the swirling colourful display of green, pink and purple hues may also be visible further south.

The Northern Lights are usually only visible over countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, but can sometimes be seen from the UK.

Reports of sightings of the dazzling display have been coming in since Wednesday, from areas including Greater Manchester, Northumberland, the Lake District and even as far south as Cornwall.

They are set to be visible across skies tonight until Saturday.

The Met Office reports fast solar winds are expected and the Northern Lights could appear ‘most notably’ on Friday evening.

PxHere / stock photo

“With the associated increased geomagnetic activity the auroral oval is likely to extend south to become visible to the naked eye along the northern horizon from Scotland (where skies are clear) and perhaps briefly Northern Ireland and Northern England,” it continued.

On Saturday, skygazers in Scotland and Northern England could have another chance to glimpse the auroras thanks to another burst of plasma on the sun.

The Met Office added: “An expected Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) on September 16th will bring further enhancement, with the auroral oval likely to extend south across northern Scotland, and be visible to the naked eye across northern horizons of Northern Ireland and perhaps Northern England.

Malaika Ubuntu / PxHere

“Any auroral enhancements expected to ease from September 17th.” 

The lights are best seen in darkness, away from any light pollution, so those in the countryside and away from city lights have the best chance of seeing them.

According to the Royal Observatory Greenwich, different gases determine what colours light up in the sky.

Nitrogen and oxygen are the primary gases in Earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen causes the green in the aurora, while purple, blue or pink hues are caused by nitrogen. 

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