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World’s first three year cruise is setting sail this year on the ultimate voyage

Just make sure you don’t suffer with sea sickness before you book this one!

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Life at Sea Cruises & Yan & Jim Carter / Wikimedia

If you fancy getting away on a long sabbatical and want out of the 9-5 rat race, there’s now a three year cruise that might float your boat.

If you’re the type of person that hates the part when your holiday comes to an end and you have to go back home and face reality, this lengthy cruise might be the ideal getaway for you — hurry, don’t miss the boat!

The world’s first three-year cruise has just been announced, giving passengers the chance to live away at sea while they get to travel and see the world as they tick off their bucket list one country at a time.

Making its launch on November 1st, the MV Gemini by Life at Sea cruises will voyage to 135 different countries, covering 130,000 miles and visiting 375 ports across the globe. The magnificent vessel will depart from Istanbul with pickups in Barcelona, Spain and Miami, Florida.

Life at Sea Cruises

On this epic voyage of discovery, travellers will get to see 13 out of 14 of the world’s wonders including the Colosseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China, and Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio De Janeiro in Brasil.

Sun worshippers can relax and unwind on the unspoilt beaches of the Caribbean while more intrepid travellers can explore Antarctica and see the penguins in their wild habitat while they marvel at the region’s majestic glaciers.

With stops in every continent, it really is the trip of a lifetime. The ship docks in every port for up to a week giving cruisers plenty of time to really get a feel for a place without rushing their visit. On board, there are 40 offices to work from for those who choose to work remotely during the long expedition away.

Life at Sea Cruises

There’s also 400 rooms housing 1,074 guests, who you’ll probably come to know really well in your three year journey, as your neighbours become family.

And, in case you’ve been wondering… this isn’t a budget trip, it’s going to be costly. A standard cabin will cost $29,999 a year per person (£25,022), though there are finance options available. These rooms will provide 130 sq ft and upwards of space to relax in and enjoy some privacy after a day of exploring.

The most expensive cabin suites have wide balconies and cost around $109,999 (£91,804) per person, measuring 322 sq ft — including the balcony space. Although these seem like huge price tags, when you compare the cruise’s starting prices with London’s average monthly rent at $2,499 (£2,099), it doesn’t seem all that bad — especially when you take into account it’s all-inclusive.

Life at sea Cruises

All tickets include meals, beverages, accommodation, WIFI, medical visits, and all activities onboard, as well as port taxes and service charges. You will also get free alcohol with dinner — a rarity on cruises. However, alcohol outside dinner time is not included so you will have to pay extra for that.

Spa services, medical procedures and medicines, shore excursions, certain premium services and if you want a permanent office space to call your own will all cost extra, and are not included in the package.

And finally, it’s an all or nothing kind of deal, meaning you must commit to the full three years of your life and no partial stays are available — so make sure you’re really sure before you book this one!


This gorgeous Greek island is paying people €500 a month to live there

Fancy packing up your family and moving to a secluded paradise?

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@ikleau_besancon / Instagram & Marco Verch / Flickr

The stunning Greek island of Antikythera is welcoming new inhabitants and will pay them €500 a month to live there.

This idyllic 20 sq km paradise has plenty of beautiful empty beaches where you’re sure to find a peaceful spot all to yourself.

There is something a little disconcerting about taking a lone ferry ride to a remote island and stepping foot onto eerily quiet shores as the boat heads back to civilisation, leaving you among just a few dozen residents already living there.

@ikleau_besancon / Instagram

In stark contrast to the bustling and noisy holiday resorts in Greece and its popular islands that fill up especially during the summer holidays, this island is so quiet there’s no continuous droning of traffic and you may even be able hear your own pulse.

If you’re not much of a people person and you’re very happy spending time in your own company, this offer could be the one to entice you.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get away from the hustle and bustle and live life a little slower, in a serene and simple paradise?

Marco Verch / Flickr

Well, you’re in luck because the small remote island of Antikythera is ready to move new families to its gorgeous land and make it their home.

Not only that, you will be paid to make the move. Antikythera will pay families an allowance of €500 a month to live there for three years, as well as receiving housing and land. 

While moving your family to a remote Greek island isn’t to everybody’s taste, the cash incentive might help those with a bit of an adventurous streak to take the leap of faith and give it a try.

@panemorfa_topia_ap0_thn_ellada / Instagram

While it doesn’t have any supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, ATMs or even taxis, the island is currently under development. It does have its own source of water, an autonomous power station and internet connection for those wondering. 

Antikythera, a two-hour ferry ride from Crete, only has one coffee shop – a kafeneion – which also serves as a grocery store and meeting place for its current islanders. 

The boat which supplies the island with food and gas cannot dock in especially stormy seas – which is, apparently, a fairly common occurrence in winter.

@filoklis.d.pileidis / Instagram

One interesting fact about this island is the discovery site of one of the oldest analogic computers ever found, the Antikythera Mechanism. 

Built sometime around 150 and 100 BC, its gear wheels and clockwork mechanism were used to predict astronomical positions, eclipses, orbits, and even mark the four-year period between each Olympic Games.

The selection process for families could take a good while to complete, so you can sit back and relax – once you’ve packed your life up – in the meantime.

Be sure to do your homework and make sure this is the right move for you and your family if you’re thinking about it.

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Shrek’s ‘moss-covered’ swamp home is now available to rent on Airbnb

Fans now have the opportunity to stay in his humble abode free of charge

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Alix McIntosh / Airbnb

Shrek fans can now live out their dream and stay in the huge, green ogre’s swamp home – now listed on Airbnb.

The ‘mud-laden, moss-covered’ real-life recreation of Shrek’s Swamp is located within the grounds of Ardverikie Estate, in the Scottish Highlands.

The idea for the cosy forest hideout is inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek film series, released between 2001 and 2010.

Alix McIntosh / Airbnb

Airbnb released the listing on Tuesday, with Shrek enthusiasts able to book overnight stays from Friday, October 27th to Sunday, October 29th.

The live-in tree stump features a studio layout with two beds and one bathroom, where up to three guests at a time can make a reservation for free.

The short and long-term home stays firm said the offer is ‘a nod to the priceless refuge Shrek’s Swamp has provided fairytale creatures of all kinds’.

Alix McIntosh / Airbnb

The murky den features ‘Danger’, ‘Beware Ogre’ and ‘Stay Out’ signs on the path leading up to the quirky property. But once inside, it is delightfully snug and inviting.

The unusual listing is hosted by Shrek’s animated sidekick, Donkey, who has agreed to ‘swamp-sit’ in his absence.

About the charming mossy refuge, Donkey posted on Airbnb: “Shrek’s Swamp is lovely. Just beautiful. The perfect place to entertain guests.

Alix McIntosh / Airbnb

“You know what I like about it? Everything. The overgrown landscaping, the modest interiors, the nice boulders, all of it.

“I can’t wait for guests to experience this muddy slice of paradise for themselves.”

To coincide with the launch, Airbnb will make a donation to HopScotch Children’s Charity, which provides some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children with respite breaks through nurturing and dynamic holiday trips

Alix McIntosh / Airbnb

Anyone interested in staying in Shrek’s Swamp can request a reservation from 6pm on Friday, October 13th.

To book a stay, visit the Airbnb website, HERE.

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First look at new Legoland holiday park opening in the UK next year

Young ones can play on climbing frames and rope bridges based on spider’s webs and treehouses

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Legoland in Windsor has revealed a first look into its brand-new holiday park, opening in 2024.

The newly built Woodland Village with over 130 lodges and 20 camping barrels will open to the public next May, with overnight stays on sale now. Prices to stay on the 10-acre site start at £295 or a family of four.

While most lodges sleep up to five guests, with 10 premium lodges able to sleep up to seven people.


Features at the Woodland Village include The Clubhouse Restaurant & Bar, which will serve up campfire-inspired grub in a woodland-themed setting.

Youngsters can explore the several woodland-themed play areas equipped with climbing frames and rope bridges based on spider’s webs and treehouses.

The family attraction will also have brick-building activities, nature trails, an entertainment hub, and colourful new Lego characters.


Helen Bull, Division Director at Legoland Windsor Resort, said: “The LEGOLAND Woodland Village has been a long time coming and we’re incredibly excited to now be taking bookings ahead of the official opening in May 2024.

“This moment marks years of planning and unwavering dedication to providing a magical experience for all our guests.

“The LEGOLAND Woodland Village is part of a significant transformation for the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and we look forward to welcoming families to this new way to stay next year!”


But this isn’t the only exciting new addition to a Legoland-themed attraction, as an adventure golf attraction will be opening this October.

Also next month, the Legoland Discovery Centres in Birmingham and Manchester will be hosting their own Monster Parties, with a series of spooky attractions for Halloween.

Meanwhile, the Legoland theme park is set to close the Viking River Splash – one of its most popular rides – by the end of the month. The park haven’t given a reason as to why, but the ride will become part of Viking history.

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