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Haven has confirmed when it will reopen parks for summer 2020 holidays

Who’s off to Haven then?

Alex Watson



Haven has confirmed it will be open for summer holidays this year, but has stated that there will be strict rules in place.

We might have all forgotten what a summer holiday is – maybe you’ve had to cancel yours and the memory just fizzled away – but the sunshine this week gave us a brief reminder of the feeling of stepping of a plane and the heat hitting you.

While that might be a distant memory for a while, under the new government guidelines, holiday parks and resorts in the UK are planning their reopening strategies, including Haven. 

It may be our closest park to London but relaxing on the North Kent coast it feels a million miles away. Our Allhallows…

Posted by Haven on Monday, 13 January 2020

The Mirror has reported that Haven is planning on reopening on July 2nd 2020 as it currently stands. 

Haven has unveiled major changes to ensure safe social distancing measures can be practised. That includes no use of swimming pools, activities or entertainment. There will also be no use of pubs or restaurants, however takeaway options will be available.

You can enjoy your takeaway in your holiday home, visit beaches and go on long coastal walks. 

Haven hopes to have all facilities open to all customers once the government lifts restrictions. 

There’s just over a month to go until Mother’s Day and for those celebrating with us on park, we have plenty going on to…

Posted by Haven on Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Haven Hideaway, the new 2020 Haven holidays, are covered by a Coronavirus Book with Confidence Guarantee, which means you can book your holiday safe in the knowledge that you are covered if the coronavirus pandemic interrupts your plans. 

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Japan planning to pay half of your travel expenses to encourage tourism

Some good news!

Alex Watson



Japan has announced it will pay half your travel expenses in efforts to encourage travellers to visit the country following the pandemic.

Although international travel remaining uncertain for now, savvy countries are offering incentives to bring visitors to their shores. 

Japan is following in Sicily’s footsteps, which offered to pay half of tourist’s flight costs, and is offering a similar scheme to entice travellers to the country. 

Reports in an article by The Mainichi, one of Japan’s largest newspapers, the Japanese government has given the green light to a 1.35 trillion yen (£10.3 billion approx.) investment for Japan’s tourism. 

Credit: Jezael Melgoza / Unsplash

If approved, the plan will cover half of a visitor’s travel expenses and should hopefully cover the 99.9% decrease in visitors from April 2019 to April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The chief of Japanese Tourism Agency, Hiroshi Tabata, revealed that the scheme could start as early as July as long as coronavirus infections continue to subside. 

The plan has yet to be finalised but it should hopefully provide the nation’s tourism industry with a boost that will be vital to mitigating any economic fallout. 

Credit: Yu Kato / Unsplash

The Tokyo Olympics have also been pushed back to 2021 due to the outbreak, and the financially lucrative cherry blossom tree has also been impact by the pandemic. 

Japan is currently denying entry to people of roughly 100 nations due to the virus, meaning that any trips within the new scheme will likely be later in the year. 

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The price of package holidays is set to double after lockdown

More bad news for holidaymakers…

Alex Watson



The price of package holiday deals are expected to double, following new rules after the coronavirus pandemic, according to industry experts. 

In order for airlines and hotels to maintain and manage social distancing measures successfully, prices are expected to be as much as £1,000 per head. 

Travel insurance is also expected to increase adding to the expected costs. 

Credit: Cameron Stow / Unsplash

A spokesperson for the consumer website Revolver, Martyn James, told the Mirror: “It’s likely the cost of overseas package deals will double. Even when they [customers] get to their hotel, there will be no buffet and all kinds of limitations around the pool.”

Aviation expert Matt Purton also said that if airlines have to block the middle seats for safety measures, consumers could expect a 30% price increase.

Credit: Suhyeon Choi / Unsplash

There is also expected to be a spike in the price of leisure flights on low-cost airlines, as it is likely many businesses opt for conference calls rather than face-to-face meeting that may require flights. 

The PC Agency travel consultancy explained that ‘airlines will have to make more money from their economy passengers’, meaning a rise in holiday prices.

Ryanair and British Airways are aiming to relaunch their flights by July, while TUI and First Choice Holidays all remain cancelled until at least June 11th. 

Boris Johnson has said that UK citizens arriving back in Britain will face 14 days quarantine. 

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Spain says when UK tourists will be allowed back after lockdown

Big news for holidaymakers…

Alex Watson



The Spanish Government has set a rough date for reopening the borders to UK tourists with no quarantine period. 

As it currently stands, anyone arriving in Spain faces a 14-day quarantine, which has made holidays virtually impossible. 

The government has now announced that it aims to reopen borders to visitors around the end of June, as part of unwinding the lockdown.

Credit: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos / Unsplash

Different regions of Spain are easing restrictions in different phases. Last week Madrid imposed a two-week quarantine on all overseas travellers to avoid importing a second wave of Covid-19. 

Madrid’s move is supposedly temporary, and will eventually phase out in parallel with travel within Spain. 

Spain has been one of the worst hit nations by coronavirus with more than 213,000 cases and 27,600 deaths. However, the country reported last Sunday the lowest daily number of deaths, 87,  since March 16th.

Credit: Drew Graham / Unsplash

Other European countries have begun to reopen their borders, including Austria and Germany who plan to have them fully open by June 15th.

Switzerland, Lichtenstein and some eastern European nations have begun trialling staggered reopening. 

Greece has phased reopenings of ancient sites, high schools, shopping centres and mainland travel. The country has a 14-day quarantine for arrivals still in place.

In other countries, Ireland has begun to reopen stores and Italy and the Vatican have resumed public masses. 

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