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Disney is hiring staff in the North West to travel on their luxury cruise liners

Save for a deposit while travelling the world — a magical opportunity!

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@disneycruisline / Instagram

Disney is hiring youth staff members to work on their luxury cruise ships and set sail around the world.

If you love anything Disney and want to travel the world, are looking for a new career path or just simply want to get away from the humdrum of life, this unique role could be right for you. Disney Cruise Line is hiring for youth staff and it’s paying a minimum of £1,872 per month — you could save for a deposit on a house while having the time of your life!

If you’ve had experience and enjoy working with children, love Disney, and love travel, this job could be the perfect fit. Basic qualifications needed to apply for the role include: 

  •  3+ seasons (3 months each) of overnight or day camp experience
  • A minimum of 18 months experience working in a high-volume, fast-paced environment in recreation, resort, day care, classroom, or a before/after school care setting.
  • The candidate must be able to command the attention of a large group of children — up to 200 children at one time.
  • Must have strong English oral and written communications.
  • Bilingual or multilingual abilities are a plus.
@disneycruisline / Instagram

As well as travel, accommodation and a decent wage, perks of the job also include: company events, employee discount, free or subsidised travel, private dental insurance, private medical,  insurance, referral programme, store discounts, and wellness programmes.

Part of the job description says: “Interacts with and supervises children by providing a safe and entertaining environment. Provides set-up, clean-up and program support to Youth Entertainment Hosts during facilitated programs and activities. 

“Extensively cleans youth spaces throughout the day to uphold United States Public Health and company standards. Meets and greets all guests and could assist with onboard registration and check in/out process. 

@disneycruisline / Instagram

“Preps food trays for children during meal or snack periods. Spontaneously entertains large volumes of children in absence of planned activities.

“Occasionally facilitates and presents smaller-scale activities to groups varying in size, requiring the use of a microphone. Functions as Nursery Counsellor during high volume periods.”

You can set sail on a magical experience and reap the benefits of a ‘supportive team’ and make it your ‘home from home’, as the website says about career life working on the cruise ship: “Join us at sea and receive unique benefits and the opportunities for growth you need to live out your dreams.”

If life at sea sounds exciting to you, you can read more about it and apply for the role here.

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The record-breaking Northern waterfall that’s only accessible twice a year

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David Oxtaby & Paul Green / Flickr

There’s a record breaking waterfall you can visit in the North of England but it’s only accessible twice a year.

Situated in the Yorkshire Dales, near Clapham — about an hour and a half’s drive away from Manchester — Gaping Gill is definitely worth a day trip out to see. It’s a really unique waterfall as it spills deep into the belly of a natural cave from the surface.

Although this Fell Beck waterfall is 110 metres tall — twice the height of Niagara Falls — it’s quite difficult to see and it is only accessible to the public twice a year. Those who are lucky enough to embark on this combined waterfall and cave adventure are lowered into the huge chamber on a winch by one of the two the local pothole clubs.

It’s certainly an adventure not for the faint-hearted and definitely made for daredevils as you’ll be lowered down from the surface until your feet touch the floor at the bottom of the cave — where, as your eyes adjust, you’ll suddenly find yourself surrounded by a breathtaking setting.

Phil Catterall / Wikimedia

The Gaping Gill chamber is 129m long, 31m high and 25 m wide, making it large enough to fit York Minster cathedral inside — we hope you’re not afraid of heights! When you look up, all you’ll be able to see is light pouring in from the cave’s opening resting on the slopes of Ingleborough.

For just £20 daredevils can be lowered into this underground world and marvel at its natural wonder. It’s only possible to descend into the cave two times a year: once in May – operated by the Bradford Pothole Club and again in August – operated by the Craven Pothole Club.

Gaping Gill was formed by thousands of years of erosion by the Fell Beck stream, which flows from the flank of the 2,373 ft Ingleborough mountain — the second highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales. In 1985 famous French caver Edouard Martel was the first person to make a successful attempt on the Main Shaft of the cave using wood and rope ladders. Martel stayed in the Main Chamber for about two hours and completed a remarkably accurate sketch plan.

Paul Green / Flickr

You can hike to Gaping Gill on a well marked but rough trail and you can only book a winch ride down once you get to the tent. Bookings can not be made in advance and there can be a bit of a wait but you’ll be given a decent time. The Craven Pothole Club says about this awe-inspiring Northern gem: “At first the darkness hides the bulk of this vast cavern from the visitor gliding down the Main Shaft in the winch chair.

“But as eyes slowly become accustomed it is possible to pick out a gentle arc of rock curving upwards to form a vaulted roof some 150 feet above. Nearby, two columns of water crash to the floor; fragmented to a myriad of droplets they whip the air into violent winds.

“Finally, aided by subdued artificial light the chamber appears, longer than it is wide and with a level floor of water washed pebbles, sand and silt. A walk in the pool of light provided by a guide’s light takes us first to the western end of the chamber with its silt floor and burbling stream, and then on to the foot of the East Slope. A glance back here reveals that the Main Chamber is indeed one of nature’s wild places.”

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World’s first three year cruise is setting sail this year on the ultimate voyage

Just make sure you don’t suffer with sea sickness before you book this one!

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Life at Sea Cruises & Yan & Jim Carter / Wikimedia

If you fancy getting away on a long sabbatical and want out of the 9-5 rat race, there’s now a three year cruise that might float your boat.

If you’re the type of person that hates the part when your holiday comes to an end and you have to go back home and face reality, this lengthy cruise might be the ideal getaway for you — hurry, don’t miss the boat!

The world’s first three-year cruise has just been announced, giving passengers the chance to live away at sea while they get to travel and see the world as they tick off their bucket list one country at a time.

Making its launch on November 1st, the MV Gemini by Life at Sea cruises will voyage to 135 different countries, covering 130,000 miles and visiting 375 ports across the globe. The magnificent vessel will depart from Istanbul with pickups in Barcelona, Spain and Miami, Florida.

Life at Sea Cruises

On this epic voyage of discovery, travellers will get to see 13 out of 14 of the world’s wonders including the Colosseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China, and Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio De Janeiro in Brasil.

Sun worshippers can relax and unwind on the unspoilt beaches of the Caribbean while more intrepid travellers can explore Antarctica and see the penguins in their wild habitat while they marvel at the region’s majestic glaciers.

With stops in every continent, it really is the trip of a lifetime. The ship docks in every port for up to a week giving cruisers plenty of time to really get a feel for a place without rushing their visit. On board, there are 40 offices to work from for those who choose to work remotely during the long expedition away.

Life at Sea Cruises

There’s also 400 rooms housing 1,074 guests, who you’ll probably come to know really well in your three year journey, as your neighbours become family.

And, in case you’ve been wondering… this isn’t a budget trip, it’s going to be costly. A standard cabin will cost $29,999 a year per person (£25,022), though there are finance options available. These rooms will provide 130 sq ft and upwards of space to relax in and enjoy some privacy after a day of exploring.

The most expensive cabin suites have wide balconies and cost around $109,999 (£91,804) per person, measuring 322 sq ft — including the balcony space. Although these seem like huge price tags, when you compare the cruise’s starting prices with London’s average monthly rent at $2,499 (£2,099), it doesn’t seem all that bad — especially when you take into account it’s all-inclusive.

Life at sea Cruises

All tickets include meals, beverages, accommodation, WIFI, medical visits, and all activities onboard, as well as port taxes and service charges. You will also get free alcohol with dinner — a rarity on cruises. However, alcohol outside dinner time is not included so you will have to pay extra for that.

Spa services, medical procedures and medicines, shore excursions, certain premium services and if you want a permanent office space to call your own will all cost extra, and are not included in the package.

And finally, it’s an all or nothing kind of deal, meaning you must commit to the full three years of your life and no partial stays are available — so make sure you’re really sure before you book this one!

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Cheap new intercity coach service with prices from just £2.99 launches in Manchester

The service will offer free Wi-Fi, USB charging points, toilets and wheelchair accessibility

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Fast-growing coach network FlixBus is teaming up with bus and coach operator Belle Vue Manchester to launch a daily service between major cities across the North — with ticket prices starting from just £2.99.

The move comes amid a resurgence in coach travel for a number of reasons, including the cost-of-living crisis and recent rail strikes. The partnership will see Belle Vue serve passengers travelling between Manchester, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle. 

Services will start at the end of April and will open a new cross-country corridor for passengers on the FlixBus network, adding new locations and better connectivity — with the Manchester hub being Shudehill Interchange. Its new partnership marks an expansion into express coach services for Belle Vue, based in Stockport.

Belle Vue is getting a new fleet of  Neoplan Tourliner coaches for the service, which will have free Wi-Fi, USB charging points, toilets and wheelchair accessibility. The vehicle also meets Euro 6 emission standards and is equipped with the latest driver technology and safety features.


Andreas Schorling, managing director of FlixBus UK, said: “Delivering new routes with high quality, award-winning operators like Belle Vue is truly exciting, as we continue on our mission to become the largest network in the country.

“Belle Vue has a clear vision for the transport industry to be clean, green and safe, with a reputation for high levels of passenger satisfaction and appetite for growth. We believe they will be a brilliant addition to our network of trusted partners, particularly ahead of the busy summer season.

“We are passionate about providing green transport for everyone everywhere, and our partnership with Belle Vue strengthens our ambition to connect all towns and cities in the UK. The new route will also support the government’s ambitions to ‘level up’ all parts of the country, encouraging travellers to use sustainable, eco-friendly transport methods.


“The north west has been an area of high passenger demand since our launch and Manchester in particular has been central to our growth, so we’re proud to be investing in sustainable and affordable transport options for the city, offering more connections than ever for passengers.

“In Belle Vue, we’re delighted to be working with an operator with such a strong presence and knowledge of the area.”

Phil Hitchen, managing director of Stockport-based Belle Vue, said: “We have been following the rise of FlixBus in the UK over the past two years, and have been impressed by their ambition, rapid success and focus on sustainability.

“The FlixBus model allows us to diversify and add express services to our existing revenue streams. We felt it was a great time to join their network, which is showing great promise for growth and profitability in 2023, as well as being on track to become the largest in the UK.


“We see this service as the beginning of a long-term partnership that we plan to quickly evolve and grow.”

Andreas added: “We believe coach is the unsung hero of the transport industry, keeping Britain moving. Even before the recent rail strikes, we were seeing huge demand — we had a 94% uplift in passenger numbers last summer compared to the previous year.

“Rail strikes have impacted on consumer behaviour, with many turning to coach as the sector offers a reliable service, 365 days a year, but there are several reasons why people are turning to coach. 

“The cost-of-living crisis has had a big impact, so affordable travel options are key. In the midst of a climate emergency, consumers also increasingly care about the sustainability of the services they choose, and coach is a green, clean way to travel.”

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