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Couple sell everything and quit their jobs to travel the world in a campervan

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Travelling Full Time/Facebook

This Leeds couple sold everything to buy a motor home and travel the world, and to be honest I feel like doing the same. 

Tina and Kevin Waddle have now been living in their motor home for three years, in a bid to pursue their passion for travelling.

The couple, who have been married for 35 years, actually did the thing we all threaten to do. They sold their home in Morley and headed out on the road in their new campervan to travel the world.

So far they’ve been to France, Spain and Portugal, as well as travelling around England and Wales.

To head out and explore, Tina, 54, quit her job as a PA in the NHS and Kevin, 62, sold his Telecommunications business, which they both say they do not regret at all!

Tina, a mother of two, told Yorkshire Live: “We’d always loved travelling and wanted to make every minute count but we’d never had a motorhome or ever been in one. We put our house on the market and we sold the home in November 2016.

“We quit our jobs and purchased a smaller home that we can rent out.

“We were scared and excited. Scared because we didn’t know if we’d enjoy it but excited because it was something new.

“As we shut the door at our home, I said I’m not leaving anything behind, all the memories are in my head. We’ve not regretted it at all. I don’t miss the house, to be honest.

“Our son thought we were bonkers for selling the house because we used to host a lot of family gatherings but he was never a big fan of travelling.

“Our daughter was sceptical at first but when she came with us for the first time for a weekend she didn’t want to leave by the end.”

The couple document their travels on an Instagram account called full_time_motorhome, which has over 500 followers. 

Speaking on how they afford their travels, Tina said: “We do it all frugally. Even in the motorhome I cook most nights and the places we stay are mostly free. There’s a campsite where you don’t have to pay.

“We stay around beaches, castles and rivers, and we never have to cut grass.

“We don’t have that many plans for the week, we take each day as it comes.

“We’re impulsive and we really don’t care what people think, we just live our lives how we want to live and we enjoy our life.”

The travelling duo are currently stuck in Greece – I can think of worse places to be stuck – due to the coronavirus pandemic, and have been travelling around the country. 

You can keep up to date with their travels over on their Facebook page, blog and Instagram


Haven is reopening its caravan parks following latest lockdown announcement

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Following the prime minister’s announcement on Monday, Haven has announced it will be opening its caravan parks from April 12th.

It’s great news for one household families who are looking for a getaway – Haven will be open in England from April 12th. 

Two households will be able to stay together from May 17th. 

Haven said in a statement: “Following the Government announcement earlier this week with regards to the roadmap out of lockdown measures, we can confirm that our parks will remain closed in England until Monday 12 April.

“We are however, delighted that the roadmap has considered self-contained accommodation to reopen at Stage two and we look forward to welcoming many families to enjoy a coastal break that we pride ourselves on from the 12 April across our parks in England.”

It comes just in time for the Easter half term which ends on April 16th, with holidays in Yorkshire starting from £69.

Haven added: “We would like to thank our guests for their patience and continued understanding whilst we work through this as quickly as we can.”

Currently, this only applies to those in England and guests should expect some restrictions in place in accordance with the lockdown rules. 

Indoor entertainment is also unlikely to return but outdoor activities are expected to take place. 

It comes after Travelodge also announced a sale on rooms with prices starting as little as £25. 

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Travelodge launches huge sale with more than 1 million rooms for £25 or less across England

Make sure you don’t miss these super low prices



Michael Graham/Geoograph

Travelodge launches sale with breaks available for £25 or less a night in hotels across England.

Following on from Boris Johnson’s announcement at the beginning of this week, Travelodge has confirmed they are now taking bookings from May 17th and have even slashed their prices.

Staycations are likely to stay popular for quite some time with rooms available from just £25 a night – it’s the perfect way to explore the UK this year. 

Hotels across the country are included in the deal, from coastal locations like Cornwall and Devon to countryside destinations such as the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales. 

Michael Graham/Geograph

Those looking for a city break can grab a bargain night in the likes of London, Liverpool, York and Cambridge.

Family rooms are also included in the sale meaning a stay can cost just £6.25 per person for a night, or those looking for a romantic getaway can grab a room for £12.50 each.

From May 17th, hotels can reopen and holiday homes can be let to groups of up to six people from different households or groups from two households. Holidays in self-contained accommodation can go ahead from April 12th at the earliest. 

You can see Travelodge’s Covid-19 updates here and find a £25 room here


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Holidays in Wales could return from Easter but restaurants and pubs will likely remain closed

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K. Mitch Hodge & Courtney Cook/Unsplash

Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford has hinted at what will be open in April in Wales, plus the potential return of holidays.

Holidaymakers could be able to visit Wales for Easter but they’ll find the restaurants, pubs and cafes to be closed.

The Welsh government is publishing a roadmap to reopening schools and the economy this week as Covid cases fall. 

As Easter approaches – a crucial period for the hospitality and tourism sector – Drakeford is pressed on what parts of the economy will be opening. 

Peter Hall/Unsplash

He said a similar policy to last summer could happen first, including self-contained holiday accommodations such as cottages, lodges and some hotel rooms opening.

He added that he did not expect hospitality to be part of the initial reopening of the economy. 

Mr Drakeford told BBC Politics Wales: “I can’t imagine we will be opening hospitality in that way but I do want to recognise how important it is.”

When asked if outdoor hospitality could be allowed, he added: “What I think we are looking at for Easter, and I want to recognise how important Easter is for the tourism industry, are the sort of first steps that we offered last year where we were able to reopen self contained accommodation first for people and then demonstrate the success of that and move on.

“That was a welcome move last year.

“If things continue to improve and we are in that position closer to April then I hope we will be able to offer that but we will have to assess that in the conditions at the time.”

Peter Pacheco/Unsplash

UK Hospitality has expressed concern for the industry explaining for every week the sector remains closed, more companies are being put into jeopardy and millions of jobs risk being lost.

The trade association’s chief executive, Kate Nicholls, said: “That is why we urge the prime minister to work with us on delivering a safe, swift and sustainable exit from lockdown for hospitality.”


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