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Man Utd players to donate 30% of their wages to support local NHS

Well done lads!



Manchester United players are set to donate 30% of their wages to the NHS, according to reports this afternoon.

They will become the first Premier League stars to take a pay cut in order to help fund our health service during this difficult time.

Some of the players are reportedly earning up to £375,000 per week, and have agreed to donate 30% of their wages this month, meaning the NHS will see millions of pounds injected into it.

The Old Trafford stars reportedly agreed to do it on the basis the money is used to directly benefit hospitals and health centres throughout Manchester.

According to Mail Online, chairman Ed Woodward approached Harry Maguire with the idea, who then took it to the rest of the senior squad – who are reported to have overwhelmingly agreed to the plan.

This comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock urged Premier League footballers to take a pay cut to help support staff members who have been furloughed.

What a great gesture from Man Utd – it’s only a small amount of money to them, but it’ll make a huge amount of difference.


This is why the England team took off their medals after Euro 2020 final defeat

There’s a meaning behind the controversial act…




Football fans couldn’t help but notice that, after being presented with their runner-up medals following their Euros defeat last night, most of the England squad instantly removed them from around their necks.

But why?

Manager Gareth Southgate – who is on track for a knighthood for the role he played in getting England to their first major tournament final since 1966 – kept his medal on, but players like Captain Harry Kane, Luke Shaw, John Stones, Kyle Walker and Marcus Rashford were seen removing them shortly after being presented with them.

Opinions on the players’ actions have been seriously divided online, however, with many fans slamming the players as ‘sore losers.’ One social media user wrote: “Absolutely appalling seeing them take their runners up medals off, we just got to a major tournament final and only have ourselves to blame for loss.”

Another commented: “I hope the England players take a leaf out of the Croatian players book after 2018. They were proud to make the final and still showed off their medals. A semi final and final in two consecutive tournaments. It’s brilliant and a lot to build upon.”

However, others defended their actions, pointing out that other teams from all over the world have done the exact same thing. One Twitter user explained: “A lot of comments about England team taking off their runners-up medals … It’s what almost every player, from every country, international or club, does after losing a final. They lost. They’re gutted. Don’t rub it in and make them wear it.”

Well, it turns out that the act isn’t an unusual thing for sportsmen and women to do because removing silver medals has been a trend in the sporting world in recent years.

Manchester City players could be seen removing medals after losing the Champions League final to Chelsea last season, for example, while England players did the same following their Rugby World Cup final defeat by South Africa in 2019.

While many of us could see this act as a sign of poor sportsmanship, in the eyes of an athlete partaking in group sport, a silver medal is nothing to be celebrated as it means you were beaten. 

England’s dreams of Euros glory were shattered last night when Italy beat them 3-2 at a penalty shootout, only adding to the ‘fifty-five years of hurt’ but leaving the nation expressing pride at their achievements.

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England captain Harry Kane to present Denmark with gift for Christian Eriksen ahead of Euros semi-final

A beautiful gesture from the England team



@chriseriksen8 / Instagram & @harrykane / Instagram

Harry Kane and the rest of the England squad will be handing over a gift to Denmark tonight in a symbolic gesture of unity following Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest last month.

In the moments leading up to tonight’s Euros semi-final match, it is believed that Kane will gift his Danish counterpart, Simon Kjaer with a signed England shirt baring Eriksen’s name.

Kane, who was team-mates with Eriksen at Tottenham, wished him nothing but all the best in his recovery.

@harrykane / Instagram

He told talkSPORT: “I spoke to him after what happened to him and wished him well. He sent me a quick message back to say he’s okay.

“I kind of left him alone. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for not just him but his family as well. I’m sure he’ll be cheering against me on Wednesday, and rightly so. He will back his country all the way.”

The heartfelt gesture comes in the wake of Eriksen’s cardiac arrest during Denmark’s match against Finland on June 12th.

@chriseriksen8 / Instagram

Eriksen collapsed on the pitch in front of his team mates, his wife, and thousands of horrified fans.

The twenty-nine-year old was resuscitated there and then on the pitch before being taken to the hospital, where he had a cardioverter defibrillator implanted. He is now at home recovering.

England will take on Denmark in the semi-final of the Euros tonight at Wembley at 8pm.

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Marcus Rashford says England players will continue to take the knee despite booing

Some fans booed the team before yesterday’s friendly



Кирилл Венедиктов / Wikimedia

Marcus Rashford has announced that England players will continue to take the knee throughout the Euros tournament, despite a number of fans booing them for doing so during last night’s friendly. 

England beat Romania at Middlesborough’s Riverside Stadium last night in preparation for the upcoming Euros, where twenty-three year old Rashford scored the only goal of the game from the penalty spot.

However, England’s victory was tarnished from the get-go when a number of fans were heard booing as the players took the knee in a sign of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement before the match.

Following the match, Rashford, who was captaining England for the first time, spoke out and stressed that, despite the backlash, he and the other players will continue taking the knee throughout the Euros.

He told ITV News after the match: “For us, we believe it’s the right thing to do, so we’re going to continue to do that.”

This comes just over a week after he opened up about the ‘mountain’ of racist abuse he received from fans following Man United’s Europa League loss to Villarreal.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “At least 70 racial slurs on my social accounts counted so far. For those working to make me feel any worse than I already do, good luck trying.”

In a subsequent tweet, he revealed one of his abusers appeared to be a teacher.

The footballer said: “I’m more outraged that one of the abusers that left a mountain of monkey emojis in my DM is a maths teacher with an open profile. He teaches children!! And knows that he can freely racially abuse without consequence…”

The striker, who received criticism for his overall performance in the match, also shared a reply from one user who said of the racist abuse: “You deserve it man you are awful” – replying with a thumbs-up emoji.

Rashford received nation-wide praise last year when he began campaigning to end child poverty and hunger – his work for the provision of free school meals in the UK during holidays and other support to low-income families prompted major changes in government policy.

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