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You and your dog can now get a matching face mask and bandanna set

This is so cute!

Alex Watson



StitchyStitchDesigns / Etsy

There’s nothing cuter than a dog with a neckerchief, except if your face mask could match! 

While you’re out and about donning the new must-have accessory, why not match with your pooch with a cute bandanna?!

Of course, it’s not actually a face mask for your dog but a dead cute bandanna you can tie around their neck – so you can both match.

The bandanna and masks are available on Etsy, where there is a whole range of colours and prints to choose from. 

StitchyStitchDesigns / Etsy

If you want to go all out and really pamper your pooch you can get your initials embroidered on for an extra fee.

Matching sets start at £12.26 and you can add on personalisation for just £3, making it £15.52. 

The product description explains: “Dog bandanas can be personalized with your dogs initial as well as your own on your face mask for a customized fit. We currently have a variety of fabrics which we can customize to the size of your dog

“Our adorable summer inspired fabrics for our dog bandanas and matching pet owner face masks make your next dog walk extra special.”

StitchyStitchDesigns / Etsy

You can be seriously on-trend with tie-dye colours or go all out with watermelon or strawberry prints. There’s also flamingos, pride rainbow stripes and even a Minnie Mouse design for all you Disney fans! 

The products have got seriously good reviews including one user writing: “Love the bandanas! Shipped and delivered faster than expected! Great quality and looks adorable on my pups. Going to order more!”

Treat yourself (and your pooch)! Check out the Etsy store here


You can get hands-free neck fans from just £9 to keep you cool on the move

Perfect if you’re hot in your PPE!

Alex Watson



TabbyCat_ & poshfelly/Twitter

These completely hands-free neck fans will keep you cool in scorching temperatures, and they’re dirt cheap. 

If you’ve ever found yourself in the sweltering heat but in need of a cooling device but don’t fancy flapping your hands about this is the perfect thing for you.

They looks as though they will be perfect for this muggy weather we are set to get over the next week too!

They come in different prices, with one product description on Amazon saying the ‘fashion style makes you look so cool’ and it will save you ‘from the embarrassment of dripping with a sudden sweat in public on numerous occasions’. 

Social media users have pointed out how great the neck fans are if you’re wearing full PPE for work or personal reasons, with one user writing that ‘it’s glorious’.


This rechargeable fan retails for just £12.99 and comes with three speeds, each with powerful airflow that will give you instant relief from any hot weather. 

The two fans can be twisted and rotated to face whichever way you want, including one cooling your face and other cooling your chest. 

The fan has over 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon, with one user saying ‘this is the best invention ever!’, while another wrote ‘absolutely brilliant! There’s going to be quite a big queue for this item!’.

One fan wrote that this is a ‘good buy’ and a ‘must-have for the summer’. 

You can recharge via a power bank, laptop, phone charging plug, car charger or via a computer. 

It’s one of the cheapest fans of this kind available on Amazon, with some coming in at £55.99! 

There are loads of other cheap options out there as well, including this one which has been reduced to £8.99 and has lots of five star reviews, or this one which is a little more expensive at £15.99.

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Poundland now selling Baileys ice cream cones with a pack of four for just £1.50

Take my money!

Alex Watson



Poundland / Facebook

Fans of Baileys will be pleased to hear Poundland is now selling the Irish cream liqueur in ice cream cones! 

Just when you thought today couldn’t get any better, Poundland reveals they are selling Bailey’s in boozy ice cream form.

The cones come in two flavours, Vanilla Chocolate and Double Chocolate, each swirled with extra chocolate sauce. 

The new product was shared on the Bag a Weekly Bargain Facebook page with the caption ‘my willpower gets weaker by the day’, alongside the cones in a Poundland store.

Bag a Weekly Bargain/Facebook

They added: “Pick these new Baileys Ice Cream Cones up for £1.50 at Poundland (and yes they contain alcohol).”

The post has gone somewhat viral with Bailey’s fans desperate to get their hands on some. One user wrote ‘add this to the shopping list’, while another added ‘these look amazing!’. 

They are available in 60 Poundland stores while stock lasts, reports The Sun

The vanilla cones contain 189 calories and the double chocolate is likely to be more, however, Poundland has yet to confirm. You might need proof of ID to buy these bad boys though as they’ve got 0.3% alcohol! 

You can pick them up for just £1.50 for a pack of four!

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Asda is selling limited edition white chocolate Munchies

Take my money!

Alex Watson




White chocolate Munchies are now available for a limited time only at Asda! 

Chocolate lovers are buzzing about a new flavour of Munchies that sees the usual caramel and biscuit centre, but now coated in luxurious white chocolate. 

The new chocs are available in Asda online and in stores from Thursday August 13th. The good news is they’ll only set you back £1!

For now, they’re only available in a 94g sharing bag, but I’m sure you’ve got no complaints about that… 

The new chocolates will be exclusive to Asda, as Nestle confirmed they have no intention of selling them elsewhere. 

Nestle said they will be available until the end of this year, but might stick around if they prove popular! 

Cat Mews, Nestle’s Munchies brand manager, said: “Munchies has been a popular brand for over 60 years, but we know that consumers love an on-trend twist to a classic too.

“Fans couldn’t wait to try Munchies chocolate fudge brownie and Munchies cookie dough when they launched last year, and we are sure that white chocolate Munchies will prove just as popular addition to the range.”

Nestle actually first invented white chocolate back in 1936, and for that we all owe them a massive thanks.

It came about as workers were working on vitamin-enriched condensed milk, adding cocoa butter to make a solid tablet form and VOILA – white chocolate! 

Safe to say everyone is excited for the new creation, with people responding to Munchies’ announcement on Twitter with ‘GAME CHANGER’. 

Can someone take me to Asda, please?

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