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Ryanair’s Cyber Monday deal has £5 flights to Alicante, Barcelona and loads more places

There’s some absolute bargains to be had here…



Zarateman / Wikimedia

As we enter December and the countdown to Christmas creeps ever closer, winter is in full effect and the weather is certainly reflecting that.

Manchester is in the midst of a cold spell, with temperatures hovering around 0C during the morning commute today.

But in some news that’s sure to warm you right up, Ryanair is currently doing a load of super cheap flights to a range of sunny destinations.

As part of its 10-day cyber sale the budget airline has been offering new discounts daily, and now as we enter day 9 of the sales things are really heating up for bargain hunters.

Today is Cyber Monday and Ryanair has stepped things up, offering £5 deals on select flights from Manchester to places like Alicante and Barcelona.

You can also get £5 flights to places like Faro in the Algarve, Thessaloniki in Greece, and Naples in southern Italy. As well as the £5 deals, there are also a load of other cheap flights going to a wide range of destinations.

In total there are £5 fares on 50,000 seats up for grabs, with the travel dates falling between December 2019 and January 2020.

While temperatures won’t be as piping hot as they would be later in the year, you can still get highs of 17C in Alicante, 16C in Faro and 15C in Barcelona – a lot warmer than we’re going to be getting at home.

The bad news is you only have 24 hours to grab yourself a bargain, with the offer running out at 11.59pm tonight, so you best be quick – check out their website here to get a cheap flight.

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B&M is selling a hanging egg chair especially for your cat

Because our cats deserve only the best this Christmas



B&M & Hugh Venables/Geograph

B&M has pulled out all the stops this winter with the launch of its new hanging egg chair designed especially for cats.

Now, anyone who has owned a cat will know that they deserve (and expect) nothing but the very best; so what better way to show them your love than with a luxury hanging egg chair?

B&M took to social media to reveal their revolutionary new product, writing: “You’re all fans of our sell-out egg chair – so now we’ve launched a new version…. For cats!

“This rattan effect egg chair is in stores soon (some lucky people have already picked one up!) so don’t miss out! Who’s feline the need to pick this up?!”

Putting awful cat puns to one side, the chair, which is priced at £55, has already proved to be a massive hit with shoppers online, with the post racking up thousands of comments and reactions across various platforms within just a few hours. 

One social media user commented: “Oh, I must have that for my cats!”, while another tagged a friend, saying: “I don’t mean to influence you, but wouldn’t Peanut look cute in one…”.

@alexandruz / Unsplash

The chair doesn’t seem to be available on the B&M website yet and no set release date has been announced, so it’s worth keeping an eye out in your local branch and on the website in the next week or so – because our cats deserve only the very best.

This comes after Aldi sent shoppers into a frenzy earlier this year with the launch of its very own wicker egg cat bed, which came as part of their new Eco Pet range.

The cat egg chair was made from hand-woven natural wicker, was hung from a strong metal frame and was, as you can imagine, too cute for words.

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You can get baubles of your favourite tea and condiments for your Christmas tree

You’ll either love them or you’ll hate them…




If you’re resenting the idea of digging out your mums’ handed down baubles for another year, the unlikely hero Marmite may just be able to put your woes to bed.

The distinctively flavoured spread – which has been dividing opinions across the nation since the dawn of time – has unveiled its Christmas range which includes a number of admittedly bizarre condiment-themed baubles. 

There are four different baubles to choose from – a personal favourite of mine is the PG Tips bauble, which resembles a very small and very cute box of PG Tips teabags.



Other designs include a miniature Marmite bauble, which you’re guaranteed to either love or hate (sorry) and a Colman’s Mustard bauble, for all those who love the yellow stuff. 

Or, if you’re more of a mayo kind of person, you can purchase a bauble replica of a jar of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. Picture that up on the tree. 

And if you still need a bit of convincing, 100% of the net proceeds made from the unique baubles will be donated to the Trussell Trust – a UK charity working to stop UK hunger and poverty.



So not only will your new baubles give you something to talk about with the cousins you only see once a year, but you can feast upon your turkey content with the knowledge that your money is helping others.

Now that’s the festive spirit. 

The baubles are limited edition and will be available to buy in a set of four for £25 on the Marmite website from December 1st.

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Co-op launches ‘gravy flavoured Wotsits’ in time for the festive season

Because is there anything else quite as sensational as crisps and gravy?



Co Op

The crisp-gravy hybrid we never knew we needed has arrived in the form of ‘gravy flavoured Wotsits’ just in time for Christmas.

Now, there’s no denying that the wonderfully cheesy maize crisps are already in a superior league of their own (sorry, Quavers), but Co-op’s new take on the snack could be a very strong contender.

New to the supermarket just in time for Christmas, the revolutionary ‘Gravy Puffs’ have been described as ‘light maize crisps that will really satisfy those who love gravy on their Christmas dinner.’

Co Op

Crisp and gravy fanatics can pick up a sharing bag in Co-op for just £1 and, better yet, they’re vegan! So everyone can get in on the action, regardless of their dietary requirements.

The supermarket has also launched its’ Irresistible Hog Roast Crisps,’ which encapsulate ‘the smells and tastes of the Christmas markets’ thanks to the meaty pork, sage and apple stuffing flavour.

An utterly legendary move from Co-op, if you ask me.

But this crisp selection isn’t the only festive treat our supermarkets are bringing to us to this year; earlier this month, Heinz unveiled its somewhat controversial Christmas Dinner Big Soup, which was quickly branded as a ‘Christmas Dinner in a tin’ by unimpressed critics.

Co Op

In something that surprisingly isn’t a publicity stunt, the Big Soup Christmas Dinner consists of all the things you love to see on your plate on the big day – pigs in blankets, ‘big chunks’ of turkey, Brussel sprouts, sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, red cabbage, gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Only this time, they’re all crammed into an aluminium tin and will be ready to eat after just a couple of minutes in the microwave. Think of the washing up you’d save!

Heinz also announced that it was bringing back its wide range of festive gifts including ketchup crackers, baked beans baubles, a festive jumper and personalised bottles of tomato sauce. Yep, Christmas 2021 is going to be a big one.

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