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New buzzer could stop your partner from snoring and keeping you up all night

Sleep deprived partners of Manchester, there may now be a solution…




A new gadget is doing the rounds online this week after it claimed to be able to completely eradicate snoring.

Okay, it’s admittedly a very bold claim – for years, we have been batting away so-called ‘cures’ and ‘hacks’ for snoring and have simply been making do with a pair of good quality ear plugs instead.

Yet, with 35% of the adult population being serial snorers, you’d think there would have been a solid solution by now.

Andisheh A / Unsplash

Well, one company is adamant that they hold the answer to that much-needed peaceful night’s sleep.

Sibelmed, a company that works in the design and manufacture of products related to sleep diagnosis and therapy, has unveiled the Somnibel, a small buzzer that attaches to the snorer’s forehead and buzzes them whenever they roll over onto their back.

Okay, it isn’t exactly the most fashionable device, but I suppose looking ridiculous in bed is a small price to pay for a blissful, snore-free evening?

The website description reads: “Somnibel is a Class IIa medical device that works for sleep apnea and snoring treatment.


“It consists of a small, light device that is attached to the forehead and vibrates gently whenever your patient is sleeping in a supine position, encouraging them to change position.”

To put it simply – the device buzzes whenever the wearer rolls onto their back, reminding them to sleep on their side where, apparently, the snoring will ease.

And, according to the Respiratory Medicine Journal, scientists have found that the small device can reduce snoring symptoms by a third within days of using it.

The device isn’t available to buy immediately online, but if you’re interested in buying one for yourself (or your snoring partner), you can get in touch with Sibelmed here.


Lidl is selling sangria flavoured ice lollies in time to save you from this heatwave 

The perfect snack for this heatwave



Lidl & @elgatonegromanc / Instagram

Is there anything quite as good as a glass of ice cold sangria on a hot summer’s day? 

Yep: Sangria flavoured ice lollies on a hot summer’s day. 

Now, it’s no secret that a ‘hot summer’s day’ has somewhat lost its novelty as of late – Greater Manchester has been in the grips of a sweltering heatwave this past week, and the temperatures aren’t looking to cool down any time soon.

@northern_kaptures / Instagram

But the sleep-deprived, overheated people of the region need not to fear, because Lidl has come to the rescue with the remedy none of us knew we needed.

As part of its ‘Iberia Week’, Lidl will be embracing the flavours and delights of Spain with a whole range of exciting new products, such as the Spanish style churros, a selection of Spanish cured meats and a delicious Spanish tapas selection, which will hit shelves from tomorrow, Thursday July 22nd.

But perhaps most tantalisingly, the budget supermarket is offering a range of Sol & Mar Spanish-Style Ice Lollies in multiple flavours, Blood Orange, Watermelon, and Sangria included. 


Each packet contains six ice lollies and is priced at an outrageously reasonable price of just £1.49. You can’t argue with that, can you?

Other refreshing Sol & Mar products up for sale include the fresh clementine juice and a boozy Spanish moscatel.

Do you fancy a taste of Spain while you’re melting in your very insulating British house? You can check out the supermarket’s full Iberia Week selection and find your closest store here.

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Boots is now selling ‘cooling sheets’ for pregnant baby bumps

Relief from this heat at last!



Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK / Facebook & Boots

Boots has come to the rescue for long-suffering pregnant women in this heatwave with their innovative ‘cooling sheets’ designed especially for baby bumps.

It’s safe to say that the current heatwave gripping Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK is pretty unbearable for the best of us – but for pregnant women, it can be simply unliveable.

Warmer weather can be notoriously difficult for those who are carrying a baby, and cooling down can feel like an almost impossible task.

@freestocks / Unsplash

But now, Boots has come to the rescue.

The retailer is stocking the My Little Coco cooling sheet designed specifically to provide a cool bit of relief for pregnant baby bumps.

The sheet contains aloe vera extract for optimum hydration and rosehip to help reduce stretch marks. It arrives ready to use, and simply needs to be unfolded and smoothed out onto the contour of the stomach. The size is designed to be suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

The My Little Coco sheet is also suitable for sensitive skin and vegans, according to the Boots website.

Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK / Facebook

The product was shared onto the popular Facebook page, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where it proved to be a huge hit among sweltering expectant mothers.

One woman wrote: “Highly recommended these! Pop them in the fridge for a bit, perfect in this heat.” While another commented: “If only we’d known during the hottest summer on record when I was pregnant!”

Though, of course, the sheet mask doesn’t have to be used on just pregnant bellies – food babies need cooling down, too. One person wrote: “Can this be used by people that aren’t pregnant too? Not asking for a friend.. Asking for my chunky self.”

For more information and to get a mask of your own, visit the Boots website here.

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Freezable bra inserts are here to save you from sweaty boobs in the heatwave

Sweaty boobs, be gone!



Nenad Stojkovic / Flickr & Polar Products

You may or may not be aware, but Manchester is in the grips of a very sweaty heatwave, and we’re not exactly loving it.

Okay, the hot weather definitely has some perks – the beer gardens are full of life, weekends are fun again, and the current travel ban doesn’t seem so dire anymore.

However, there’s one thing that’s putting a dampener on the festivities: us Mancs are simply not built for the hot weather, and neither are our houses. British homes were built to keep the warmth in (obviously), so whenever a heatwave strikes, our small abodes instantly transform into sweltering greenhouses, which isn’t too fun when you’re trying to sleep at night.

@siniz / Unsplash

But now, there’s a new product that’s set to be an end to these heatwave woes… for women, that is.

Sold and manufactured by Polar Products, the Cool58 Bra Coolers are making waves among women who struggle with – let’s be crude – sweaty boobs.

The nifty little product freezes as 14.4C and, once fitted into a bra, stay cool for two dreamy hours. Plus, when they eventually heat up, they can be quickly recharged in a cooler of ice water in just ten to fifteen mins.

Polar Products

The product description on the website reads: “When you are overheated, sometimes all you need is a quick, refreshing cool down in just the right places! Our Cool58 Bra Coolers cool at a comfortable 58F.”

The bra coolers come in two sizes: an A-C cup size, and a couple set for D cup and above. The later will cost you an additional £29.70, which is a little discriminatory on those bigger busted ladies, if you ask me.

The reviews for the product, however, have been glowing. One satisfied customer wrote: “They are wonderful and such a life saver for me, once I cool down using the bra coolers and wrist and ankle wraps outside I come back to life.” Another customer commented: “The scarf and bra coolers are so discreet and really helpful, especially with the inserts frozen solid.”

To grab your own set of bra coolers, visit the Polar Product website.

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