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M&S is now selling Percy Pig advent calendars so you can count down to Christmas in style

Take my money!

Alex Watson



Hayley Bell/Faceook & foxsoup/Twitter

Stop everything – you can now get Percy Pig advent calendars and we all need one to brighten up the end of this year.

It’s safe to say at this point, we’re all just looking forward to Christmas now.

If we could buy advent calendars that started in September I think I would. 

But for now, we’ll have to make do with the usual month-long count down to wave goodbye to 2020. 

Hayley Bell/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook

M&S has gone Percy Pig mad this year including giant sweetie jars and even Percy Pig dessert sauce. 

But this one is extra special.

For £5 you can now get a special Percy Pig themed advent calendar that sees individual chocolates with Percy’s face on and even a pack of Percy treats for the big day – they’re on sale from today, Tuesday September 15th.

If you’re a big Percy Pig fan, you’ll be pleased to hear about a giant soft toy that has been spotted in some M&S stores. It would definitely make a fantastic Christmas prezzie for piggy fans! 

Missy M/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook

The toys land in stores on September 15th, and come in two sizes.

You can get a large limited edition Giant Percy Pig Toy for £25 that is 90cm tall, or the Large Percy Pig Toy for £15 that stands at 60cm. 

“Percy Pig is taking real-life form as a big, squishy, cuddle-tastic toy and is ready to comfort the nation,” said M&S.

“In a year when hugs have been in drastically short supply, it doesn’t matter if you need a GIANT cuddle or a little pig to lean on, Percy has ready-made hugs for all.”

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Lidl has started selling mini pet teepee tents for your dog or cat

This is so cute!

Alex Watson




Lidl is now selling the perfect hibernation station for your pets that will not only keep them nice and cosy in winter but looks damn cute too. 

The mini teepee costs just £12.99 and is part of the Pet Week range at the budget supermarket.

The Zoofari Pet Teepee is perfect for small dogs as well as cats and any other pet that needs a little shelter. 


The cosy hideaway is easily put up – unlike any other tent out there – with just five wooden poles to assemble. 

Inside is a comfy faux-sheepskin cushion which you can remove when it starts to get hot again.

The covers are all washable and removable so keeping the teepee clean is super easy. 

Pet Week kicked off on September 17th, which means you’ve got a few days left to get your hands on the cheap pet stuff. 


Pet Week also has a the Zoofari Dog Harness for £14.99, plus grooming accessories like the trimmer and brush. 

There’s also Zoofari Cat Scratching Post with five floors for the perfect amount of scratching, playing and sleeping.

You can also get plenty of food and treats, plus a car seat cover to avoid any unwanted pet hair on the back seat. 

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Shoppers are loving this new £1 lavender pillow spray from Poundland that ‘helps you sleep’ 

I need this!

Alex Watson



Poundland has launched a lavender-scented pillow spray and everyone is raving about how relaxing it is.

Lavender, an anxiolytic, increases levels of calm and reduces agitation – it’s something we all need to cover our house in at the minute. 

Many other lavender sleep sprays exist on the market but often, they come with a heavy price tag. Neom’s ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist’ will set you back £20 for just 30ml of the relaxing spray. 

And Lush’s ‘Twilight body spray’ is also £20. Poundland’s £1 ‘Land of Nod’ spray is being hailed as the perfect dupe!

Lauren Scott/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook

A savvy shopper shared the find on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

Lauren wrote: “Got this spray today and it smells exactly like the Lush ‘Twilight’ spray I usually buy for £20!

“Definitely want to try more of the range, they had shower gels, bath bombs, soap bars all sorts, well worth a look.”

The post has racked up over 2,000 comments with many people excited about the find. 

Katie Blackbourn/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook

The range also features Shower Gel, Bath Powder, a roll-on Essential Oil, Bath Bar plus Bath Fizzers for the ultimate relaxing evening.

Everything in the range is all a pound of course! 

A lot of people are saying it is great for kids and others are pointing out that the spray is perfect at the minute as many people are struggling to sleep in the current situation. 

One commented: “I will try anything. Three hours sleep last night.” Another simply added ‘Need this!’.

Sadly, you can’t shop online at Poundland so you’ll have to grab it in store. 

Find your nearest Poundland here

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B&M selling massive 4.5-litre tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for just £5

Take my money!

Alex Watson



Joanne Stacey Plader/Facebook

B&M is selling huge tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream again, this time for just £5.

A few months ago, eagle-eyed shoppers spotted huge 4.5 litre tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream for just £3.50 in B&M’s freezers. 

The huge tubs are back, this time in the Peanut Butter Cup flavour, and they’ll cost you £1.50 more than last time. 

The tubs are usually stocked in businesses like restaurants and cinemas, but the closure of these throughout lockdown has left piles of the huge tubs.

Joanne Stacey Plader/Facebook

A 465ml tub of Peanut Butter Cup typically costs around £4.50 meaning you’d have to spend £43.50 on the small tubs to have the same amount of ice cream B&M are selling.

Per 100ml you’ll find 330 calories which means the giant tubs has a whopping 14,850 calories. 

The tubs are also around ten times bigger than normal so you’ll need to make room in the freezer before snapping one up! 

B&M are physical stores only, meaning you can’t get this huge saving online. Some B&M stores don’t have a freezer section either, so double-check to avoid disappointment!

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