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McDonald’s is giving away free McMuffins with every hot drink on Sunday

Start your Sunday right…



They’re back.

McDonald’s is carrying on its month of free goodies with the return of free McMuffins this Sunday – all you have to do is purchase a hot drink.

The fast food company has been offering customers a whole load of freebies throughout January, with McMuffins already making an appearance a couple of weeks back.


So far we’ve brought you news of 99p Big Macs and Vegetable Deluxes, the previous free McMuffins, free cheese melt dippers and free milkshakes and Coke Zeros.

Like previously the offer is only for single McMuffins, and to claim your freebie simply order any hot drink via the My McDonald’s app between 5am and 11am on Sunday January 19th.

The offer works with any sized hot drink on the McCafe menu, and prices for an espresso start at just 79p.

Albert Bridge / Geograph

As with the other bargains, the deal can only be redeemed once per customer, but as this is a fresh offer you can get one even if you got a free McMuffin at the start of the month.

To get your hands on these Maccies offers you need to download or access the app and purchase the food via it.

The rest of the month’s offers are yet to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled…


M&S is finally selling full-sized Colin the Caterpillar face chocolates on their own  

Our prayers have been answered




The best bit of the famous Colin the Caterpillar cake is now available to buy on its own. 

It’s good news for the Colin the Caterpillar fans – you can now buy the iconic white chocolate face for just £1. 

The solid, creamy white chocolate with milk chocolate eyes is a wonderful treat, especially when it’s your birthday and you get that heavenly slice of the cake. 

Speaking on the matter, the actual Colin said: “Since I got so much attention for Colin Mini Faces my head’s got a little bigger, literally!”


He added: “I’ve had a whole lot of love from my fans in lockdown and I’m so pleased that they can now enjoy Face Time with me all year round! Stay tuned for more news about me (and the Mrs!) next week!”

After the success of the mini faces launched last August to celebrate the 30th birthday of Colin, fans will definitely be excited.

M&S tweeted: “STOP SCROLLING. You’ve dreamt of it, we did it. Gone are the days of fighting for Colin’s face: you can now get your very own GIANT one in store now!”

One person replied ‘dreams do come true’ while another said: “My 2 Grandsons will be so happy, we usually have to cut Colin’s face in half for them to share.”


If you want to go all out you can grab M&S’ ‘Colin the Caterpillar Cake Gift Bag’ which features the classic cake as well as mini versions. Plus there are Rainbow Colin the Caterpillars, Veggie Colin the Caterpillar and fruit sours. 

The gift bag will set you back £25 with delivery available from February 2nd. 

Or if the only gift that makes sense for your other half this Valentine’s, there’s the new ‘Love Is In The Air Colin & Connie‘ gift bag where you get the ‘love cocoon Colin & Connie’ plus plenty of other treats for £30. 

Find your nearest M&S here

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This Manchester lad has made ‘sneaker candles’ and they look mint

I need some of these for my house



Crep Candle

This Manchester lad has made ‘sneaker candles’ and they’re as cool as they sound.

Crep Candle is the brainchild of 22-year-old Harvey Prince, who moved home after uni with a fantastically creative wax-based idea.

Harvey came up with the homeware idea in his final year of university, where he put plenty of time into researching moulds and candles all made from a different classic trainer. 

Fast forward to October 2020 and Harvey started actually making the candles, probably ruining his mam’s stove with melted wax and taking up tonnes of space.

Crep Candle
Crep Candle

But the hard work and clever idea paid off as Harvey sold out of his creations in just two days! 

One of his latest moulds based on the legendary Nike TN shoe has created tonnes of buzz on socials, meaning his followers have been on an upward slope.

Harvey and his photographer friend @joelhirstphoto who helps out with socials have been brainstorming over Christmas to step into 2021 with their best foot forward.

There are new drops every two weeks with this month seeing one of their most requested trainers becoming a candle – the Jordan 1. 

You can follow Crep Candle here

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This almost impossible clear jigsaw puzzle is the perfect lockdown challenge

It’s been described as the ‘hardest puzzle ever’



Little Flower Pot Shop / Etsy

Someone has created an almost impossible jigsaw puzzle and it’s perfect for lockdown!

If you’ve found yourself losing your mind in the third national lockdown because you’ve already mastered banana bread and completed all your other jigsaw puzzles, well this might just be the one for you.

Created by Etsy shop, Little Flower Pot Shop, the clear jigsaw comes in four sizes starting at an easy nine pieces going all the way up to 144 pieces. 

Now a 144 piece puzzle doesn’t sound too bad, until you find out this jigsaw not only doesn’t have a picture, each individual puzzle piece is completely clear. 

Little Flower Pot Shop / Etsy

The clear jigsaw puzzle also has an ‘Okay’ version complete with 25 pieces, while ‘Hard’ will see you scrambling to put together 49 pieces. 

Prices depend on which size you go for and think you can handle, starting at £14.65.

Alternatively, you can grab a bundle of all four sizes for £59.57, which will keep you busy enough to at least forget about Boris for a little while. 

One reviewer wrote: “Hardest puzzle ever!!! Straight lines on the inside is just evil. I finished in about 8 hours. Tediously.”

And a second described the puzzle as ‘challenging but not overwhelming’, whereas a third said ‘hardest puzzle ever‘.

You can get one here.

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