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Iceland now selling a caramel biscuit cheesecake that tastes just like Biscoff

Take my money!

Alex Watson




Iceland has done it again with a delicious new cheesecake inspired by Biscoff, and we all need it in our freezers now! 

By now you know how we feel about Biscoff – about the same level of love as everyone else in the world – so we’re buzzing to hear about a new addition to the shelves in Iceland. 

The cheesecake will set you back just £1.50 and those who have tried it are saying it tastes just like Biscoff biscuits.

The rich vanilla cheesecake is topped with a layer of caramel sauce and a crunchy biscuit topping.

You’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on one though because the Caramel Biscuit Cheesecake is limited edition. It’s available in-store and online from September 7th. 

It’s big enough to comfortably serve six – if you want to share! 

The dessert was spotted and shared via NewFoodsUK and it’s racked up almost 2,000 likes and nearly 200 comments.

One fan pointed out just how cheap the product is saying ‘you couldn’t make it for that’. Another added that they’ll be getting it in the freezer for their next ‘gals’ evening. 

Another wrote what we’re all thinking ‘need a trip to Iceland’. 

If you like things a bit more simple, there’s also a new Limited Edition White Chocolate Cheesecake.

The new product was also shared on the same Instagram account, one chocolate fan wrote ‘serves six… so that’s me, me, me, me and urm me. Oh and me.’ the comment got itself five likes so it’s definitely what a few people were thinking.

Find your nearest Iceland store here or order the Biscoff-inspired cheesecake and white chocolate here from Monday. 


Iceland is now selling Chicken Smileys for the ultimate nostalgia tea

Oh wow!

Proper Manchester




Everyone will remember potato smileys from their younger days – or maybe you still have them as a sneaky tea occasionally (I definitely do).

They went great with chicken nuggets, so what better way to upgrade the humble smiley than by replacing the potato with chicken?

That’s exactly what Iceland has done, releasing some limited edition Chicken Smileys to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Iceland’s Chicken Breast Smileys are 100% chicken breast breaded in the traditional smile shape, and will set you back £2.00 for a 356g bag.


Shoppers are loving the concept too, as the news of the launch was shared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, with one person commenting: “Finally something good to come out of 2020”.

Richard Walker, managing director at Iceland Foods, said: “Our 50th year is a great excuse to celebrate with some of our dishes from over the years, we’ve worked our way through the archives and selected the very best that our customers will love.

“Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be celebrating in different ways and we’re looking forward to bringing the party into our stores and customers’ freezers the way we know best – with great food.”

For more info about Iceland’s Retro range head over to the website here.

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Asda is now selling huge rainbow Christmas trees to brighten up the festive season

It’s divided opinion…

Alex Watson



Asda & N Chadwick/Geograph

The 5ft fake fir tree is painted with twisted rainbow stripes but not everyone is convinced it’s nice…

Christmas is officially 91 days away and is fast approaching – some people are getting prepped, ordering presents and thinking about their decorations.

The rest of us are just trying to make it through to the end of the week without quitting our jobs and moving somewhere hot! 

As divided as we are on getting ready for Christmas early, we’ll never be as divided as opinions of this rainbow tree. 

One person rightfully pointed out ‘it’s been a shitty year, is it okay to put the Christmas tree up?’, and to that we say – you do you, honey boo! 

Spruce up your entire room with this happy rainbow tree that’ll have you smiling ear to ear and requiring sunglasses to sit in your living room.

The good thing is, it won’t need any decorating – it’s beautiful enough.

The product description on the Asda site reads: “Wow your guests with this amazing rainbow fir tree exclusive to George Home. It flaunts stripes of green, purple, orange, red, yellow, and blue offering a playful way to break Christmas tradition!

“Standing at 5FT, it’s perfect for sprucing up the hallway or adding a quirky touch to a quiet corner of the home.”

If you’re after one, it’ll set you back £50 and delivery is free!

Get your rainbow tree here. 

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Lidl has started selling mini pet teepee tents for your dog or cat

This is so cute!

Alex Watson




Lidl is now selling the perfect hibernation station for your pets that will not only keep them nice and cosy in winter but looks damn cute too. 

The mini teepee costs just £12.99 and is part of the Pet Week range at the budget supermarket.

The Zoofari Pet Teepee is perfect for small dogs as well as cats and any other pet that needs a little shelter. 


The cosy hideaway is easily put up – unlike any other tent out there – with just five wooden poles to assemble. 

Inside is a comfy faux-sheepskin cushion which you can remove when it starts to get hot again.

The covers are all washable and removable so keeping the teepee clean is super easy. 

Pet Week kicked off on September 17th, which means you’ve got a few days left to get your hands on the cheap pet stuff. 


Pet Week also has a the Zoofari Dog Harness for £14.99, plus grooming accessories like the trimmer and brush. 

There’s also Zoofari Cat Scratching Post with five floors for the perfect amount of scratching, playing and sleeping.

You can also get plenty of food and treats, plus a car seat cover to avoid any unwanted pet hair on the back seat. 

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