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Aldi’s ice cube maker is perfect for keeping cool this summer

Tepid tap water be gone!



@ceveoh / Unsplash & ALDI

Aldi is now selling a budget ice cube maker perfect for the warm summer months.

There’s nothing quite as depressing as tepid tap water on a hot day and, in this ongoing heatwave, I can bet that one too many of you will have had to make do with a luke warm glass of water in a bid to cool down.

Well, Aldi, the king of all random and budget buys, is here to save the day (and potentially the whole summer).

Introducing: The Ambiano Ice Cube Maker.


Promising to keep your drinks ‘chilled, cool and refreshing’, this ice maker is the newest way to stay cool this summer.

Complete with a detachable basket and ice scoop, this machine makes ice in a matter of minutes – around seven to eight minutes, to be precise. It also comes with a self-cleaning function, so that you’ve always got fresh, delicious-tasting ice on tap without having to worry about hygiene issues. 

And, to make this offer even more irresistible, you can choose between two ice sizes – small for your cocktails or large for your pitchers.


The website’s description reads:Enjoy chilled drinks whenever you need them with the Ambiano Ice Cube Machine. Choose from small or large ice cubes to pair with your drink of choice.

“This digital ice cube machine will help you focus on enjoying the summer sun while your drink remains chilled, cool and refreshing on the side.”

If this isn’t the most necessary summer investment of the year, I honestly don’t know what is.

Aldi’s Ambiano Ice Cube Maker is available exclusively online now for just £79.99. 


Burger King is now selling a frozen strawberry Fanta slushy for the summer

Know anyone who’d love this?



Burger King & belleza1674 / Instagram

BIG News: Burger King has made our summer dreams come true with the launch of a frozen slushy.

And, to make this news even more exciting, their slushy is made from Fanta.

Now, frozen beverages are usually reserved for American customers only, with us Brits having being cruelly deprived of the delicious frozen goodness to accompany our Whoppers. But now, our time has come.

Burger King

The Frozen Fanta Strawberry is now joining Frozen Coca Cola as another refreshing choice for iced-drink fanatics.

The latest addition is available to order both in-restaurant and through the drive-thru, and will cost £2.29 for a regular and just twenty pence more, £2.49, for a large.

The new drink joins three new cheese and bacon burgers on BK’s menu, which you can view for yourself here.

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Aldi is selling a massive 28oz ‘Godfather’ steak in time for Father’s Day

Do you think your dad is up to the challenge?



ALDI & Ashley Byrd / Unsplash

Aldi is launching a giant 28oz steak just in time for Father’s Day.

The bargain supermarket, famous usually for it’s random middle aisle offerings, has put all our Father’s Day woes to bed with their ‘Godfather’ rump steak, a chunkier cousin of their ‘Big Daddy’ steak.

The mammoth cut of meat weighs in at a whopping 28oz and is perfect for the whole family to feast upon – though, if he thinks he’s up for the challenge, it will make for the ideal Father’s Day treat for one.


And if, like me, you’re a little worried about your steak cooking skills, Aldi has teamed up with the Culinary Director of Gaucho Restaurants, Mike Reid to share tips on how to cook the perfect steak.

Mike, who is also a regular on BBC1’s Ready Steady Cook, said: “I would always recommend cooking a steak such as Aldi’s Godfather Rump over fire – the combination of wood and coal gives a unique, smoky flavour to meat.

“Anyone in need of some pointers should follow my simple hints and tips; a fail proof guide to getting restaurant standard steak at home – every dad’s dream!”

@joseignaciopompe / Unsplash

He has also offered some expert advice on how to cook normal-sized steaks from home – did you know that steak needs to be cooked at room temperature to ensure it cooks evenly? For this, you simply need to remove the meat from the fridge around an hour before cooking.

He also pointed out that different cuts (rump, sirloin, fillet, etc) require different cooking methods – according to Mike, the higher the fat content, the higher the initial heat you need to cook it on. If you have a leaner cut like fillet or rump, you want a gentler heat to cook over as you don’t have as much fat to be rendering.

The supermarket’s rare offering is priced at a very reasonable £7.99 and is available in stores from June 17th – just in time for the big day.

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People claim this £3 ‘Wine Wand’ eradicates hangover symptoms like headaches and sickness

We all know someone who desperately needs one of these…



There’s a new device that claims to completely eradicate those ghastly wine hangovers. 

I think I speak for all of us when I say hangovers aren’t as cute as they used to be; long gone are the days where we’d simply have a spot of fatigue and leftover Domino’s to gorge on after a night on the sauce – these days, hangovers consist of splitting headaches, never-ending waves of nausea and some quality time spent with our heads down the loo.

Whether it’s a result of last year’s lockdown or just the sad reality that we can’t quite hack it like we used to (that one’s definitely my excuse), hangovers are down right awful, and if we could rid our lives of them forever, we would.

Well, a nifty little device is claiming to do just that.

Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

If you’re prone to a sore head after enjoying a bottle of vino, the Wine Wand could very well be your new best friend. Priced at a very reasonable £3, the device uses single-use filters work to remove histamines and sulphite preservatives from a glass of wine in just three minutes, according to the product’s description.

FYI: These preservatives are usually what makes you feel so groggy after a night out, and have been linked to common hangover symptoms such as nausea, migraines and stomach upsets.

What’s more, the creators claim they can be used in any red, white or sparkling wine without altering the taste.

And thanks to their Patented Phoenix technology, the wands also claim to restore oxidised wine to its natural state – so you can give that bottle that’s been gathering dust in the back of your cupboard a little extra value.


Giving it a five-star review, one hangover-free customer wrote: “This product works! No headache/migraine after drinking wine! I can finally enjoy a glass of wine with a meal. ”

Another added: “I definitely noticed a difference (improvement) in taste of the wine and no reaction (or less reaction) like I would usually get next day.”

On Amazon, you can buy three wands for £11 – so just over £3 each – or eight for £20.99. 

If you want to feel as fresh as a daisy after your next night out, you can either get a three-pack here or grab eight Wine Wands here.

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