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Aldi launches beer sale starting at just 99p after buying pub stock to stop waste

Make sure you don’t miss these bargains



Seth Weisfeld/Unsplash

Aldi is selling off beer that was destined for pubs at discount prices, after buying it up to stop it going to waste.

The supermarket has stopped around 25,000 gallons of beer from being wasted, after lockdown means pubs must remain close.

Aldi purchased the beer directly from breweries, meaning they can sell it on at bargain prices, with some beers going for as little as 99p.

David Smith / Geograph

The beer is part of an Aldi Specialbuys offer which starts today, Thursday January 28th, and will end when all the stock is sold.

You’ll be able to grab 500ml of Spitfire Gold for just 99p – that’s 25p cheaper than at Asda and 75p cheaper than Morrisons – while you can also get a range of beers for the bargain price of £1.49, including Business as Usual from Derby Brewery and Snake Oil from West Berkshire Brewery.

If that doesn’t do it for you, you can also get a great deal on Tangle Foot and Warsteiner, with a four-pack of Tangle Foot going for £3.99 and a 12-pack of Warsteiner setting you back just £8.99.

The offer is available in-store only, so you won’t be able to grab any cheap beer online.

David Clark / Geograph

Julie Ashfield, the managing director of buying at Aldi UK, said: “Lots of our favourite local breweries have been hugely affected by the pandemic.

“As part of our commitment to supporting British suppliers, we’ve found a way to stock great quality and award-winning beers.”

All the beer you’ll be able to get your hands on:

  • Spitfire Gold (500ml): Shepherd Neame – 99p
  • Business as Usual (500ml): Derby Brewery – £1.49
  • Brewgooder Moyo Juice (330ml): Brewgooder – £1.49
  • Shelby (330ml): Thornbridge – £1.49
  • Snake Oil (330ml): West Berkshire Brewery – £1.49
  • Puffin Tears (330ml): Harbour Brewery – £1.49
  • Wild Gravity (330ml): Bad Co – £1.49
  • Dartmoor Jail Ale (500ml): Dartmoor Brewery – £1.49
  • Old Hooky (500ml): Hook Norton Brewery – £1.49
  • St Peters Best Bitter (500ml): St Peters – £1.49
  • Pistonhead Haze Lager (330ml): Brutal Brewing – £1.49
  • Tangle Foot (4 x 440ml): Hall & Woodhouse – £3.99
  • Warsteiner (12 x 330ml): Marston’s – £8.99


Lindt’s ‘luxuriously thick’ hot chocolate is finally available in the UK

Winter? Lindt have completed it



Lindt UK

Some fantastic winter news for you all to sink your teeth into: The famed Lindt hot chocolate is finally available to purchase in the UK, and it is just as delicious as we’d all imagined.

The Swiss chocolatier has always ranked highly in the opinions of chocolate-lovers here in the UK but, sadly, its hot chocolate blend has always been notoriously difficult to get hold of.

Well, until now it has been, that is.


Yep, British chocolate-lovers can now get their mitts on Lindt’s hot chocolate, a blend made with only the finest of their Swiss chocolate. 

The chocolatiers wrote of the UK launch of their iconic drink: “Cosy up with a mug of rich, velvety Lindt Hot Chocolate. Luxuriously thick and full of flavour, just add your preferred choice of milk to create the ultimate silky-smooth winter warmer.”

And, even better yet, the drink can be enjoyed cold if you’re fancying something a little more refreshing next to a warm open fire. 


I can imagine there’s one question burning upon your lips right now… Where can you buy your own tub of Lindt hot chocolate?

Well, Amazon are the ones dishing out the goods for £4 a tub which, in my honest opinion, is a small price to pay for chocolatey winter comfort.

Get your own here.

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‘Flatulence-filtering’ bedding is now a thing to mask the smell of farts during the night

This could be a lifesaver for some couples…



Shreddies & Sincerely Media / Unsplash

If you or your partner (because let’s face it, it’ll definitely be them) has a real issue with farting in the middle of the night, this product might be the one for you.

Flatulence experts Shreddies – not the cereal brand, I promise – has unveiled it’s latest fart-combatting product, the ‘Flatulence Filtering Duvet Cover’, which promises to completely eliminate those unsavoury fart smells throughout the night.

The duvet cover includes an inbuilt carbon panel to trap flatulence gases before they escape through the bedding – all you have to do is simply insert your own duvet into the cover and your gases and aromas will be discreetly filtered as you sleep.


The porous carbon ‘attracts and traps flatulence odours’ and, worry not, because it is simply reactivated when washed.

Shreddies also sells a ‘Carbon Undersheet’ to accompany the revolutionary duvet cover if you’re in need of double filtering – the sheet is designed to fit snugly around your mattress and, like the bedding, absorbs all those nasty odours while you sleep.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Both products use the same technology found in our award winning underwear, the highly porous carbon acts as an adsorbent which attracts and traps flatulence odours and is simply reactivated when washed.

“These brand new products are the latest in a long line of successful odour eliminating products that Shreddies brand is known for including their patented underwear, undershorts, cushions and odour eliminating bags.”


The bedding sets don’t come cheap, however; the duvet cover is priced from £180 dependent on size while the under-sheet starts at £110 – but I suppose an odourless night is priceless in the long run?

These products have come following the success of Shreddies’ famed ‘Flatulence Filtering Underwear’, which do exactly what they say on the tin; filter out the smell of farts. 

The company also stocks flatulence eliminating cushions, bags and gifts, just incase you know someone who can’t take a hint. 

Shop their full fart-free range here.

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Aldi launches glitter snow globe gin with gold flakes for Christmas and it’s £6 cheaper than M&S version

All your sparkly gin dreams are going to come true…



Aldi & @nikkodime / Unsplash

Just when you thought Christmas 2021 couldn’t get any better, Aldi has unveiled their latest alcoholic beverage offering: a glitter globe gin liqueur.

Now, despite it only being October, Aldi has already been knocking it out of the park with its festive offerings; just this week, shoppers have been delighted by the return of the iconic halloumi pigs in blankets – chunks of halloumi wrapped in bacon incase you missed the memo.

But now, the budget supermarket has really ramped up the Christmasy vibes with the arrival of its glittery snow globe gin liqueur.

@rosssneddon / Unsplash

And guess what? It’s a whole £6 cheaper than Marks & Spencer’s version.

The retailer is aiming to repeat the success of its glitter globe gin range that was launched in the spring with flavours such as elderflower and peach.

The production description for this range read: “Lovingly distilled in only small batches by The Infusionist, this mouthwatering peach and elderflower flavour gin liqueur with 23-carat gold flakes has flavours of fresh peach and floral notes of elderflower and juniper. Try cold and neat or with premium tonic and ice.”

But in the new festive range, shoppers will be able to choose between clementine or sweet blackberry flavours, both of which come in a light-up bottle infused with flecks of edible twenty-three-carat gold leaf – it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than edible gold, does it? 

The 70cl bottle will be priced at £13.99 and will be available to buy both in-store and online from November 8th.

Head over to the Aldi website to order your own bottle (or three), or find your local Aldi store here

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