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Vernon Kay receives hero’s welcome as 115-mile ultramarathon enters Manchester

Keep going Vernon!

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@BBCCIn / Twitter

Vernon Kay became emotional as he was given a hero’s welcome on entering Manchester, as he completed the third leg of his ultramarathon for Children in Need.

The Radio 2 presenter walked his weary legs into Manchester where fans cheered and gave him a hero’s welcome yesterday (November 16th).

He’s taken on the challenge to raise money for Children in Need, starting the 115-mile journey on Tuesday November 14th, in Leicester, and has so far raised close to £4 million.

Thursday proved to be the toughest day as he tackled Kinder Scout in the Peak District before heading down through Stockport and into Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground – where a sea of supporters awaited to welcome him to Manchester.

@BBCCIn / Twitter

The 49-year-old started the fourth and final sector of his 115-mile journey at 7am today (November 17th) as he left Emirates Old Trafford to make his way through Salford, Linnyshaw, Little Hulton and into his hometown of Bolton at Middlebrook.

He will cross the finish line at the Toughsheet Stadium, home to Bolton Wanderers, where Zoe Ball will be presenting live with a huge crowd of welcoming supporters.

On Thursday, his long journey took him through the Hope Valley in Derbyshire, over Kinder Scout and into Stockport at Mellor and Marple Bridge. Crowds cheered as the weary marathoner took a much needed rest and enjoyed a chip butty during a pub pit stop.

@vernonkay / Instagram

As the presenter tackled Kinder Scout he looked tired and emotional as the group had to navigate a slightly different route due to weather and conditions, which added an extra mile to the journey.

As he finally conquered the toughest part so far, Kay said he was ‘done’ and had ‘no energy left’ as he struggled to lift his arm and high-five waiting fans.

As he recovered from the mammoth trek, he continued: “I know people were saying Kinder’s a brave thing to do on any normal day, but we’ve done that which was nearly 14 miles and now we’ve got another 16 to go.

“The difference is, it seems to be, that everything we’ve done so far – the 60-odd mile we’ve done so far has been all at the back of the legs with the running, and now that was just a big heavy push up and then a stride over the top, the plateau, and then down was just horrific because you’ve got to watch your feet.

@vernonkay / Instagram

“So, everyone’s saying ‘the beautiful views’, I haven’t seen anything, I’m just staring at my feet – It’s the worst thing.

“That’s worse than yesterday’s 40 miles…. That is the worst thing ever. If you were to say to me we’re gonna do 40 miles and we’re gonna run it I’d say never in a million years, and we did that yesterday and then I thought that Kinder would have been a relatively easier day.

“Kinder the killer… I’m done, I’ve got no energy left. I’ve got to take my boots off, my toes are killing me. I need to refuel because people were giving me a high-five but I couldn’t even lift my arm up.”

Family and fans called in to send messages of support over the radio including Kay’s wife Tess Daly, who said: “Oh my goodness, it’s been emotional hasn’t it today?”

“My nerves are shredded because I, literally I can’t do anything else I’m just listening to the radio and just waiting for news. And waiting to hear from you.”

Telling him how proud she and his daughters are of him she added: “Honestly we are so so proud of you at home Vern. I meant it’s all we talk about honestly, it’s all we talk about. And it’s hard to impress teenagers but you’ve done it yeah safe to say.”

On Friday (November 17th), well wishers can spur him on throughout his route and wait to welcome him as he completes the 11-miles as he crosses the finish line in Bolton and finds out how much his efforts have raised for Children in Need.

@BBCCIn / Twitter

All the proceeds raised from the challenge will go towards supporting children and young people across the UK who are facing a range of issues.

At the time of writing he’s managed to raise a massive £3,750,475.

If you would like to watch or keep up-to-date with Vernon Kay’s Children in Need challenge, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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Happy Valley actress Sarah Lancashire wins performance of the year award

Well deserved

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Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire won the Rose d‘Or Award for her portrayal of Catherine Cawood in the BBC drama.

The Rose d’Or Awards is a prestigious ceremony celebrating international excellence in entertainment programming. The 62nd event was held in London and hosted by comedian and writer David Baddiel. 

Collecting her performance of the year award, Lancashire said: “This is thrilling, [I want to] thank those who are responsible for bringing this amazing series to screen.”

Happy Valley / BBC

Happy Valley is an award-winning British crime drama set in the Calder Valley area of West Yorkshire, written by Sally Wainwright.

The series, which aired on BBC One, follows Lancashire in the role of no-nonsense copper Sergeant Catherine Cawood who comes up against James Norton’s character; evil criminal Tommy Lee Royce – who Sergeant Cawood holds responsible for her daughter’s suicide.

The gripping series concluded earlier this year and has been receiving a raft of nods for performances, as well as for the show itself, ever since.

@happyvallybbc / Twitter

The BBC also scooped best documentary for The Man Who Played With Fire while ITV’s The 1% Club, hosted by comedian Lee Mack, picked up the award for studio entertainment.

British series A Whole Lifetime With Jamie Demetriou also took home the best comedy entertainment award on the night.

In his acceptance speech, Demetriou said: “What a lovely looking award this is. It needs to be said, David’s opening monologue is honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.”

A Whole Lifetime / Netflix

Lancashire, Dayan and Edebiri join previous recipients of Rose d’Or special awards, including Sir David Attenborough, Brian Cox, Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, James Corden, John Cleese and the late Dame Angela Lansbury.

The Rose d’Or Awards has defined the gold standard for excellence and achievement in International TV and Audio programme making since 1961.

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Mum opens accessible chippy so autistic son ‘has a job for life’

She opened the chippy after a stranger made a comment about her son online

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ITV News

A mum from Lancashire has opened up a chippy so that her autistic son ‘has a job for life’, after a stranger’s comment online. 

Gillian Jervis opened Oliver’s Chippy in Warton, near Blackpool, after a stranger’s comments on a forum online – calling her son Oliver ‘a burden on the state’ – prompted her to prove them wrong.

About the comment, Gillian told ITV News: “I sometimes think I dreamt the comment and that I made it all up, because why would you say something like that?

“Have I read it wrong? I went through all of those emotions – it knocked me sideways.”

ITV News

The mum-of-four decided to start a business in her son’s name and opened Oliver’s Chippy in 2021 – where Gillian is already training the 12-year-old so that he can take over when he grows up.

On why she chose to open a chip shop business for Oliver she said: “It gives him his structure, it’s a bit like school; his daily routine that he has to have.

“What you end up doing everyday – prepping the food, serving the food, making up the food, stocking the fridges… he’ll learn all that before he starts at sixteen.”

Oliver’s autism means he has some communication difficulties though he is able to express himself in other ways.

ITV News

The chippy is built with facilities to help people with communication and accessibility issues by using visual screens on the tills instead of words and phrases.

As Gillian explains: “You’ve got people with a stutter, so I’ve looked at it this way. Before people start to speak, they look at pictures don’t they?

“It’s better to see a picture of what you want, it gives you the confidence to come into my shop and order what you want without saying it.”

Not only do these images help Oliver, they also help customers who may communicate better with visual aids. Not only this, the chippy also offers services to help make it easier for all neurodivergent people to place their orders.

ITV News

Gillian said: “We do have a disability point access, we do have a ramp, we do have a visual menu.

“If you came in and you want your order all separate and you said ‘jigsaw’ we know that it means everything’s separate.” The chippy can make sure different food isn’t touching others by offering cartons with separated sections.

Since opening, the chip shop has fed more than 1,300 children and supported other families across the Fylde Coast. This includes giving away a family holiday, an iPad, air fryer and over 100 competition meals.

ITV News

She continued: “We had the cost of living crisis, fuel shortages, the after effects of Covid and people not working as they were, with people losing their jobs due to Covid as well.

“So I just said to Arran, ‘shall we feed the kids for free?’ He said ‘yes – but how are we going to do it?’ I said ‘I don’t know, but we’ll find a way of doing it’.”

Opening in 2021 during the pandemic, the first Easter holidays saw the chip shop take a financial hit as it gave out free meals for children in the area.

But during the summer holidays later that same year, the business was supported by Bryning with Warton Parish Council as a Go Fund Me was started to raise the funds.

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Elderly woman, 82, dies after being hit by vehicle on main road

Sad news

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Google Maps

An 82-year-old woman has sadly died after being hit by a vehicle on a main road in Tameside yesterday.

The elderly woman was critically injured in the collision which happened on Manchester Road, in Audenshaw, at around 5.55pm on Monday, November 20th.

Emergency services rushed to the scene, close to the Snipe Retail Park, and an ambulance took her to hospital.

Google Maps

The driver of the vehicle, a 31-year-old woman, remained at the scene and has continued to assist police with enquiries.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed the woman has now died from her injuries and are appealing for witnesses of the collision to come forward to help them with their investigations.

Confirming the tragic update in a statement, the force said: “At around 5.55pm on Monday November 20th, Greater Manchester Police were called to reports of a road traffic collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian on Manchester Road, Audenshaw.

Google Maps

“An 82-year-old woman who was taken to hospital in a serious condition has since sadly died from her injuries.

“The driver of the vehicle, a 31-year-old woman, remained at the scene and is continuing to assist police with enquiries.

“Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the collision – and are continuing to appeal for anyone with relevant mobile, dashcam or CCTV footage to please come forward.”

Members of the public can submit information and footage by calling 0161 856 4741 quoting log 2797 of 20/11/23. You can also report information online using the LiveChat function on the website: www.gmp.police.uk.

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