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Trampoline park bosses could face jail after three people break back in one day

Flip Out Chester is now operated by a different franchise after the company was dissolved last year

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BBC & ITV / YouTube

Trampoline park bosses, at whose venue 11 people broke their backs including three in one day, could face jail after admitting to health and safety offences.

Three people suffered a fractured spine in one day at the notorious venue after jumping from a 13 ft high tower into a foam block-filled pit back in 2017.

The string of incidents sparked concerns for the craze, which has seen a number of unregulated trampoline centres pop-up nationwide.

The former bosses of Flip Out Chester, David Elliott Shuttleworth and Matthew Melling, both 33, pleaded guilty to health and safety offences at Chester Crown Court last month.

ITV / Youtube

Shuttleworth and Melling could now face up to two years behind bars and hefty fines when they return for sentencing.

The charges relate to an investigation into 270 known accidents which happened over a seven-week period from December 2017 – February 2017 at the ​​Chester Gates Business Park.

Visitors who suffered life-changing injuries at the park welcomed the news and warned others of the risks.

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According to the Daily Mail, staff at the local Countess of Chester Hospital had warned how specialist surgeons were under unnecessary pressure as a result of ‘scores of visitors’ suffering injuries at the park.

Among those injured at the park was Liza Jones, 26, from Wrexham. After leaping from the 13 ft tower block, called the ‘Tower Jump’ back in February 2017, into a foam-filled pit, she fractured her spine . She described it as the ‘most pain I’ve ever suffered’.

Liza launched legal action against the bosses of the centre, based near Ellesmere Port. She said: “I’m glad they’ve faced court action because I could have been left paralysed.

“I landed in the way I’d been told to, but I was one of three people who suffered broken backs that day. People visiting these centres may feel they’re safe because they’ve got rules for people to follow, but that’s just not true.

Flip Out

“The firms that are running them need to learn from this and ensure they’ve got proper health and safety in place.”

Lucy Jones was also hurt after she sprung off the same Tower Jump in January 2017.

Lucy, who was 19 at the time, visited the centre with her friends but ended up leaving in an ambulance with a broken back.

Recalling the incident she said: “As I screamed in agony, my friends rushed over to help me. I landed in a seating position, as we’d been told to do.

“But, when I landed, I felt the worst pain I have ever been through in my whole life. For a while, I couldn’t breathe or feel anything.”


After she was taken to hospital, she found out she had fractured a vertebrae in her back. Upon hearing the news, she said she was ‘absolutely terrified’. 

Lucy had to undergo a five-hour operation which involved placing metal rods in her back. She also had to have physio everyday until she was discharged five days later.

The dental nurse said she missed out on enjoying her life as she spent a long time in recovery following the incident.

Saying she had ‘so much life ahead of me, but instead I faced a long recovery needing constant physiotherapy’.


George Magraw also fell victim to the Tower Jump as the then 21-year-old from Ellesmere Port was told he would need months to recover after fracturing his spine.

George, who was a student, underwent surgery to replace his shattered vertebrae with a metal disk.

Ceri Jones, who was 21 at the time, also suffered a back injury after jumping from the same platform at the centre. She said she heard a ‘crunch’ when she landed on the foam, which was her vertebrae exploding on impact.

Speaking after the incident, she said: “I heard a ‘crunch’ and I couldn’t move – I was in agony. I was sat there for 15 minutes before they had to carry me out.”


Sarah McManus, then 29, is said to be among those hurt on the ‘tower jump’ and launched legal proceedings in 2017 after she heard her ‘back crack’.

Speaking to ITV at the time, she said: “As I landed it was just like someone had punched me in the stomach – it was awful pain. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk and I did hear a ‘crack’.

“I followed the instructions on the sign and landed in the seated position as suggested, but when I hit the foam it felt like I’d been winded.

“I was barely able to breathe and couldn’t shout for help, so I had to throw some of the foam sponges in the air to get attention.”

ITV / YouTube

According to the Daily Mail, in the first four months the park was open, ambulance crews attended the trampoline centre on average, once a week.

The number of injuries raised concerns at the nearby Countess of Chester Hospital to the point that it called a meeting with the park’s bosses.

Sentencing for both defendants was adjourned for pre-sentence reports. A date is yet to be decided.

Flip Out Chester

Chester Councillor Christine Warner said last week: “Our Public Protection team always deal strongly with businesses who put residents or visitors to the borough at risk. This business had a total disregard for safety regulations.

“Injuries in this case included 11 fractured spines, as well as other serious injuries. Those injured on a daily basis included both adults and children.”

Flip Out, which now operates under a different franchisee after being dissolved, said: “The incidents relate to a specific piece of equipment that was immediately closed. Our systems and procedures have evolved significantly since.”


Stagecoach hiring over 100 new bus drivers for Bee Network with £31k salaries

Fancy a career change?

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Stagecoach Manchester is hiring over 100 new bus drivers to work from its Oldham depot, following the second phase of the Bee Network launch in March.

You can apply for a range of roles, from positions with no experience required to fully qualified bus drivers.

Successful applicants will receive full training as part of the job, and trainees will get paid to train. Then after only 12 months’ service at Stagecoach, drivers can expect to earn up to £16 per hour, which equates to £31.6K per year, before overtime.

As well as that, drivers that already hold a PCV licence may be eligible to receive a £1,200 joining bonus.


There’s also a host of other benefits available to all Stagecoach employees, like 28 days paid holiday, generous pension and free Stagecoach bus travel for successful applicants and a companion.

Rob Jones, Managing Director at Stagecoach Manchester said: “Expanding our offering in Oldham means we’ll be investing more in the economy and supporting our local community, as well as strengthening our workforce.

“Whether you’re looking for a career change or you’re a fully qualified, experienced bus driver, there’s a role for everyone here in Oldham.

“We’re looking for personable and dedicated drivers who are ready to help us build on the success of the Bee Network and connect the people of Oldham and Greater Manchester with the places and people that are important to them.”


Phil Cornwall, bus driver at Stagecoach Manchester, said: “I’ve been a driver at Stagecoach for 25 years and I couldn’t recommend it more.

“From the perks to the people to the passengers, it really is a great place to work.”

To apply, head to the Stagecoach website HERE.

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Two men charged with murder after torso discovered in Salford nature reserve


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Greater Manchester Police

Two men have now been charged with murder, following the discovery of a human torso in Kersal Dale.

As well as that, more suspected human remains were also discovered this morning, Monday April 29th, in an alleyway close to the railway lines off Worsley Road, Eccles.

This follows earlier discoveries of human remains over the past three weeks, at Kersal Dale, Blackleach Reservoir and Colliery Wood, all in Salford.

Greater Manchester Police

Michal Jaroslaw Polchowski (25/04/1956) and Marcin Majerkiewicz (10/04/1982) both of Worsley Road, Eccles, have been charged with murder.

They are set to appear at Tameside Magistrates Court this afternoon.

While formal identification is still ongoing, the remains found at Kersal Dale are believed to be of a local man in his 60s. The remains found at the other three locations are still to be tested, but police are confident they belong to the same victim.

ACC Sarah Jackson said: “We have had large numbers of officers, staff and specialists working diligently on this investigation over the last three weeks. It has been very much a large, collective effort, with the victim and family at the heart of it from the outset.

“We have specially trained officers deployed to support the family as they come to terms with this tragic news. They are aware of this morning’s further discovery and will continue to be kept up to date with how we are progressing.

“Despite the charges brought today, our work is far from over.

“The scenes we already have established in Bury and Salford will remain in place for much of this week whilst our searches and enquiries continue. Local officers will continue to patrol the impacted areas to provide reassurance.

“We will continue following every line of enquiry to recover and reunite the victim with his family, bringing a dignified end to this terrible scenario.

“I’d like to thank the communities of Salford and beyond for their cooperation throughout this investigation. I know this incident has come as a shock, and the support we’ve had from those in the area is very much appreciated.”

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More human remains discovered in Greater Manchester as police identify victim

All the latest updates

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N Chadwick / Geograph

Detectives investigating the discovery of a torso in Kersal Dale have found more human remains around Greater Manchester.

GMP released a statement on the weekend, revealing they had opened four scenes for extensive searches – one of them at a warehouse in Bury, and three in Salford.

Searches took place at Blackleach reservoir, where human remains were found, and a dog walker found a package containing human remains at Colliery Wood.

Officers believe they have now identified the man, who they believe to be a man in his 60s that lived in Salford, and his family have been informed.

Two suspects have already been arrested in connection with the murder probe, with officers saying they are thought to have lived with the victim.

Greater Manchester Police / Facebook

Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes, Senior Investigating Officer for this investigation, said in a statement at Blackleach reservoir yesterday, Sunday April 28th: “We have continued to make significant progress in our investigation into human remains being found in Kersal earlier this month.

“From day one, our priority has been to identify the man and his family so that we can give them the support and the answers that they need.

“Thanks to meticulous forensic work, we are now confident we have identified the man. Formal identification hasn’t yet taken place, but we believe he is a man in his 60s and lived in Salford.

“Specially-trained family liaison officers have met with his family this afternoon to give them the devastating news, and we will do all that we can to support them at this awful time.

“We believe he is known to the two suspects we have in custody. They have remained in custody for questioning over the weekend, as we work to establish how the victim met this tragic outcome.”

He continued: “We have painstakingly worked to follow up every line of inquiry in this investigation. Over the last couple of days, we have acted on information and had four scenes in place for extensive searches – one of them is at a warehouse in Bury, and three of them are in Salford, including here at Blackleach reservoir.

“Today, we have found some human remains at the reservoir here, and last night a dog walker found a package containing human remains at Colliery Wood. Forensic tests will continue to establish whose remains these are, but we are very confident that this is also the victim in our investigation.

“We have also been searching a house in Winton where we believe the victim and the two suspects lived. We have found evidence that the victim is likely to have died there – most likely in late March.

“While this is significant progress, we know there is still some way to go to complete this investigation. I also recognise details of this case will have been distressing for the people of Salford and beyond – including the officers that are diligently working on this investigation, and most importantly the man’s heartbroken family.

“Local officers will continue to patrol the affected areas, and we will provide updates when we have more information.”

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