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Man caught using North Wales holiday park caravan as drug dealing base

He was sentenced to a total of 27 months imprisonment

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North Wales Police

A Merseyside man was found to have been using his caravan at a holiday park as a base to sell drugs from.

Liam Mousdell from Prescot sold around £11,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine from a caravan in Rhyl, Wales.

Police followed a drug user as she drove into the holiday park on June 7th, and approached the driver when the car came to a stop close to where Mousdell was staying.

Officers approached the vehicle parked up on Gwynfryn Avenue to find the woman’s phone was constantly ringing – which they then took from her.

North Wales Police

As reported in Wales Online, the sentencing hearing at Caernarfon Crown Court on Monday heard an officer then answered the call, to hear Mousdell, 24, ask: “Where are you?”

The officer told him he was on the road to which the defendant replied: “Give me five minutes.”

When Mousdell arrived, he knocked on the car window but when he noticed the police approaching him he tried to get away.

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The defendant was then detained where he was found in possession of a rock of crack cocaine and another phone, which was ringing. He then tried to reset the phone to a factory setting but was stopped so no data was lost.

He was linked to both of the phones having used them to call his mum and cell site analysis linked him to the caravan park. Both phone numbers were linked to conversations with drug users.

A search took place of Mousdell’s caravan where his passport and documentation were found, as well as cannabis, scales and cutting agents. 

Google Maps

Prosecutor Laura Knightly, said the messages revealed Mousdell had sold in the region of £11,000 of heroin and crack cocaine within a month.

Mousdell, of Beaconsfield, Prescot, later pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs and possession of class B drugs.

In mitigation, Simon Killeen said his client was realistic he would be receiving an immediate custodial sentence, but he was remorseful for his offending.

Eirian Evans/ Wikimedia

Delivering the sentence, Judge Niclas Parry, said: “This is another case of people from the North West of England blazing into north Wales, targeting deprived areas, areas affected badly by drug illness and criminality and then leave, taking cash and leaving behind local people suffering the consequences. 

“It was lucrative enough for you to afford a caravan situated in north Wales as a base where the drugs could be sold.”

Mousdell was sentenced to a total of 27 months imprisonment. He will serve half the sentence in custody before he is released to serve the remainder of his sentence on licence.

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H&M Home is opening in Manchester city centre this weekend

The first 100 members in the queue will receive a free H&M Home gift

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At long last, H&M Home is opening up a store selling its interiors range in the city centre.

Shoppers were delighted when the Swedish fashion retailer, full name Hennes & Mauritz, decided to branch out and launch a homeware range in 2009, following in the footsteps of the likes of Zara.

At first, it teased us with a small concession in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre back in 2015, where shoppers and home decor enthusiasts could find affordable pieces that looked as good as those sitting on their Pinterest boards.

H&M Home

But then it closed for a long while and for many shoppers, it left a void that couldn’t be filled, with its home stuff only being available online. No more could you wander into the shop, pick up cute pieces and admire stylish bedding sets to decorate your home.

Recently, it opened up a H&M Home shop within the Trafford Centre which sells everything from cushions to lamps, candles, vases, bed linen, towels, dried flowers and a whole selection of homeware accessories you didn’t even know you needed.

And now a H&M Home shop is coming to the city centre too.

H&M Home

The retailer recently closed the majority of its Market Street store while it undergoes a refurbishment, leaving just a small section open for fans to continue to shop at the high street favourite.

This week, H&M announced that the small section will now become its H&M Home showroom so decor lovers can ‘scratch that interior design itch’ once again.

In a newsletter distributed to its members, H&M said: “You may have seen that our Market Street store is temporarily closed whilst we work on our new look and feel. 

@hmhome / Instagram

“But from 23rd September, you can head down to our H&M HOME showroom in the same location where you can scratch that interior design itch by shopping our latest home decor collection.

“The first 100 members in the queue will receive a free H&M HOME gift and an exclusive offer for the full launch in winter 2023.

“There’s even some exciting new AR technology to help you visualise your living space and enhance your shopping experience just that little bit more.

@hmhome / Instagram

“If you’re looking for the rest of our assortment, you can find your nearest store in the Trafford Centre and we’re always open at hm.com.”

The H&M Home showroom located on Market Street will open this Saturday, September 23rd. The shop will fully launch in winter this year.

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Grandkids of 81-year-old man missing since last Thursday urge public to help find him

‘We love you. We miss you. Grandma needs you, we all need you’

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Family submit / Greater Manchester Police

The grandchildren of a missing elderly man from Oldham have urged the public to help search for him.

Ronald Webster, known as ‘Ronnie’ by loved ones, has been missing since last Thursday, September 14th.

The 81-year-old grandfather-of-five was last seen at around 10.52am on Walkers Road, in Limeside, Oldham before getting off the 184 bus at 3.45pm at Huddersfield Bus Station.

Ronald is described as a white male of small build, around 4’11″, grey hair and uses a walking stick. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a black and blue coat with grey trousers.

Greater Manchester Police

Ronnie’s granddaughter Paige Tattersall has been spreading the word of her grandfather’s disappearance across social media in an effort to find him.

She told ITV News: “We’re just getting desperate. Grandma’s absolutely beside herself. She keeps trying to get her shoes on to go find him because she doesn’t understand why he’s not come home.”

Ronnie and his wife, Concepta, have been married for 57 years.

His eldest grandson Kieran Rowlett said he was ‘really, really worried’ about him and that this was the first time he’s gone missing.

Family submit / ITV

“He’s gone for a bit of a wander before, but he has gone and come back,” he said.

“Mentally, he’s brilliant, he can tell you stories from all over the show, but he’s just unable to get about like he used to.”

Ronnie has recently undergone a triple heart bypass, and has prescription medication for that as well as for epilepsy. When he disappeared last week, he did not take any of his medication with him.

Local communities have been showing their support for the family by sharing social media posts and putting up posters around their areas.

Paige said: “People have been so kind. Absolute strangers are approaching us online. They’re out on the streets putting up posters… We appreciate that so much. It only takes one pair of eyes to see him.”

Another of Ronnie’s grandchildren has travelled to Huddersfield where he is leading the search for him.

Ronnie’s family have asked for anyone who knows where he is to look after him until help arrives.

Kieran said: “If anyone does see him, don’t let him leave your sight. Keep him safe, and either the police or us will get there.”

Family submit / ITV

When asked what she would like to say to her grandfather, Paige said: “We love you. We miss you. Grandma needs you, we all need you. If you can just get to a phone, if you can just ring 101 and someone will come and get you.”

Greater Manchester Police have issued a photo of Ronnie captured on CCTV as he was leaving the bus. His family have also released pictures of him in a bid to help bring him home.

Anyone who has seen Ronnie or who may know of his whereabouts is urged to contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 quoting 1013 of 16/09/2023.

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Drug dealer attempted to hide drugs up bum when police knocked at door

A teenage boy used to peddle drugs for the gang was found to be a victim of ‘modern slavery’

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Merseyside Police

A heroin and crack cocaine dealer attempted to hide drugs by stuffing them up his bum when police came knocking at his door.

Joshua Williams, 23, was found to be working in two county lines drug rings, one of which used a teenage boy to peddle the illegal substances for them, in a case of ‘modern slavery’.

Meanwhile, Emma Philbin, 40, operated the ‘graft phone’ on the line – which was known as ‘Sully’ – where she boasted the goods on offer were the ‘best in town’ and ‘fuel to make NASA jealous’.

On Tuesday September 19th, as reported by the Liverpool Echo, Liverpool Crown Court heard that Mr Williams was a key part of two Liverpool-based operations, trading in the area of Widnes.

Merseyside Police

Prosecutor Robert Dudley told the court this involved taking over the homes of ‘vulnerable’ occupants using a practice known as ‘cuckooing’.

The Sully line, a gang which used the practice, saw class A drugs dealt from Ms Philbin’s – then home – located on Frederick Street in the Cheshire town, during the summer of 2021. 

A Samsung mobile phone which was recovered from a bed during a search of the house, on August 5th 2021, was found to contain several flare text messages which were sent out between the months of May and August, in order to advertise their wares for sale.

Example texts included ‘get your bits out for the lads’, ‘best of both str8 tens’ and ‘still around with the best in town’. 

Mikey / Flickr

Another text stored on the device read: “U stil on em im just leaving alton towers no ile be home for half 9 can I con and see u then.”

A Kinder Surprise egg was also found in a bedroom drawer at the address which contained three wraps of heroin and one of crack cocaine.

While under interview, Ms Philbin told detectives: “It’s all my fault. It’s all my flat. It’s all my doing, no one else’s.”

“A lad comes down, he normally sits there with me but he went home last night. He said he’d come back today to pick up more stuff,” she continued to explain.

Google Maps

Ms Philbin, now of Halton Lodge Avenue, in Runcorn, added she ‘didn’t know his name but he was a Scouser aged about 21 or 22’. 

She also claimed to have been responsible for sending the text messages out, and was described as being ‘particularly proud’ of one which read: “We’ve got fuel to make NASA jealous.”

Ms Philbin would ‘pass the wraps’ and ‘give the money to the lads’, for which she would be ‘paid in bits’. 

Police raided Mr Williams’ then home on Dewsbury Road, in Anfield, the same morning.

Google Maps

After a forced entry into the property, officers found him ‘crouching on the floor in the second bedroom, looking as though he was attempting both to conceal himself and seeking to conceal items into his anus’ as he was ‘messing with his boxer shorts’.

Officers took him to the kitchen while noticing his speech was ‘muffled’.

Mr Williams was ordered to open his mouth, revealing a ‘ball-shaped item’ which contained a further 38 wraps of heroin. More drugs were also found stashed in the same room.

He was later released under investigation but he was arrested again on April 21st 2023 alongside a 17-year-old boy from Liverpool, at another house in Lugsdale, Widnes.

Google Maps

Police officer’s suspicions were aroused after two men were spotted knocking on a window at the property.

A Nokia ‘graft phone’ was ringing on the table while the boy was found to be hiding 72 wraps of crack cocaine in his underwear.

Officers in attendance witnessed a ‘gaunt’ looking drug user also approach the same window before ‘making off’ after seeing them. The premises had been subject to a closure order at the time.

The teenager was found to be a subject of ‘modern slavery’ and was not charged with any criminal offences in relation to the incident.

Google Maps

In court, Mr Williams –represented by Matthew O’Neill – was described as a dad to a young child and as having previous convictions including a count of robbery as a youth in 2016.

Ms Philbin has a total of 40 convictions for 50 offences, and had been given an eight-week imprisonment suspended for 18 months for shoplifting in March 2021.

Appearing on her behalf, Jeremy Rawson outlined how his client had been ‘ravaged’ by drug use and working to ‘fund her own habit and pay off debts’. 

She was said to have since made efforts to overcome her addiction and volunteered with other ‘vulnerable’ members of society in similar situations.

Google Maps

Mr Williams, now of Oxton Street in Walton, admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine, being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine, possession of heroin with intent to supply and possession of cannabis.

Appearing via video link to HMP Liverpool, he was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison.

Ms Philbin pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine and was handed a 24-month imprisonment suspended for two years, as well as a drug rehabilitation requirement and a rehabilitation activity requirement, of up to 27 days.

During sentencing, Recorder Ian Harris described Mr Williams as the ‘prime operator’ and Ms Philbin as a ‘weak or inadequate person predicated upon to allow her home to be used for a drug supply business’.

Calflier001 / Wikimedia

“The supply of class A drugs is corrosive. It can ruin individuals and communities,” he added.

To Ms Philbin, he said: “Unlike your co-defendant, you have used your time wisely. You have taken steps to improve yourself and rid yourself of that insidious drug addiction.

“In time, you would have destroyed yourself. You were used by those who were more sophisticated in drug supply.

“You are, in my judgement, a completely different individual now. I am able to suspend the sentence, just, to mark the astonishing progress you have made and to assist you in your attempts at rehabilitation.”

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