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Chancellor set to announce £5,000 vouchers to households for home improvements

Some good news…



Jeremy Sutcliffe / Flickr

Homeowners are set to get £5,000 worth of vouchers to insulate their homes as part of the government’s Green Scheme.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is reportedly to announce that £2 billion worth of vouchers will be sent to homeowners to allow them to insulate their homes.

The announcement will come as part of the Chancellor’s Green Scheme which sets to make 100,000 green jobs and make hundreds of homes environmentally friendly. 

Having insulation or improving current insulation in your home can help reduce the households environmental impact and carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption. It can also reduce the number of chemicals released into the environment through air conditioning units. 

The Green Homes Grant scheme is set to provide extra jobs for plumbers, builders and tradespeople to help the industry and economy as a whole recover.

The announcement is set to be made on July 8th, as part of the mini-budget news. 

The scheme is planned to go live in September and means families will save up to £600 a year on energy bills, according to Treasury estimates. 

The grants – which could be up to £10,000 for the poorest families – are part of a wider £3 billion investment into green technology as part of the UK’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The extra £1 billion is set to be spent on revamping public buildings and social housing. 


 “As Britain recovers from the outbreak, it’s vital we do everything in our power to support and protect livelihoods across the nation,” Mr Sunak said, speaking to The Sun. 

He added: “Our Green Homes Grant will not only cut families’ bills by making their homes more energy-efficient, it will also kick-start our economy by creating thousands of green jobs and supporting those skilled tradespeople who are ready to work.”

The scheme means the government will cover at least two-thirds of the costs to homeowners as part of green improvements. 

For example, a £4,000 bill for cavity wall and floor insulation for semi-detached or end-terrace house would be split as £1,320 to the homeowner and £2,680 to the government. Those on the lowest incomes will not be expected to pay anything.

Mr Sunak is expected to reveal a £50 million project that will make social housing greener and save the poorest households £200 a year in energy bills. 

News of the green voucher scheme has been welcomed by businesses.


Mike Cherry, boss of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “This will offer a much-needed boost to tradespeople and others whose livelihoods were affected by the pandemic by creating green jobs, while at the same time improving energy efficiency.

“The Government must now ensure this scheme is easy to access in order to get those who need it the most back in work as quickly as possible.

“We hope this heralds similar measures to incentivise small business owners to make their premises more environmentally friendly.

“The Government will not hit its environmental targets if businesses aren’t empowered to be part of the solution.”

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Woolworths possibly returning to British highstreet next year

Please be true.



UKWoolworths/Twitter & Philip Halling/Geograph

A Twitter account called ‘UKWoolworths’ claims the much-loved chain will be making a comeback to the high street next year.

The account posted on Twitter to explain that three new trial stores will be opened late next year. They wrote: “Here to save 2020! Woolworths is coming back to your high street, as a physical store!

“A couple of legal things to get sorted, but we’re full steam ahead at Woolworths HQ.

“We want to get this right, so we need your help. What do you want at your UK #YourWoolworths?”

They went onto explain that they want fans to tell them exactly what they want from their local Woolies to make sure they get the reopening right.

They added: “Throughout this week, we’ll have announcements and chances to win gift cards for Woolworths and gift cards for other retailers on your high street. Welcome back to Woolworths!”

In response, one person wrote: “Apart from pick ‘n’ mix and the top 40 singles, cheap but good quality homeware like saucepans and picture frames and doormats and pillows. And sewing thread and needles. And shoe polish. And seeds and compost and plant pots. Everything Just what it was before, that’s all.”

Another said “I want pick n mix and lots of gift items”.

Another person added: “It’s got to be kid friendly. Easy access, wide aisles and full of stuff kids love. Comics, books, stationary, pic ‘n’ mix etc. Don’t try and stock a little bit of everything… Decide your market and stick to just that.”

However, not everyone is convinced the news is really true. One person wrote ‘obviously a hoax’ and another said the news is a ‘twisted and cruel PRANK’.

Another wrote ‘it’s a scam’ and a third added ‘it’s fake news’. 

Do you hope the news is true or not?! 

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Scooters are now available in Salford for public use

Let’s hope this goes better than the Mobikes…




Salford City Council and the University of Salford are said to be thrilled to be trialling the new project.

The Department for Transport has opened the doors for cities, including Salford, to trial new schemes for renting e-scooters.

Previously banned in the UK, the introduction of e-scooters is to discourage workers from using their cars in cities.

Lime, the company behind the e-scooter trial, is a US-based company that currently already operates in London, Milton Keynes, Europe and of course the USA.

With great success in other cities, we can’t wait to see the scooters take off in Salford.

Costing £1 to unlock then an additional 15p per minute whilst you’re out and about. Each scooter is also fitted with an alarm which will activate if someone tried to move it without unlocking.

It’s important you remember to obey traffic laws, to ride safely in the bike lane or street and to wear a helmet.

Will you be trialing the new scooters? Let us know! 

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Manchester United set to deliver 5,000 free meals for local kids over half-term

Just in…



MU_Foundation & MarcusRashford/Twitter

Manchester United have announced they will be delivering 5,000 free meals to children over half-term.

Food provided by charity FareShare will be processed and packaged into individual meals at Old Trafford by United staff this week.

It will then be shipped out to local Manchester United Foundation partner schools. 

The six schools involved include Waterhead Academy, Dean Trust Rose Bridge, The East Manchester Academy, Manchester Enterprise Academy, Manchester Academy, Stretford High School. Other charities will also receive some of the meals as part of the scheme.

It comes as United Striker, Marcus Rashford, campaigned to extend free meal provision until Easter 2021. MP’s voted against the action last week but are now facing a lot of pressure to reverse their decision. 

A statement from the club reads: “Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more families are dealing with food poverty,”

“The impact of the virus has exacerbated an existing problem and, with unemployment rising and the economic crisis biting hard, many are struggling with reduced income.

“As a result, many families and children simply do not have enough food and are going hungry. This initiative does not solve the issue locally, but will make a significant difference to the lives of hundreds of families across Greater Manchester.”

John Shiels, the chief executive of the Manchester United Foundation, added: “We’re incredibly proud and humbled to be working with FareShare over October half-term.

“This initiative will go a long way to ensuring that pupils from our partner schools and families using local food-banks have fresh meals to eat, during what we know is a difficult time for many.

“We’ve seen first-hand how children from socially challenged backgrounds can be even more vulnerable when they’re not in school, it’s therefore imperative to be present in their lives throughout the school holidays, showing that we care and the Foundation is always here to support.”

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