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The world’s strongest gin is now available with a 95% ABV

This will knock your socks off.



Anno Gin

A gin company have created the worlds strongest gin, coming in at a whopping 95% abv.

After this year, we might just need something this strong to help us forget about the ups and down! 

Luckily, it’s been released just in time for Christmas. 

The Anno Extreme 95 Gin was created by scientist who quit their jobs almost 10 years ago and turned to creating booze for a living.

Anno Gin

Anno Extreme 95 surprisingly has tasty flavour of fennel, coriander, nutmeg and liquorice.

According to the tasting notes it has ‘robust juniper and smooth spices’ that ‘soften into a fresh bite of citrus with sweet herbal notes’.

There is also a ‘long, dry and complex’ finish with ‘hints of warm liquorice’. 

The Kent-based company says: “Developed by scientists with a taste for adventure and pushing the limits of possibility, Anno Extreme 95 Gin was produced with one goal in mind – to create ‘the spirit of alchemy’.

“A gin that packs more punch and flavour, drop for drop, than any other spirit in the world.

Anno Gin

“We use an extended distillation with a mix of steeped and vapour infused botanicals to extract huge flavour, packed into a 20cl bottle.”

And the best thing about it is that it’s economical. A normal G&T will have either a single (25ml) or double (50ml) shot of gin, to get the full G&T experience with this gin you only need 5ml. 

That gives you a gull-flavoured G&T with 75% less alcohol.

But if you can handle a full 25ml shot, you’ll get a ‘huge botanical hit with a higher strength’.

Anno Gin

Before this, a Swedish company, Strane Ultra Uncut held the title of world’s strongest gin with 82% abv.

The gin was released in 2018, at the time, the company said: “With Strane Ultra Uncut 82.5 percent, [brewer] Pär Caldenby has deliberately tweaked the production process to take the intensity and strength to a new level.

“This was done with a much stronger charge of the still than usual and also by doubling the amount of botanicals, for massive flavour.

“Exercising due care, it can be savoured neat and ideally well chilled, in very small sips (with a glass of water on the side), which delivers an intensive juniper-led flavour impact, with great complexity from the other botanicals, including coriander seeds, almonds, liquorice root, lime and fresh herbs.”

Food & Drink

Salford Rum launches new honeycomb, caramel and butterscotch rum to celebrate worker bees

Can’t wait to try this!



Salford Rum/Facebook

Salford Rum Company has teamed up with Manchester-based beekeepers to create a new honeycomb flavoured rum.

The Salford Rum Company, created in 2018, is a luxury local premium rum created by rugby-league-playing high school pals James Harrison and Tommy Gaughan. 

Created to celebrate the history, heritage and people of Salford Docks throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s – which became the third-largest port in the UK – Salford rum takes inspiration from the rums of the Caribbean. 

The brand new Salford Honey Rum is distilled and bottled in the shadows of the old docks and created as a tribute to Salford’s Worker Bees.

Salford Rum/Facebook

Created in partnership with The Finest Honey, a beekeeping collective that sells surplus honey and sources honey from rescue bees.

The floral honey adds a sweetness coupled with intense golden spiced liquid rum to create a well-balanced flavour with honeycomb, caramel and butterscotch notes on the palate.

Presented in a rose gold foil print with a honeycomb motif designed by Dave Draws, the bottle also dons a worker bee on the seal and cap. 

Salford Rum co-founder James Harrison, said: “To coin a local phrase, we are absolutely ‘buzzing’ to launch the Honey Rum to our product portfolio.

“This third expression has been a long time coming and we have taken time to ensure it hits the right note with the UK’s growing number of spiced and premium rum drinkers.

Salford Rum/Facebook

“It’s great to partner with The Finest Honey, too – it’s a fantastic organisation that sells surplus honey from a range of regional producers, and the link-up is testimony to how we work in Manchester and Salford – collaboratively and for the greater good.

“Our products have developed a cult following regionally and are starting to gain a following nationally, too.

“We look forward to seeing how much our fans love the new Honey Rum, and how they use it creatively to make amazing cocktails and incredible creations at home.”

The preorder for the second batch was limited to 200 bottles, each individually numbered and they have already sold out. 

Keep an eye on their socials for the restock!

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Food & Drink

You can now get super cheesy beef fried Birria tacos with dipping gravy in Manchester

These sound amazing!!




A brand new taco pop-up is set to open in the Northern Quarter serving up delicious fried corn tacos with dipping gravy. 

Taking over The Koffee Pot on Oldham Street, Birria Brothers Taco will be serving up traditional Mexican corn tacos – the first of its kind available in Manchester.

After doing serious numbers on social media – particularly on TikTok – over the past year people have become obsessed with this Mexican delicacy.

Made using an eight hour slow-cooked stew, with shin of beef or goat available at Birria Brothers, the tacos are fully dunked in the stew and then fried to absorb all that delicious flavour and leave a crispy flavoursome taco. 


The fall-apart juicy beef is topped with Oaxaca cheese, a Mexican cheese similar to Monterey jack with a string cheese texture.

The tacos are served with a pot of rich spiced consommé on the side so you can dip the whole thing in even more delicious meaty gravy. 

Birria Brothers will be popping up in The Koffee Pot on Saturday March 6th to bring Birria tacos to the Mancunian masses. 

Follow them on Instagram here to keep up to date. 

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Food & Drink

Holland’s Pies is donating 170 pies a day to charities and food banks across the North West

They’re looking for your nominations.



Holland's Pies Official/Facebook

Holland’s Pies are looking for your nominations for charities and food banks in need of some comforting pies.

The favourite pie brand among many, Holland’s Pies is set to donate 170 pies every day for British Pie Week next week.

You can nominate a charity that you think deserves some comfort food! 

Seven charities will be selected at random and pies will be delivered in accordance to the latest government advice regarding Covid-19.  

The company, which started in Lancashire back in 1851, now bakes over 1.2m pies and puddings every single week. 

Leanne Holcroft, brand manager at Holland’s Pies said: “Throughout the past year we have donated thousands of pies to groups across the North West and beyond. 

“As part of our 170th-anniversary celebrations we wanted to share our love of pies once again, delivering 170 each day of British Pie Week to those most in need. 

“And who better to tell us which charities and food banks would appreciate a delivery than our social media friends and fans.

“The small things in life make all the difference right now so we hope this helps a little.”   

Nominate a charity via Holland’s Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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