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The hidden gem in Heaton Moor serving up extra special steak and chips that takes 45 days to make 

The chips alone take three days and nights to perfect…

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There’s a hidden gem in Heaton Moor that’s claiming to have the ‘best chips in the North West.’

A very bold claim, I know. 

But James Hulme isn’t messing around – the owner and head chef of The Moor, James trained under the critically acclaimed celebrity chef Marco Pierre White before landing himself in the kitchen at Quaglino’s in St. James in London. 

He then came back up to Manchester to open the popular Spinningfields spot 20 Stories and, more recently, the lesser known The Moor in the Stockport suburb of Heaton Moor, just a stones-throw away from Manchester’s city centre.

The menus at The Moor are ever changing, and James’ ‘no waste’ approach to cooking is evident. But, perhaps most prominently, James’ menus are known and beloved for their high quality and locally sourced produce.

Take the steak, for example. James exclusively sources retired dairy cows from a farm just outside Buxton for his beef – traditionally used in Basque cooking, chefs tend to use retired dairy cows based on the fact that once their time in the milking industry is over, they’re put out to pasture to fatten up and relax, a cushty lifestyle that adds to the maturity and marbling of the meat.

Once in the restaurant, the steak is cooked over charcoal made from the fell trees from the same farm in which the cow once grazed – that’s either heartwarming or eerie, I’ll let you decide.

The steak is aged for a minimum of forty days and absolutely nothing on the meat goes to waste; the fat is used for cooking the chips, the bones for stock and the trimmings go to make the sauces.

The fish is also sustainably sourced from local fisherman, who deliver whatever comes in on the boat on the same morning the order is placed, as is the locally sourced vegetables. 

But let’s discuss the real star of the show – those three-day long cooked chips.

Now, The Moor don’t hold back when it comes to the humble chip – their first step is to thinly slice their potatoes so that they’re paper-thin, and then mix them with the melted beef fat from the ribs and a sprinkling of thyme. Then, they’re baked in the oven until soft.

The slices are then pressed together overnight until they’re as compact as possible and sliced into the chunky chip shape we all know and love. And last but not least, they’re then deep fried to order, leaving them crispy on the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside. 

Though it is worth mentioning that the chips only come as a side with the rib steak, and can’t be ordered individually. Though is that really a bad thing?

The menu offers a whole host of luxurious options, including a mangalitza pork belly, the beef tartare, and the Dashi-cured chalk stream trout. There is both a lunch menu and a dinner menu, as well as a Sunday roast menu on, you guessed it, Sundays. 

The restaurant is now open and taking bookings – check out the full menu and get yourself a reservation here

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Food & Drink

COMING SOON: A Japanese soufflé pancake house is opening in Manchester

The best pancakes on the internet are coming to Manchester…

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Fuwa Fuwa

A cafe dedicated to Japanese soufflé pancakes has its sights set upon Manchester this winter.

The traditional – and wobbly – dessert was first made in Osaka to be served exclusively at weddings – in more recent times, however, the pancakes have boomed in popularity thanks to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

And one of the places to specialise in this peculiar dessert is Fuwa Fuwa – Japanese for ‘Fluffy Fluffy’ – the largest soufflé pancake and dessert cafe in the whole of North America.

And next month, it’s heading to Manchester.

Fuwa Fuwa

Each of Fuwa Fuwa’s fluffy pancakes are made with egg whites whipped into soft peaks, which is essential to their airy quality. They are then baked slowly at a low temperature.

The finished result is a delicate balance between a soufflé and a traditional pancake, with a soft, bouncy, and light texture.

Fuwa Fuwa is expected to open its new cafe – its first in the north of England – in the Manchester New Square development just off of Canal Street.

Fuwa Fuwa

There, guests can expect a varied choice of pancakes and toppings, from Tiramisu Pancakes to Crème Brûlée, all served alongside espresso drinks, iced and hot teas, frappes and smoothies.

Other pancake flavours on the Fuwa Fuwa menu include Oreo, Biscoff, Nutella, mango and strawberry.

Fuwa Fuwa is set to open in Manchester at some point in October with operating times between 12pm-10pm on weekdays and 10am-10pm on weekends.

Head over to the Fuwa Fuwa website for news and updates.

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Food & Drink

Manchester restaurant launches ‘pay as you feel menu’ to help with cost of living

Ukrainian refugees also get to eat for free

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@thegherkinlevenshulme / Instagram

A restaurant in Manchester has launched a ‘pay as you feel menu’ to ensure everyone can enjoy a meal out during the cost of living crisis.

The Gherkin in Levenshulme serves a hearty plant-based menu consisting of breakfasts, seasonal sandwiches and Sunday Roasts, all while taking a focus on the environment and its local community.

Back in March, the restaurant’s owner Jamie Whittaker flew out to Ukraine on a humanitarian outreach mission to help the country’s refugees following Russia’s invasion.

Upon his return, Jamie decided to start offering free meals for Ukrainians fleeing the war in Manchester every Monday, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating out.

@thegherkinlevenshulme / Instagram

And now, Jamie has transformed the Monday offering into a ‘pay as you feel’ evening.

While refugees will still dine for free, locals can come and enjoy a set menu of six to seven dishes – featuring meals such as the Sunday roast, a variety of curries, salads and The Gherkin’s famous burgers – all for whatever they can afford at the time.

Diners will also have the option to pay forward for food or donate cash to the restaurant, to ensure the business won’t lose out on a big portion of its earnings.

The restaurant has also introduced its ‘Kindness Kabinet’, which encourages visitors to donate whatever they can to others in need, whether it be money, clothes, books or toys.

@thegherkinlevenshulme / Instagram

Jamie said of the new menu: “The main reason we’re doing this is to help the community out, but it also means that we waste less produce, too.

“A lot of people are struggling at the moment, especially with the rising cost of energy bills and I want to make dining out accessible to everyone in the community, not just those who are more privileged.”

He added: “We wouldn’t turn anyone without cash away on a Monday for food. Some customers have paid extra and offered to buy anyone a drink or food. We’ve done this often since opening.”

Jamie and the team at The Gherkin plan on running their Pay As You Feel menu for the foreseeable, so make sure to follow their Instagram page for news and menu updates.

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Food & Drink

You can now get £1 oysters EVERY DAY of the week in Manchester

There’s a new happy hour in town…

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Manchester's Finest Group

Mancunians can now enjoy £1 oysters every day of the week thanks to The Alan’s brand new happy hour.

The boutique hotel, which opened down Princess Street at the start of this year, has unveiled its new oyster and champagne offer, available every day of the week between 3:30pm – 6:30pm.

The happy hour will allow diners to enjoy fresh Cumbrae Oysters for just £1 per shuck, alongside Telmont Champagne for £10 a glass.

Manchester’s Finest Group

Each oyster comes with a selection of toppings including tabasco sauce, freshly squeezed lemon juice and the classic mignonette dressing, made with a combination of shallots and red wine vinegar.

When paired with a glass of Telmont Champagne, a brand known for using 100% organically sourced bottles, it makes for an afternoon of affordable luxury and decadence in the heart of the city.

The Alan also houses its own restaurant and coffee bar, both with constantly rotating menus using the very best of seasonal British ingredients.

Manchester’s Finest Group

The Alan’s restaurant prides itself on working with independent traders only, and uses meat that’s locally sourced, free-range and grass-fed from family businesses.

This is to ensure the best quality and unmatched standard of food whether dining in or staying overnight at the hotel.

The Alan’s new £1 oyster happy hour is available every day – weekends included – from 3:30pm – 6:30pm.

Get booked in here.

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